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Unique Storage Solutions for a Small Bathroom

Today, we are giving some special love to our readers with small bathrooms. The bathroom is truly one of the most essential space in any house. 578 more words

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Create Quick and Easy Vertical Storage Space In Your Home

Today we are going to look at how you can create quick and easy vertical storage space in your home. While most of us daydream of living in a large home with huge walk-in closets, that’s not the reality for most. 1,314 more words

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Bedroom Decor Ideas

Hi guys! In the next few blog posts I will be sharing some  home decor inspiration. I am starting this series in the order in which I lived in these places. 201 more words

Got Clutter? Secrets to Clearing It Out So You Can Love Your Closets Again

Got Clutter?  Here are the secrets to clearing it out so that you can fall in love with your closets all over again. It happens. Clutter creeps up on all of us. 1,130 more words

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How to Smartly Organize Your Small Kitchen

Okay, so I’m guessing if you are avidly interested in this article’s contents, it’s either one of two things; you are currently residing in a… 633 more words

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5 Ways to Maximize Space in Your Studio Apartment

Before my college days, I had always dreamed of having my own space. No frowning parent ordering me to arrange my room and other such tiring tasks. 607 more words

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It if doesn't smell...

Day 4, if you counted two days on the road.

Day 10, if you counted the days we lived out of our bags prior to getting here. 25 more words