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sounds like opulence
four winter sketches bathed
in light with silent jazz notes

Journal Entry


translucent spring wings
fluttering butterfly alighted
purple, verdant 7 more words

Journal Entry

small stones - May 21, 2016

language escapes me
as does thoughts
this lingering fog
surrounds me
a vice upon my mind
for now, I will
merely observe
await a clearing
that I know must come

small stones - May 20, 2016

morning spent knees bent
elbow-deep in the earth
to see these little darlings
standing tall, reaching
for sunlight and warmth
the greatest gift of all

small stones - May 19, 2016

a bit despondent
tripped up by your news
just one more, you say
one more, as though that
will ease my pain

what kind of monster… 23 more words

small stones - May 18, 2016

the going is slow
between rain falls
and chilled air
laying down the grid
digging the holes
covering at night
the precious few

O little darlings… 8 more words

small stones - May 17, 2016

art credit: Moonlight Fantasy by Mary Espen

why do I dwell here
in such darkness
so removed from the light?
surely my soul would thrive… 46 more words