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The art of celebrating.  Worth thinking about.  Why do we celebrate some milestones and not others?  What is significant about noting special occasions?  If we can intentionally work out why we celebrate events, we will intentionally build little rituals and rites into our family life that all add up to security for our children.   269 more words

Small Children

The breadth of parenting...

Opening the door to the world is one of the most important jobs for you as a parent.  And as the parent, you have every right, every privilege, a special duty, in deciding how that plays out.   564 more words

Small Children

Diwali Comes Up

DHANTERAS…The holy and auspicious day to buy new clothes, ornaments, jewellery etc. This day is recognized as a day on which whatever we buy is going to be good for us or its going to be fruitful.In the markets, all shops are decorated with the best they have, all the fancy items, the sweets and other stuffs. 523 more words


Tips for Traveling & Flying with a Newborn

When my daughter was only 6 weeks old, my husband and I flew with her to San Diego for a wedding. I already knew that we would need to make the trip to San Diego when I got pregnant, and I was anxious about it all the way up to the day our flight was booked. 197 more words



Catch your kids being good!

Trust me, everyone knows when they are being bratty. Everyone.
Try to draw attention to the times when they are being good. 76 more words

Small Children


It just feels so good doesn’t it? And the kids come back for more and more…especially with Dads and today I am addressing Dads (Uncles, Big Brothers, Grandads) – they simply can do this better than we Mums. 452 more words

Small Children