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There are times when I struggle to write a whole article

so I have decided to change my blogging style, and write about the day to day life at SWS. 56 more words

Diary Of A Manager

Posh P: the conception 

Posh Preparations, shortened to Posh P, began, when I decided to go out on a limb and find my niche in this world. At a time where everyone is retiring early, quitting work to stay home, or working for themselves, I wanted something all my own. 241 more words


Learn Your Stats...


Have you been stumped on ways to demystify Instagram and get the most out of your page, without living on the ‘Gram? Meet your new best virtual friend, … 190 more words


Can a business grow too fast?

Most businesses hope to grow. They consider themselves successful if growth is taking place, and the faster the growth the better. Can too much business growth be bad for a company? 228 more words


Hello, Monday!

Happy Monday to all!!!

Mondays are often met with grumbles, mumbles of back to the grind and all that wonderful sentiment. I look to Monday as the beginning of a new block of time to work toward my goals. 133 more words

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View your Vision

What is your ideal life?  Your ideal you? Hopefully by now you have a refined vision of what your dream is, what the ‘best you’ looks like and feels like and what your ideal life looks and feels like. 220 more words

BEST is moving!

There is no turning back now! Building up the new location for Byler Elite Strength Training is happening. Aside from final touches to the locker room, paint is coming to a finish. 108 more words