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Friendship is bound neither by age nor place.  The two elderly women in the corner of the coffee shop are engrossed in each other’s stories.  They are unaffected by onlookers or those of us eavesdropping.   16 more words

Gratitude Journal

Carried Away

lost in the moment…
a million years
washes over me


Rainbow of Hope

prayer net
a rainbow of hope
blowing in the breeze


The Inner Shaman 

Shaman drums

Journey to Savasana…

Healing intentions

Find …

Embodied wisdom.



Source meets…



the cool green
the black night
the moon beside the barn
between trees


Wide Stretches

Lovely sunshine today, and after stretching some muscles I didn’t know I had in my Pilates class, I decided to take a quick trip to the beach. 124 more words

Small Stones

Path less travelled

It’s bluebell time and we have a wonderful ancient woodland nearby which is carpeted with these beautiful flowers at this time of year. We set off to walk around the wood the other morning but were put off by all the cars parked all along both sides of the nearby lane. 93 more words

Small Stones