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Minimalism and Holidays for Kids

Over the years, as more kids have mysteriously popped up in our house, I started to think about presents. Not only were the kids getting presents from us but also my sister and my parents. 1,316 more words

Tiny House Thinking for Your Home

Tiny houses are continuing to grow in popularity ever since they gained momentum several years ago. Some believe that the ideas of “tiny living” started with Henry David Thoreau in  296 more words

General DIY

The Simple Pleasure of Backyard Camping

I’m not a fan of having a quarter of our storage space taken up by stuff that is only used once a year but that is the case with our camping gear. 444 more words

Downsizing for the Big Living Family

I fell in love with the Tiny House Movement two years ago. Since then I have religiously watched “Tiny House Mondays” on HGTV and followed all of the tiny house boards on Pinterest, and bored anyone who was willing to listen, with the idea of experiencing the world and not working your life away to live in a huge house. 1,727 more words


The Simple Pleasure of a Paper Airplane

We almost forgot to eat dinner the other night as paper planes glided along a cool Fall-like breeze. What more could I want from life?

Family Photos and Minimalism

Our kids love to look at photos from over the years and hear, then retell, the stories that go along with them. It’s hard, and overwhelming, to try and do that digitally so while all our reading books are digital, I still make photo books. 1,036 more words

Minimalism and Food Mini-part 4

Two months ago we turned our minimalism to food in an attempt to simplify the never ending cycle of plan, shop, store, cook, eat, clean, repeat. 470 more words