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If I Had Known ...

If I had known then what I know now,

I would have stopped the clock and savor every precious moment.

Instead, I found myself encumbered with the daily task of trying to keep afloat in being a mother. 287 more words


To All Moms With Small Children

About a week ago I watched the movie Mom’s Night Out for the first time.  It had me in tears.  Sometimes from laughter and other times from memories.  449 more words


Where have you gone my little one?

Some of you may remember me writing how I gave my children a special gift when they were born. Not your ordinary shop bought gift but a special one from… 485 more words


Don't Forget Your Sanity!

Queue the scene. It’s 7:45am. My hair is wet in a desperate attempt to kill the cowlicks which only makes me look like a weird half-assed, … 1,080 more words

Manic Monday

Welcome to the start of your week , it is Monday and today you will get to deal with all kinds of CRAP.
Thanks for the memo , Life. 300 more words

My spiritual map for mothering small kids

I sent an email to a friend about how I navigate my life as a Christian with small kids. With all the advice, research and ideas out there, it can be so daunting to find our way. 1,198 more words


What Causes Allergies?

What exactly are allergies? Oh, we all know how allergies affect us. The itching, sneezing, watery eyes, runny nose and other symptoms of allergies often send us running for the Sudafed. 513 more words