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Growing Up Poor

I’m not sure how to start this piece. I’ve never written about this part of my childhood in a direct way before, and I think I’ve kept it in a strange shame closet (even though I am not ashamed of it). 2,008 more words


House build for September 2017

Hello friends and family!

So much has happened since I last showed photos. Our summer is like winter elsewhere…I usually get a bit down and don’t communicate as much ( as though I’m a big communicator anyway ). 474 more words


All Done.

After I wrote the last post, I felt super guilty and just went to town on that G-D Cowgirl and Horse! Now I feel better. Gotta get dinner started. 30 more words

In Laws

Mr Pump House: Village of Aura Collections

Background Story

sejak menentukan konsep dari seri ini saya sudah terbayang di desa ini memiliki windmill. karena berada di tepi tebing dan memiliki akses yang jauh dari sumber air tawar mengharuskan mereka mempunyai windmill untuk saluran irigasi. 84 more words


How Big Is It? Or Does Size Matter?

My husband and I bought our home when we got pregnant. We got supper lucky and bought it right at the end of the recession. It’s a wooden structure built in 1935 (or so). 583 more words


Two House in front of tree: Village of Aura Collections

Background story

cerita di balik karya ini sama dengan proses pembuatan di semua village of aura collections. yang membedakan disini saya mencoba membuatnya dari media  yang berbeda, dan disini sedikit teringat oleh anime2 yang sudah saya pernah tonton. 158 more words


Tree House/ Rumah Pohon

Background story

Ini merupakan salah satu karya yang terlama saya buat, mungkin menghabiskan waktu kira2 2-3 minggu. ide terbuat karya ini terinspirasi dari novel jack and the beanstalk. 132 more words