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5 genius tricks for small-space living

In a compact living space, each piece of furniture should earn its keep. These ideas—including adjustable tables, sliding bookcases and nesting and expanding furniture—make the most of small-space living. 280 more words

House Crush

Ideas for small living spaces

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New beginnings, old endings

Life has been a battle for financial stability, & a feeling of security. Pile on top of that having spent 3 years in an apartment complex with an out of control bed bug problem. 647 more words

Crazy In Action

Tiny house dreams 

I have been dreaming about buying a house or building for the past few years. The fantasy of home ownership has morphed through the years, but I have figured out what I want to do. 373 more words

Tiny House

Zero to Sixty

The tiny house movement was first introduced to me by my parents. I immediately fell in love with the idea; Cozy little shacks to live a quirky, original life style. 469 more words

Tiny House

Content With Less - The Blessings of a Small Home

“You need to watch your attitude.”

This phrase must have a replay button connected to my mouth – and my children seem to know exactly where to find it. 513 more words