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Human Digestive System - Functions and Care

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Digestive system of the human body affects the overall health of the individual probably like no other system in the body does.

A not so robust digestive system means bowel related issues, frequent diarrhoea and inability to absorb precious nutrients which then leads to poor health and poor quality of life. 106 more words


Yin and Yang Heart

Last Monday we talked about the Heart, and how it’s linked in Traditional Chinese Medicine to the Small Intestine, the Pericardium/Heart Protector/Circulation Sex and the Triple Heater… 202 more words


Red carpet event for Stage Mums 3

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The red carpet was rolled out for a preview screening of Stage Mums 3 at The Arts Centre Gold Coast. 7,024 more words

Brooke Nicole Lee

Hospital stay #236 and pain medicine

I’m back in the hospital since Thursday early morning. The rumor is I am getting out tomorrow (Monday) though if I can eat and tolerate PO (per oral) pain medication. 1,335 more words

Sm Intestine / Alcian Blue / Fungus

After staining a series of small intestine slides  with Alcian blue pH2.5 for controls I noticed little black dots in the tissue.  Upon closer look, I believe those black things are fungi.  60 more words

Histology Service

Musings on the E.R.

I’m here finally in a patient room while waiting 2 hours and 45 minutes in the ER waiting room. People went back quickly at first. “Oh that’s right they have a new system,” I thought, “I will be back quickly and see a doctor right away.” Then I waited, you know, 165 minutes and then I immediately hated their new system, as did everyone around me. 750 more words

We are what we absorb

One of the key concepts that EMUWellness founder Mel Blundell outlined in her informative interview with The Real Food Chain’s Jon Moore in episode three of our podcast… 292 more words