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The Small Towns of PA Where Everyone Knows Your Name

Everyone knows that when it comes to good ole Philly, it’s always about Liberty Bell, it’s called the City of Brotherly Love, and if you’re a foodie at heart, the Wing Bowl (tens of thousands of people would throng to Philly to experience a full-blown eating contest). 649 more words

Bus Rentals Philadelphia

Small New Jersey Towns, Big Bold Traditions and Cultures

Apart from being known for Jersey Shore, movie locations, brutal subway travels to downtown Manhattan, Taylor Ham Pork Roll, corn, blueberries and famous diners, Garden State is also famous for its abundance of green space, intense focus on energy-saving efforts, and of course, its close proximity to both the dazzling Delaware River and the vast Atlantic Ocean. 669 more words


Ripping the Tag Off

Labels are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Young people across the globe are deeming that labels are no longer necessary. Ironically, this is happening at a time when there are more labels than ever. 617 more words

Love And Relationships

A Few Thoughts on Setting

After four years, I’m still a relative newcomer here. Some of the foods seem strange to me. Some of the words and phrases sound like a foreign language. 297 more words


Pauanui Never Fails!

After several weeks of sanding, painting and repairing things and generally getting the house on the market, it was time for a well earned break. 693 more words


A Shameless Plug for the Local Guy, or How to Count 'dem Bones

My parents’ pack of canine comedians–Pearl, Ruby, Bob, Mattie, and the part-time Zeke–are big fans of the following: daily hikes, dog beds, dog toys, biscuit time, and chewies. 620 more words


Rosy Little Moments on a Day Off

Dear Small Things,

It’s been a terribly pleasant day full of terribly pleasant people and things, if not any single thing that stood out.

It was terribly pleasant, for example, of Megan to let me sleep in, then even add fifteen more minutes of sleeping-in joy onto the schedule after I texted her a morning yawny-face. 288 more words

Dear Friends