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small stones -May 1, 2016

art credit: Jaime Best @ Best Art Studios

today I should be celebrating
remembering, honoring
you on this day
and although you will be here… 31 more words

small stones - April 30, 2016

a rainy Friday
with a chill in the air —
a long conversation
with my brother —
so much joy
in reminiscing
in good company… 9 more words

May on A Whispered Wind

Like April, May will be a bit quiet, but hopefully not nearly as slow here. I will still be posting “small stones” daily and reblogs. I may even dig up more poems and fiction from my archives. 64 more words

small stones - April 29, 2016

the wee hour rush
of lightning and thunder
and the world goes dark
with nothing to do
the fierce rain
washes me to sleep

small stones - April 28, 2016

a strange, unusual, rambling early morning small stone…

a friend asked me why I rarely write fiction in first person
the simplest explanation is I generally write about other characters and the *I* seems far too personal… 102 more words

small stones - April 27, 2016

art credit: Drama Free Zone by Jo Claire Hall – Drama Free Zone Digital Art

as painful as it is to admit
the more I gave in to drama… 65 more words

small stones - April 26, 2016

if I didn’t know better
(and I do!)
I’d swear dark forces conspired
to keep me from sleep
a car horn blaring
neighbors yelling
dogs barking… 39 more words