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End of the Storage Unit Part 1

Yesterday I started clearing out the storage unit and today my husband took off the day to work on his Master’s Project that is due in a couple of weeks. 193 more words

Buying in Bulk

Recently I was testing my miles per gallon calculations and trying to adjust for using the air conditioner then switching it off when I realized I’m not that smart and gently accelerating because I heard somewhere that that uses less gas. 855 more words

TV-Free Home

I love TV. I love not thinking. I love zoning out. I also love eating a pint of ice cream with my TV. I had my own TV in my bedroom since I was twelve. 470 more words

Gatherings | Our Summertime Visit with the Risenhoovers

Do you have a gal pal that you talk to more than your family? Melissa Risenhoover is kinda my BFF and the mama that I turn to for advice, support, and lots of belly laughs. 594 more words


How a Smaller House Has Made Me a Better Wife and Mother

Or at least, has made me feel like I’m really rocking it!

I love having a small house and it keeps getting better.

There are a few things I’ve noticed that I do now that I didn’t at the old, big house. 527 more words

It's Been A Hot Minute

Sorry its been so long since my last post. Battling health issues has been eating up a large majority of my time and energy. In the past week I’ve managed to work 2 days out of 5 which is not good and means  my check next week and the week after are going to be short. 1,144 more words


Minimalist Toys Part 2

I know after Friday’s Minimalist Toys Part 1 post, we’d all love to see that shed cleaned out. Well, not today. Instead, I thought I’d take a journey back in time to a scary world of excess.Back at our much larger house when our oldest son was a little over 2 years old and our only child, we had a toy room. 173 more words