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Educational or habit forming?

I was asked a great question this week about thumb sucking (thanks dear friend – you know who you are), and it got me thinking about all of those firsts… 544 more words

Small Children



你是否尝试过用一个玩具盒把所有的玩具装起来,但在盒子最下面的一些小的玩具 就从来没有被碰过?– 特别是一些纸质的玩具被压在下面,都被压坏了。




  1. 把你的玩具分成六个小组,分别放在六个不同的袋子或盒子里面。
  2. 准备一个低一点的搁板或者茶桌,旁边留一点空间给他玩。
  3. 在每天早上,拿出一组玩具来, 把它们放在搁板上排放好。记住,要使它们看上去有吸引力的样子。



English: A Solution to All Your Toy Problems


|| j13 || Lace Petals

“Write about a wedding.”  All right, so, I was in one, once.  But I was a small child.  Here’s what it looked like.

Black slacks met the ground as the small boy knelt on the floor near the chapel wall. 

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So this Santa thing...

Every year it comes around.  It you are like me, you are prepared – the presents, the decorating, the gardening and the food.  Lists everywhere…  But what does that have to do with the truth of Christmas? 448 more words

Small Children

Busy Bees and Hummingbirds

‘When we decided to write benedictions for our children, we simply wanted to help them find their anchor when they are inevitably tossed about.’

It’s half-term, and I have finally carved out some time to write benedictions for my girls – a practice I have been inspired to adopt by reading Osheta Moore.  620 more words


Starting Over

This one has been tough. Deciding to start over. There were so many reasons to stay at my old site, the traffic, the recipes, etc. But it wasn’t fun anymore. 282 more words

Imogen Heap

Light Bright

cherish the old soul
but diamond dust in my eye
her shiny new one

I am lucky enough to have one of each–a wise little old soul and a sparkly new one.  43 more words

Bad Poetry