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Construction: One Step Forward...

The joy and excitement of receiving the keys to my first “house”, successfully bringing it down the road, and ready to roll up my sleeves and get busy, quickly gave way to the reality of my lack of really understanding construction.  682 more words

Living Small


We live in a small house. It’s not a “tiny house,” and I know that because my neighbor lives in a “tiny house” that is much smaller than our house. 68 more words

Kitchy Kitch. Part 2.

Hi! Come on in! Let’s take a look at more of the kitchen. Don’t worry, it won’t take long, the kitchen is cute and compact. Here, we’ll start with the hanging fruit basket. 806 more words

Small v. Tiny

HGTV’s latest installation of House Hunters (my guilty pleasure) is “Tiny House Hunters,” promoting the new trend of less-is-more living. Big is good (McMansions / log cabins / million-dollar rooms) and tiny might even be better, but what about just…small? 141 more words


This concludes Phase 1

And I didn’t even notice!

Which is funny because I’ve been fixated on the end for a solid 3 years now. And it was 3 years of scope bloat. 530 more words

Crooked House Renovation

Itty Bitty Bathroom

“Is this the kitchen pantry?” Hi! Get in here! Just kidding. This bathroom is pretty much only big enough for one of us. “Oh! It’s a bathroom.”  Yes, the bathroom is awkwardly located between the refrigerator and the stove. 732 more words

Queen For A Day

This reminded my mom of that terrible old show where women would tell their tale of woe and the one with the saddest story would win stuff. 561 more words

Crooked House Renovation