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Found: Bestie Row in Austin, TX

My friends and I always joke about the commune. Everybody has their role to play – I’d be the chef, Jason and Rob would build things, Penny would make the dance mixes… you get the idea. 56 more words

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Justina's Pastel Pad

Justina’s friends joke that her place is a pastel palace of sorts. Mint green, soft yellow and light lilac imbue her high rise pad with a soft, gentle vibe that is cohesive and soothing. 156 more words

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Business of Design #4: Marketing Plan Review

Reflecting on the plan, market research should be performed from the very beginning of the project, the data collected is to aid product development. Engage with the market from the early on and retrieving market insights would develop a more successful product which resonate with the end users. 298 more words

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Tiny Living Spaces

Welcome to Tiny Living Spaces, the blog devoted to any living space that is 1,000 square feet or less. That can be an RV, travel trailer, loft, studio apartment, yurt, tiny home, or any other living structure. 86 more words

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Old New House & New Old House

Small or Tiny homes are quite popular these days. I can see the appeal of the “less is more” idea and the financial freedom of paid-for tiny homes or small homes with a manageable mortgage. 346 more words

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Little Spaces, Big Personalities, Moving Into Summer 

When people talk about the struggles and adjustments that go along with living in small spaces, you hear about downsizing, letting go of stuff, organizing…what you rarely hear about is how living in a small space alone and living in that space with another person are very different situations and the latter can be complicated. 481 more words

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Found: Shared by Shae

I just started this blog, and already friends are excited to share their cool finds from the inter-web. Shae shared this one with me and I’m impressed… although it is a bit small even for me. 35 more words

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