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Trading One Today

A very long time ago at some social gathering – you know the kind, one where the wine flows and suddenly everyone is a junior philosopher and you are all solving the world’s problems – someone one asked me if I would ever one tomorrow for one yesterday. 234 more words

This is the girl, all cold and cross

‘And though she be but little, she is fierce.’

My friend Patrick recently sent me a link to the met office’s list of future storm names. 642 more words

Small Things

A Pleasant Surprise

A few weeks ago I hosted a Christmas party for a few friends. It was meant to be small, but more people came then I expected. 905 more words

Life And Happiness

The Sandwich Generation

I just heard this phrase for the first time a few weeks ago. Apparently there are so many of us out there dealing with the squeeze of small children and aging parents that we’ve acquired a special nickname. 772 more words


Baking with a toddler thrown in the mix!

I do quite like baking, you know what’s exactly in it blah blah… Scrap that I love baking because it means you get a cake / cookies right then and there! 373 more words

Little Monsters

Three Who Should Not Drive (2015)

1. The blind.
2. Small children.
3. Someone who cannot
make sensible judgments.
Nothing personal, just safe and sound-
For the rest, of the drivers, who are
freeway bound.


Perfectly Imperfect

Yesterday, we kicked off the magical season in our home with putting up the Christmas decorations. For those who have followed this blog for any length of time, it probably comes as little surprise that I am particular about how and where all of these go. 610 more words