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Oh, Sweet Addiction

I found myself over the last couple of weeks being drawn to Trader Joe’s to pick up a dark chocolate bar filled with speculoos cream.  Heaven in a $.99 package.   177 more words

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SKC Repost: How to Make Fitness Fun

I remember being 8 years old and playing “Tag” late into a warm, summer evening. Barefoot, I padded through the dewy, emerald glades of my neighbor’s lawn, as I prepared to sprint for the designated safe area.   421 more words

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How to: Evolve Your Egg Sandwich at SKC/HuffPo

As you may or may not know, Small Kitchen College has a prettttty sweet deal with Huffington Post where Huffington Post reposts an SKC post every week. 332 more words

Small Kitchen College

College Town Tours: Best of Worcester at SKC

Guys, it’s important to like, love or appreciate the city/town you’re in. Or at least curtail your bitching about it. I don’t care where it is. 174 more words

Small Kitchen College

SKC Repost: The 5 Best Cool Things to Grill

With Memorial Day announcing the beginning of beach days and the official start of summer right around the corner, it’s finally time to dust off the grill… 93 more words


In Season: Plantains at SKC

Luckily, plantains are ALWAYS in season (in warm parts of the world or not at all) so it doesn’t matter that this post is old! … 161 more words

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You're Invited: A Candyland Valentine's Day at SKC

I was honestly just gonna go on talking about this post not even realizing it was for Valentine’s Day. The rest of the food internet kind of (overbearingly) has “seasonal” stuff covered, which makes me feel kind of futile in writing holiday or season stuff. 135 more words

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