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...of the week 13

Bake of the week: St Clement’s cupcakes
Movie of the week: Absolutely Fabulous
Book of the week: The Winter Crown by Elizabeth Chadwick… 1,319 more words

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Madeleine Cakes

I was in Marks & Spencer’s and saw these lovely tins and thought   “I must try these“.

I bought 2 tins and then the following week I got another and after trying out some recipes I bought a 4th. 752 more words


...of the week 12

Bake of the week: Raspberry and prosecco cupcakes
Movie of the week: Say When
Book of the week: The Woman Who Fell In Love For a Week by Fiona Walker… 1,419 more words

...of The Week

Week 131: Le dôme pour Vincent

The problem with creating your own entremet is having to name them, and I am really bad at giving names. So I guess I shall just name my bakes in honour of the people I am baking them for. 388 more words


Week 129: Madeleine Mathilda

Few things exhilarate a baker like watching your baked goods transform from the raw batter to its cooked form in the oven – like oven spring for a loaf of bread, macaron “feet” formation, choux puffing, the list goes on. 407 more words


Week 124: Mixed berry and cream cheese petit gâteau

Glazing is fun! That is, when you manage to get the glaze to be at the right consistency. The components of these petit gâteau is exactly the same as the… 347 more words


I Like My Small Cakes

“Hidden” in the Arboretum in South Barrington, IL is a “small” treasure called the Small Cakes. I called it a treasure because their “small” cakes – bigger than a cupcake, fancier than a muffin and small than a cake – are so creatively designed, sweetness and creaminess just right that they melt in your mouth. 173 more words

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