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"Home" Is Very Subjective

All throughout growing up I wanted to be anywhere but where I was. My family lived on a farm, fully equipped with land, alpacas, chickens, pigs, a pond, farm dogs, a small garden, a picturesque barn, and a tractor. 524 more words

20 Something

Chapter 9 ~ Gimp's Pub

Whether due to lack of funding or resources, or simply the stubborn tendencies of human nature, change tended to come about slowly in a small town. 2,501 more words

About me

So let’s start off with a little bit about myself, shall we? Alright well. My story so far has been, well let’s say fairly interesting. But, we can get into that at a later time. 1,081 more words


My Antidepressant is Working!

My antidepressant is starting to work for my depression, but unfortunately not for my anxiety. It is definitely an odd feeling, not to be depressed anymore. 136 more words


Photography by My Son Through Smoke and Fog

My son decided to go out one morning after it rained. The fog had slowly settled in over night and the smoke was slowly coming back from the wildfires. 53 more words

50 Questions

Bet Your Bottom Dollar

Tomorrow the only dream that has been consistent throughout my teenage years will be realized. I’m leaving. Getting out. Breaking free, the whole nine yards, and heading to Toronto. 124 more words