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Developing Human Connectome Project

The Developing Human Connectome Project aims to map the intricate neural wiring of babies from womb to birth in a revolutionary undertaking. Stunning high-resolution images from 40 newborns were just released, providing researchers an initial basis for analysis and feedback. 66 more words


One-Legged Flamingo Mechanics

Flamingos are a majestic anomaly of bipedicular balance. Turns out, they probably stand on one leg passively without any muscle activity. Professor Young-Hui Chang and Lena H. 87 more words


In Vitro Brain Breakthrough

“This study is one of the first attempts to combine organoids with bioengineering. Our new method takes advantage of and combines the unique strengths of each approach, namely the intrinsic self-organization of organoids and the reproducibility afforded by bioengineering. 71 more words


Sea Witch & Ecferus - Of Water & Wood

The introduction on Sea Witch’s Bandcamp page reads: ‘This recording is not the simple split release that the title suggests. It is actually far more unique and special.’ 965 more words


Wyrding's Self-Titled Debut Is Unfortunately Not the Velvet Ton of Bricks that Was Hoped for

Funeral doom is, simply put, what you listen to when you want to feel the utter depths of longing and despair. Wyrding’s self-titled album, out on… 614 more words


The True Voice of God Is Silence; an Interview with TenHornedBeast


An Interview with TenHornedBeast by Paul Robertson ___

Not so very long ago, the esteemed editor of this site made comment of the length of time it has been since we heard from UK dark ambient Obersturmbannführer  TenHornedBeast—known to his family as Christopher Walton—and that, since rumours were abound that there is new music due at some point soon and that I am personally acquainted with this dark, shadowy figure, perhaps I could get in touch and attempt to rouse him from his age-long slumber to talk of new music, old music, the legendary Endvra and his deep love of Arthur Machen, and the great outdoors … and, clearly, rain, since the outdoors in question is in the United Kingdom. 3,581 more words