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Gift of Existence

Some folks, even I at times, find it impossible that any living thing could be glad simply of the gift of existence. Utterly impossible. 355 more words


One Inch

Inches matter.

Take a single step.

Write down a late night thought.

Phone an old friend.

Read 2 pages in a book.

Drink 1 less beer. 123 more words

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Be all things

You cannot be all things to all people.

You can, however,

be loving

be kind

be energetic

be enthusiastic

and beĀ inclusive

You cannot be all things to all people, 30 more words

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Truths in small doses

It was only in the middle of the Atlantean epoch that the true human form appeared. In the previous epoch, and indeed at a very early period, the external form of man was very mobile; not only could he move his limbs as at present, but through inner powers he could elongate or shorten them, etc. 69 more words