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Networking is Awkward

Originally Posted 5/15/16

 Why is networking so weird?

I mean it’s like the first day of middle school, plus flirting in bars, plus any sort of public speaking; BUT WORSE.
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Conversations in the Nail Shop

Originally posted 11/16/15

The weekend after Halloween, I went to get a fill and color change. While I loved the pewter polish with flecks of bronze I rocked with my Freddy Kruger Costume on Halloween, it was time to freshen my nails. 469 more words

Eight Days a Week.

So today is Day Eight. Haven’t had a full week of sobriety in many, many moons. And I’m feeling pretty good.

Yesterday was a tough and beyond frustrating day at work. 221 more words

27 Tiny Realizations That Will Help You Keep Going On Your Darkest Days

I know how difficult it can be to get out of bed each morning, trying to find motivation to go about your day. You know… I didn’t think that I’d be where I am today. 839 more words

Well, Hello There.

Wow. Not only have I not posted since mid-August, I haven’t had an alcohol-free day since mid-September. Not every day was getting drunk, but yep, at least one drink for approximately…holy shit, after doing the math… 320 more words

Small Victories

We are always trying to change something about ourselves.

Be nicer to others. Eat less junk food. Exercise more. The list other things we want to change or improve could be endless. 764 more words

F*ck You Depression, I Brushed My Teeth...

For the record I am not in any way speaking for everyone who has or has had depression. This is my story and I’m stick to it. 529 more words