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small stones - February 9, 2016

art credit: Charmeine by Rain Ririn

I know when you are present
your wings embrace me
your laughter chimes
like harps’ chords
feeding my soul… 13 more words

small stones - February 8, 2016

art credit: Freedom of Expression by Sandra Bauser

what a blessing it would be
if we all lived authentically
the life we choose
not the one chosen… 12 more words

small stones - February 7, 2016

even now in silence
my grand-nieces’ voices
still carry upon the wind
their joy and laughter
rings through the house
if only in my memory… 39 more words

small stones - February 6, 2016

art credit: Winter by Tim Huhn

early morning chill
bites clean to the bones
a harsh reminder
winter lingers still

small stones - February 5, 2016

art credit: Despair by Bi22 (Hiba Omeirat)

dark clouds ascending
a wave of despair crashes
upon my shores

this is the mindset
Catharine declares
needed for the day’s writing… 17 more words

small stones - February 4, 2016

art credit: Jarek Kubicki

I want this
I *do*
to live a life
completely immersed
in words
to feel my fingers
gliding across keys
as images take shape… 8 more words

small stones - February 3, 2016

too late to bed
too early to rise
such a sleepy head
definitely not wise

grab a cup of coffee
sip away the night
gather up my thoughts… 12 more words