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Hi small space squad! ;-)

A friend was recently at the flat, having not been for ages, and commented how much bigger it felt, which I thought was strange because we’ve got so much more stuff now. 901 more words


Planning for a New Space

Our 600 square foot apartment is not a permanent home, and as the Ball grows, I imagine our future home where he will have something resembling a room. 445 more words


How to Keep Baby Stuff Minimal

In my ninth month of pregnancy, I experienced one nagging and disturbing fear. Not of sleepless nights, urinary incontinence, or even childbirth. Oh, hell no – I knew I was going to rock that part. 852 more words


tidy small spaces

Living in a small house can pose some challenges, keeping the small space tidy and organized is one of them. My husband and I are blessed to live in a quiet little beach town, but unfortunately the town pretty much only offers smaller houses. 734 more words

The True Minimalist Baby Checklist

While I was pregnant, I came across several baby stuff checklists calling themselves minimalist. 7 months into motherhood, I beg to differ with all of them. 1,041 more words


Small Space Living: How to Decide if It's Right for You

A few years ago we made a pivotal decision in our relationship: move in together. Not in my 1200 square foot rental, but into his 600 square foot bachelor condo.  1,079 more words


Be the Rare Find

Things are absolutely crazy right now as I pack and arrange movers, everything is moving so much faster than I was expecting. It’s definitely not the ‘picture’ I had in my head of a peaceful, well organized and graceful move. 664 more words