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small stones (25)

early morning breeze
shivers up my legs
I remain in bed

sound of morning birds
before sun’s first light
a cheerful symphony

awake, awake!
their chatter encourages… 21 more words

Small Stones

small stones (24)

art credit: Melancholy by Natalia Tejera

melancholy has settled
between my eyes
travelling southward
down my neck and shoulders
through each vertebrae
lingering in my hips… 16 more words

Small Stones

small stones (23)

coffee perks
as I admire father’s garden
cherry tomatoes nearly knee-high
squash and peppers perking up
basil peeking through
and the blackberry bush–
oh that gorgeous bush– 25 more words

Small Stones

small stones (22)

art credit: Mother Nature by vyndicare, DeviantArt

a chill runs through these bones
a reminder that Mother Nature
can give and take away warmth
with a wave of her hands
regardless of the Season

Small Stones

small stones (21)

art credit: Thomas Weaver

a night of fitted sleep
too early awakened
so groggy–in need of coffee

welcomed by masters
of words–spinners
weavers, poets

my morning… 7 more words


small stones (20)

O these unsettled bones
restless, tormented

I find no peace
within, without

only the incessent
rattling, rattling

even in my dreams
I cannot escape you

Small Stones

small stones (19)

Catharine whispers
come, write
and I toss and turn
while she churns
words like butter
soft, silky
rich for the pallete

come, write
she persists… 22 more words

Small Stones