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small stones (50)

O glorious sun
nodding from the clouds
rejuvenating my spirit!

soon stormclouds will come
soothing my soul
but you will not be diminished!

Small Stones


Friendship is bound neither by age nor place.  The two elderly women in the corner of the coffee shop are engrossed in each other’s stories.  They are unaffected by onlookers or those of us eavesdropping.   16 more words

Gratitude Journal

small stones (49)

art credit: Land Girls Hoeing by Michela Rosano

weekend rainfalls
happy garden grows
but weeds run wild

up before sunrise
before summer heat
tame them with a hoe

Small Stones

small stones (48)

earlier night to bed
fitful, achy sleep

a night of thundershowers
mugginess in the air

early misty morning
did I even sleep at all?

body still aches… 12 more words

Small Stones

small stones (47)

a stretch and yawn
this early morn has begun
coffee, a must
then settle at my desk
to pen some poetry

(Note: that is not my desk, but my IDEAL of a desk!)


small stones (46)

new beginnings
ancient practices
qigong and tai chi

let go the tension
let blood flow
become balanced

Small Stones

small stones (45)

breathing through the frustration
no internet connectivity
the waiting, waiting, waiting
for your customer rep

breathe in
breathe out

ignore the annoying chatter
ignore the annoying music… 32 more words

Small Stones