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Tips for Traveling & Flying with a Newborn

When my daughter was only 6 weeks old, my husband and I flew with her to San Diego for a wedding. I already knew that we would need to make the trip to San Diego when I got pregnant, and I was anxious about it all the way up to the day our flight was booked. 197 more words



Catch your kids being good!

Trust me, everyone knows when they are being bratty. Everyone.
Try to draw attention to the times when they are being good. 76 more words

Parenting Deliberately


It just feels so good doesn’t it? And the kids come back for more and more…especially with Dads and today I am addressing Dads (Uncles, Big Brothers, Grandads) – they simply can do this better than we Mums. 452 more words

Parenting Deliberately


Going out. All the stuff you have to take! Today I’m thinking of one skill, that takes a little while to learn, but will revolutionise your time out. 924 more words

Parenting Deliberately

1979: The Mucil Age

Was there any finer adhesive
Than sticky brown mucilage?
Your paper, your fingers, your desk, and your hair
Could all play a part in collage. 220 more words



sometimes I miss you
even though you’re exactly                    there
because you won’t be

Note: I drove home alone from the beach today, up Hwy 101 from Manzanita to Hwy 26. 117 more words

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