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Small School Picks

Throughout the years, the Dallas Cowboys have had success in drafting players from smaller schools and developing them into great talents. Huge names like Rayfield Wright and Ed “too tall” Jones were unlikely talents that developed into Hall of Fame players. 171 more words

Why I'm Glad I Went to a Christian University

As high school students start searching for colleges, size becomes a key part of the decision. It all depends on the students, their personality, what kind of experience they are looking for and the background they’re coming from. 543 more words

Making the correct college choice is the biggest step in the lives of students and their parents. College isn’t cheap and countless graduates worry about wasting time and resources at a school that doesn’t necessarily fit their needs and wants. 440 more words

Wrestling: Official Division 2 championship seeds

The Division 1 seeds for the Section 1 wrestling championships were released early on Wednesday, and now we have the Division 2 seeds to complete the brackets in the small school ranks.  1,029 more words


Being Back at College

After taking a semester abroad, I didn’t know what to expect when I came back to my home university. There’s a lot less excitement, a lot more classes, and it’s back to normal life. 366 more words


Size Does Matter

Or, perhaps more accurately, I go to a small college in a rural part of the country and I love every second of it.

For a long time during the college search process, I pictured myself making it big at a contemporary city school. 1,046 more words