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“It was so hard when I moved here because I had no small town skills.”


Small Towns Are Really Cool


I attend a university in a small town in the middle-of-nowhere Kentucky. Even though Murray is a small town, it has its perks. I’ve listed below some of the good things that come with living in a small town. 450 more words

$1.25 Million. Northern Stage. Women in Theater

I loved hearing, and writing about, this great news. A grant to support women in regional theater. Brava, Carol Dunne!



The Death Of Youth Group

Early on in my youth ministry career, one of the most influential books I read was Mark Yaconelli’s ” Contemplative Youth Ministry.” At first, I was attracted to some of the more traditionally rich approaches to prayer and practicing the presence of God found in the book. 652 more words

Cultural Change

The Insomniacs Book Club #4

“Fried egg sandwich?” The waitress inserted the plate between the chattering women. It was early which meant that there wasn’t much traffic on the road yet, which made it pleasant to sit outside the sandwich shop. 612 more words


Speedy's Burger Shack, Dale McKim Prop.

There were no hamburgers warmed by heat lamps at Speedy’s Burger Shack. It wasn’t anything fancy but then neither was the proprietor, Dale McKim, known to everyone as Speedy.  1,182 more words