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The Home Inspection and WE ARE IN!

Well, the offer was accepted!  Our emotions were:  YAY!  But wait.   Did we do the right thing?  Let’s go look in Sequim.  It’s always sunny there.   1,042 more words

Hooray For Windows!

Our small shed roof design place is moving along this week just before Christmas! The windows-all thirteen of them-arrived yesterday and were mostly installed today. Excepting the shop and tiny storage room doors, the exterior doors have arrived and should be put in place by tomorrow. 177 more words


Parties > Pigtails

So yeah, I had a party! I had a post drafted about it but it was boring, so here’s the tl;dr version. I invited 120 people on Facebook. 537 more words

Crooked House Renovation

Plugin House…จงเติม’บ้าน’ในพื้นที่ว่าง

บ้านใหม่จิตใจดี เผื่อแผ่แสงแดดและสายลมแก่เพื่อนบ้าน ด้วยระบบโครงสร้างเพื่อสังคมส่วนรวม


Christmas comes to the Hobbit Hole

Those of you who have been to our house will know how compact it is. Those of you who haven’t I can tell you now – it’s pretty small. 752 more words

Decking the Halls of a Small Home

Living in a small home (it’s not tiny by any means, but it’s not as large as the average homes that are being built today), I find that when the holidays roll around, I’m not keen on putting up a Christmas tree in my living space. 603 more words

Everyone listens to Jeremiah (Jer 26:7-26:7)

“The priests,

The prophets,

All the people

Heard Jeremiah speaking

These words

In the house of Yahweh.”

There is no doubt that both the priests and prophets gathered to hear Jeremiah speak these words in the Temple of Yahweh. 35 more words