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So Proud

Little victories count highly when the days roll on in dull hot and cold repetition, challenging me with tedium and boredom. Being an optimistic, though, I remind myself, at least I’m not under fire, fleeing a wildfire, fighting off zombies, dealing with disease, flooding and pestilence, or enduring anything discomforting. 355 more words

Embrace the Small Victories - but They Don't Feel like Victories!

I refuse myself any victory outside the one that matters.

In eight months, my longest clean streak has been 27 days – but it doesn’t count, because for two of those weeks I was in Miami with my best friend. 154 more words



I always strive to grow and be challenged. I never want to be one that just settles for mediocre. Even in the mundane things of life I strive to be great. 494 more words

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Small Victories

I am incredibly excited to be writing to you, because I have decided to write a weekly Small Victories post. I just have a sense of excitement of what can grow if we water the seeds of gratefulness, perseverance, hope & joy! 471 more words


Small Victories: Preliminary Approval

In June of 2015 we decided we wanted to adopt. It was slow moving at first. Our home study didn’t start until January. Once our home study started there was movement! 328 more words


Small Victory Number 1

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now. For a while means like one year and a half, hey don’t judge, we are all afraid at some point in our lives, well, a couple of times in our lives. 454 more words

Small Victories

Freedom is a Hard One

Freedom is a hard one my dear,

When you’re riding within a blind man`s geography

along the unridden horses in the unmarked fields

and the echoes that you no longer recognise your voice within… 210 more words