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Starting out

APRIL 2017

Why build a new house; it looks like a lot of unnecessary bother.  Why not just buy one that’s already there?  Questions answered to myself many times over many years; developers don’t build beautiful, small houses the right size for one moderately creative person, much less with a good sized garden.  571 more words

Too Much House

A dear friend in her early 60s complains that it takes her all day to clean her house, and afterwards she is exhausted. I feel sorry for her, but the truth is that her house is way too big for her. 377 more words

Small-House Living

Spring Has Sprung

Some women have husbands who oblige their whirlwind of spring cleaning. When you say, “Honey, please go through those clothes in your closet and pull out what you don’t need to donate,” – they hop to it. 399 more words

My Dribbles

It takes some thinking to make a small space work. In this article on Bob Vila’s site (where I was quoted!), you can learn some of those strategies.

Small-House Living

Post #1: Taking in the View

In 2005 I went to Fayetteville, WV, with some college friends. On a group hike while traversing a particularly rocky path, I paused and abruptly realized the entire landscape had changed around me, and I was near a particular breathtaking vista, all of which I took no note of due to my foot staring. 243 more words


Step #1: Buy a Smaller House

This Mormodonna knew from the get-go that if she was going to stay home and be a full time “cooker” (as her daughter calls her) and do other mom-stuff, she was going to have to sacrifice a big, roomy house full of brand new carpeting and matching leather everything and go for something that her great-grandmother would have recognized as normal. 424 more words