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Our Big News in a Nutshell ~ If You're not Allergic to Nuts ~ Which we may be!!!

To all our followers ~ You may have gotten the feeling that we have had an on-again, off-again thing ~ a love/hate relationship with blogging about Tiny Houses. 879 more words


Happy Granny ~ Dark Granny? or The Bright and Dark Side of Living Small

So, I’m walking into the post office the other day and a
well dressed, lovely elderly lady was walking up the granite steps carefully. I held the door for her. 618 more words


Sue's comments to Tiff

Dear Tiff,

It’s always good to hear the thoughts of those moving toward a smaller way of living. Ron and I still make these decisions, even though we’ve lived small for 28 years. 657 more words

Living Small

Declutter Challenge - Week 1

This, I’m afraid, is shamelessly recycling someone else’s idea (though to be fair, she did get it from someone else too!). In January, Green Lizard Blog… 379 more words

Small Space Living

Derelict Cottage Revamped.. In This Months Romantic Country Magazine

                                                                                                                            Several years ago I bought this tiny 822 sf -1929 circa cottage in a state of array. It was abandoned and derelict in need of serious help. 139 more words

FiFi O'Neill

Our Interview on Minimalism is Simple

This week we were featured in an interview on Minimalism is Simple.  Please go visit the site. Wonderful things are happening there! Aly and Denise do a great job of explaining and assisting people who want to minimize their lives. 257 more words


The Top 3 Tiny Tips for Gathering Building Materials or Buy a Damn Good Barn

This will be our first “Tip List” for when you are still in that dream stage about building your own Shiny Tiny Mansion. Everyone tells me lists are a big deal here on the interwebs, but first, a little background about our personal experience with this. 1,209 more words