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Small Cakes in Kirkwood

Recently I visited Small Cakes, a bakery located in downtown Kirkwood. They have many cupcake flavors to choose from and not a bad price.


Bułeczki - Sweet Yeast Buns

Bułeczki  – this word can cause a little confusion as it can mean –  little white bread rolls or a more sweet yeast bun. 607 more words

Polish Cakes

Week 122: Berry roses

 Sometimes inspiration comes at the most unexpected time. And the inspiration for these came when I saw someone posting these pretty rose-shaped cheesecake on Facebook. I went on a hunt to find the silicone mold and was glad to have found it in my friendly local baking supply store. 940 more words


Fun with Friands

I have been meaning to make Friands for about two years. As far as I can tell they are essentially the big cousins (on steroids) of those tiny, delicate morsels, French Financiers, invented all the way over in Australia. 422 more words


Nutella Rock Drops Cookies

Yep, the apron is back on! What better way to start but with our favourite chocolate spread? This is my second time of making these in two days, they are soooo easy and it answers the question: convert or not convert (into grams)? 320 more words


Nutella Cupcakes

This recipe basically uses up one large jar of Nutella between the cupcakes and the icing. You can also use some melted Nutella to drizzle on top of the finished cupcakes.  421 more words

Small Bakes & Cakes

Week 116: Chocolate, hazelnut and passion fruit entremet

One of my favourite food quote, “Les personnes qui vous offrent leur nourriture, vous offrent aussi leur cœur.” by Cesar Chavez, which translates into, “The people who give you their food, give you their hearts”. 730 more words