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Support Local, Small and Handmade

Today I’m not posting about anything I’ve been working on but rather about all those other people who make hand-made items. I personally have only been on Etsy for a couple of months but have been selling hand-made items for years in a store. 363 more words

How Do I Know If My Guides Are Contacting Me? 5 Tips And Tricks For Tuning In

By Katie IndiCrow

A common question that I get from people working on opening up to their spiritual selves is, “How do I know if my spirit guides are contacting me?” Like most things in the spiritual world, who you are and which symbols are meaningful to you will largely determine the pattern that these interactions will take. 889 more words


How To Be Consistent: 5 Steps To Get Things Done

I am in the process of also incorporating some information for other small businesses! I try and set aside some small amounts of time to allow myself to focus and re-focus before becoming burned out. 405 more words

Small Business Tips

Workplace Wellness

You may have heard about a trend that seems to be taking the nation by storm – corporate wellness programs. Corporate wellness programs involve offering certain types of health and wellness benefits and programs to employees, and these programs are rising in popularity. 947 more words

Small Business

Ever wonder... why isn't my business growing? (Read time: 3 min.)

Monday morning… the beginning of a new week, a new day, a new opportunity to look at your business and ask, “What will I share with the world this week?”  And, yet, so many entrepreneurs wake up to Monday thinking, “How am I going to turn this around?”  Can you feel the difference between those two questions? 409 more words