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For a time...

“For a time I rest in the grace of the world, and am free.” Wendell Berry


My Real Name

My real name is Blue Eyes and the light of the universe has shined through them from the very beginning.
My mother calls me Fear like when you are about to jump into the unknown. 119 more words


small stones - June 2, 2016

a restless night
cool, but humid
like all night creatures
I come alive
bask in the darkness
perched, ready
awaiting my prey

small stones - June 1, 2016

little creepy crawler
with all those legs
and those pincher points
you can walk my walls
just stay out of my ears

(Did you know it is merely a myth that earwigs crawl in human ears and lay eggs? Yep, a silly wives’ tale)

small stones - May 29, 2016

such stillness and calm
not a sound to be heard
I sit on the porch
shrouded in darkness
my mind finally at ease

small stones - May 28, 2016

all this pressure in my head
a balloon about to explode
and the heaviness of the air
thick and cruel – sandbags
piled high upon my chest
O the humidity of summer

small stones - May 27, 2016

art credit: descent into madness by Lil-Noir

their chipper songs
and the sun’s rays
do little to lighten
this darkened mood
I close off the world… 9 more words