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day 59

endless frozen trees

Small Stones


another cricket
inhabiting my bedroom
February love song

Journal Entry

Moon shot

I watched the crescent moon
Hung like a hammock between two trees,
Trailed by a brightness which looked unreal.
I thought of leaving it a while… 145 more words

Small Stones


late February
the old roof slowly leaking–
my soup is burning!

Journal Entry

Snow drops...

After a month of posting “small stones” it was strange not to be storing moments of paying attention to post here!
But that’s why I like to start the year with a month of noticing, it gets me in the habit… 42 more words

Small Stones

Small Stone - 1-31-2015

Moments of mindfulness
Flashes of halted time
Every day attentive gifts
Offered to me
Grateful for each stone

January is my “small stone a day” month! 92 more words

Micro Poetry

Snow blanket - small stone 31

Pristine white
Baby soft skin
Covering folds and curves
Of the landscape.
The road ahead
Around unknown corners,
Cradled in a blanket of beauty. … 39 more words

Small Stones