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Light Bright

cherish the old soul
but diamond dust in my eye
her shiny new one

I am lucky enough to have one of each–a wise little old soul and a sparkly new one.  43 more words

Bad Poetry


now that you are eight
you pedal-fly and don’t look back
but you’re only eight

I’m posting from a campsite again. This year, the medium boy has a level of independence that leaves me anxiously waiting to hear his bike bell and know that he’s fine. 38 more words

Bad Poetry

Exercise when you have small children

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If you have one baby, you can use a jogging stroller. If you have one toddler, you can put it into a child’s seat on your bicycle. 340 more words


Subpart D, Paragraph 2

don’t get your shoes wet
small lawyers got around that

I don’t actually begrudge them this particular adventure–I’d be worried if they didn’t immediately and desperately want to play in every creek they see.  33 more words


Can Moms of Small Children Still Follow Their Dreams?

Can moms of small children still follow their dreams?

I often hear from fellow mothers of small children that they are overwhelmed and stressed out. I nod my head in agreement, I feel ya. 454 more words


The Wee Knight

I found this little vignette all set up for me, and the play on “throne” was too delightful to pass up.

As a side note, I apologize for the crappy quality of the poem type.  82 more words


The Gratitude Project: Week Ten

Parenting is a never-ending adventure. It requires constant vigilance when one has young children, and an altogether different type of vigilance when your children have grown older. 422 more words