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Twins, Grown Ups, and 2 Dogs in 800 Square Feet

Part of our family journey to California involved transitioning to a slightly smaller footprint in terms of living space.  We moved from a 1500 square foot house (with a full attic and basement) in Massachusetts to about 800 square feet in Encinitas (with a 1 car garage).   479 more words

Twin Mom

So many baby things, not so much room! 

I read a post earlier that really made the lightbulb go off. We have a smallish house and so much baby stuff! Where do I put it all? 355 more words

If you Fail to Plan,...

You are planning to fail!

~ Benjamin Franklin.

Although I am not standing in a field with a kite during a thunderstorm trying to prove my theory on electrical current by shocking myself with a key;  you have to have a plan set forth.  765 more words

Living Small

Home Office

Hi! Hello, come on in. Let’s jump right into the home office. “We were just here last week. This is the living room.” You’re not wrong. 529 more words

Springtime on the Mesa

It’s spring at Casa Juan Galan and everything is busting into bloom.

The tiny house is still for sale (see the previous post) at a considerably lower price. 27 more words

Solar Energy House

Why A Tiny House

Where it all began.

I have owned “real houses”. Several in fact. I have renovated each of them. I learned skill through doing, researching, acquiring a library of DIY resource books, and asking lots of questions. 419 more words

Living Sustainably

About Pat

For the last 6 + years I have been wanting, thinking, planning to build a tiny house on wheels. Now I have. During the tiny house open houses, the question I heard most is “What made you want to do this?”. 307 more words

Living Sustainably