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Renovation Project - Day 2

I’m baa-ack!

Even though it’s been over a month since we lived through this epic renovation weekend, I swear some of the exhaustion hangover is still lingering in our daily lives. 419 more words

Small Space Living &Why We Actually Prefer It

For around two and a half years our family of four lived on a 29′ sailing vessel. A smaller “small space” than most families in America have to manage. 887 more words


From One Day, to Day One - The Renovation Project

Three years ago I moved to Auckland.

… Skip a lot of back story because today is not the day for that.

Onto the part where I tell you that I worked my f*cking butt off to become the only employee to join the management team within 3 months. 1,788 more words

rosy the argosy - the before tour

If we’re gonna chronicle our renovation progress on Rosy the Argosy, we must start with the obligatory “before” tour, yes? Follow me…

Rosy is a 1979 model Airstream Argosy. 377 more words


on airstreams and minimalism

I’ve dreamed of renovating and living in a vintage Airstream for years. A dream I frequently discussed with family, friends, and coworkers. I believe in putting stuff out there in the universe, you feel me? 496 more words


9 Hacks for Organizing Your Pantry

Pantry a hot mess? No worries, here are 9 hacks for organizing your pantry.

  • Improvise on storage spaces with magazine holders

Magazine holders can do way more than their intended design of holding magazines. 711 more words

DIY Projects

DIY How To Upcycle A Picture Frame Into An Earring Rack

I have seen this project on many sites but never could find a step by step DIY how to upcycle a picture frame into an earring rack tutorial. 878 more words

DIY Projects