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Kids and Home Improvement Projects

After slowing down work on our house over the summer while my husband finished his Master’s Degree, our work on the house has now resumed full force. 372 more words

Decluttering-Part 1: Clothing

It’s not always easy getting rid of your belongings. Even if, like me, most of the things you own are second hand. I like thrift shopping, what can I say? 294 more words

September Food Challenge

The biggest gray area in our budget has always been food. I’ve done meal plans and couponing. I’ve watched countless, “How I feed my family on $X a month,” YouTube videos.  831 more words

Involving the Kids in our Debt-Free Journey

While I talk to the kids about our plans, mistakes, victories, and goals, it would be good for them to have a visual of what’s actually happening when we talk about paying down debt. 618 more words

(Guest Post) The Reluctant Minimalist

Today, I turn the blog over to my long suffering husband, Jeff. He has put up with many of my crazy ideas over the years, usually with an eyeroll, and immediate “No way!” followed by a reluctant willingness to give it a try.  488 more words

Drying Clothes and Saving Money

Our electric bill at the old house was around $100/month. At our new little house, we’re at $62/month. Even though we are saving money each month, I can’t help but feel like we should be saving more since our new house is almost a third of the old house in size and we’ve reduced electronics and appliances even more. 338 more words

Minimalism and Holidays for Kids

Over the years, as more kids have mysteriously popped up in our house, I started to think about presents. Not only were the kids getting presents from us but also my sister and my parents. 1,316 more words