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The House on Gypsy Hill Mark 3!

This is a long overdue update on what’s been happening, or more correctly, not happening on Gypsy Hill.
December 2016 Rose Lee, the caravan, was sold back to the company we bought it from under their buyback scheme. 519 more words

Broken Head Beach

In Limbo

So it’s been four months since my last post, and I’ve been working relentlessly toward the goal of getting to the East Coast – but as with anything else, every day life tends to find ways to trip you up every step of the way. 697 more words

Wood: A love Story

This past weekend the husband and I had to figure out where to store our plywood.

So our house is pretty small, and we don’t have tons of storage. 442 more words


The house of the moving walls...

Let’s start with the difficult part…

Our cities are getting crowded, and it’s expected to get worse in the near future with the rise of the world’s population and the tendency to move to the ever growing metropolitan areas. 616 more words


Growing Up Poor

I’m not sure how to start this piece. I’ve never written about this part of my childhood in a direct way before, and I think I’ve kept it in a strange shame closet (even though I am not ashamed of it). 2,008 more words


House build for September 2017

Hello friends and family!

So much has happened since I last showed photos. Our summer is like winter elsewhere…I usually get a bit down and don’t communicate as much ( as though I’m a big communicator anyway ). 474 more words


All Done.

After I wrote the last post, I felt super guilty and just went to town on that G-D Cowgirl and Horse! Now I feel better. Gotta get dinner started. 30 more words

In Laws