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Haute chocolate: Where to find the best hot chocolate in London

As the mercury drops, there’s nowt like clutching a steaming cup to warm you up. For lifting mood as well as body temperature, it’s best that that cup holds hot chocolate. 906 more words

Zoe Perrett

Jilly New England Lone Ranger Nebbiolo Rose 2013

2013 was a bit of a challenge in New England. As ripening progressed so did the amount of rain fall. I’d assume that this Saignee Rose was inspired by the lack of concentration in the Nebbiolo of the vintage. 56 more words


The Great British Salted Chocolate Challenge

Nowadays no self-respecting chocolatier can consider themselves worth their salt if they’re not slipping some of that very substance into one of their cocoa creations. The salted caramel as a confection might have come to Britain from Brittany, but it’s become a big a part of our country’s chocolate culture; used as a basic benchmark test of talent. 556 more words


Handsome Hungarian chocolate from Rózsavölgyi Csokoládé

Over the last fortnight, I’ve been fortunate enough to encounter some pretty handsome Hungarian chocolate. Much like buses, I waited ages for something from the country to come along, then it all arrived at once. 698 more words

Zoe Perrett

Chocolate beer? How queer...

Chocolate and wine might sound just fine, but the notion of pairing chocolate and beer is an altogether more unusual prospect. Yet it’s one that’s going down as nicely as a chilled pint on a hot summer’s evening – whether the brew’s in the bar; the chocolate’s in the brew; or the two are just imbibed side by side. 975 more words


Brit bits from the London Chocolate Company

What, what, old boy; have you come across The London Chocolate Company? When you come across the British brand’s flavour range, the first word you’ll likely reach for will indeed be, ‘what?!’ And quite probably closely followed by, ‘on earth?!’ Because these truffles come in combos not too commonly sighted in the chocoverse. 429 more words

Zoe Perrett