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Making Time for Quiet

My life is loud.  With five happy healthy children ages seven and under, a husband who is basically the personification of music, recording in the living room and making Irish whistles and bamboo saxophones all hours of the day and night–not to mention around 25 piano, guitar, and whistle students that rotate in and out of our small house each week–peace and quiet rarely (I would say actually never) happens by accident. 1,532 more words


the downlookers.

Yes, I just made that name up. One of my biggest pet peeves nowadays is people who don’t look up from their phone. I absolutely hate it. 272 more words


Checklist for Childproofing Your Home

Child proofing should be at the top of your list when you have little ones at home. “Unintentional injury” is the leading cause of death among 0 to 17-year-olds and nearly “9 million children are treated for their injuries in hospital emergency departments each year” according to the… 430 more words


Extraordinary Things.

Motherhood is getting hit over the head with a plastic bin full of toys, because your child doesn’t know how to ask you to open it like a civilized person. 278 more words


A Tale of Two Kitties

July 7, 2015

My granddaughter got to pick out two kittens from our recent litters. I suggested in jest that she should have a kitty and to my amazement, her dad thought so too. 272 more words

July 2015

Red Rose

Who needs fireworks
when Mother gives us

A perfect Red Rose
exploding with color,
excitement, and form
as quietly She celebrates
Life and Independence…
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Motherhood Can Be Jarring.

Tonight I got really sad all of a sudden because my children are getting SO big, SO fast, that it’s jarring. It takes a substantial amount of something to truly  571 more words