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The artsy allure of a Jordan antique shop

I’M DRAWN TO ANTIQUE SHOPS. Not necessarily because I’m scouting for an antique or collectible. Rather, the history, the art, the nostalgia, the connection to childhood memories draw me inside. 358 more words

10 Bizarrely Relatable Moments Anyone Who's From A Small Town Will Instantly Recognize

1. Everyone knows your business. This is the biggest clichés when it comes to small towns, but it is 100% true. When I fainted in gym class and had to be taken to the hospital, people I didn’t even know, knew what had happened. 776 more words

Small Town Politics by Lucy Ahl

Ahh, the joys of living in a small, mountain town.  My husband and I moved to Bailey CO from California.  We had only been dating a short while when he retired from the Army (42 years total, 20 + active duty).  3,637 more words

Poking around Jordan on a Saturday afternoon

JORDAN, MINNESOTA is quintessential small town, the type of place where kids bike to the ballpark, propel skateboards down the middle of the street and walk the dog with friends. 392 more words

Richard Russo Chronicles Small-Town America

If you haven’t read any of Richard Russo’s books, you are missing something special! Russo has the ability to deeply and intimately develop a variety of characters, masterfully weaving several plot lines, allowing the reader to relax and feel good spending time with his characters. 160 more words

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Sunday note

These past months have been especially busy.  Karl and I enjoy our local family restaurants and conversations.  Yesterday we went to Sunrise Family Restaurant 1… 38 more words


When did we all become so rude?

I grew up in a small town, and 8 years after I left it, I bought a small house with my husband in another small town! 379 more words