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Talking to Kids About Money and Minimalism

My mom’s dad made a lot of risky financial decisions, most of which turned out bad, real bad, so my mom was extremely frugal when we were kids. 614 more words

Linen Closet Tour

One thing led to another today and I decided to prune the linen closet. We just organized it a couple of weeks ago but minimalism is a process and sometimes even the most aggressive of us could get rid of a little more. 220 more words

Minimalism and Building Community

While minimalism starts out with the practical act of subtraction of stuff, there comes a point to focus on addition of what’s important. That has had me thinking. 416 more words

The Simple Pleasure of Opening the Windows

When we started working toward becoming debt free a few years ago, we attempted reducing our use of air conditioning in an effort to reduce our electric bill. 279 more words

End of the Storage Unit Part 2

We are so close to moving out of our storage unit. All that’s left is the snowblower and our bikes. So where did everything go?If you didn’t catch Part 1, … 346 more words

Uh Oh

If you have been around Audrey for longer than 30 minutes you have heard her say “uh oh”. It is one of the first things she learned how to say, as well as one of the things she says the most often. 673 more words

Small House

End of the Storage Unit Part 1

Yesterday I started clearing out the storage unit and today my husband took off the day to work on his Master’s Project that is due in a couple of weeks. 193 more words