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Emotional Roller-coasters: Highs & Lows Of My First Week Back At Uni.

Okay, so once again it has been a while since I made my last post.

This is entirely to do with university resuming for the year – I have just been preoccupied and busy! 1,332 more words

Daily Life

Small victories

Finally, after three months of saying I would, I got myself to go to the gym. I’ve been pretty good lately about my workout routine, but I usually work out at home or at our apartment’s small gym. 479 more words

Things To Be Thankful For

Laundry Days

There is something about the smell and feel of clean clothes that makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. While I usually kind of hate the chore of sorting and washing clothes, and then the inevitable folding and putting away of clothes, it’s still one of my favorite things. 771 more words

Things To Be Thankful For

Hooray for 2 & 3 word phrases!!!

We have been busy bees lately, and I have not gotten a chance to update the blog. I had my 31st birthday, and then we have been out of school, therapy and work for almost 2 weeks due to snow. 93 more words

When My Toddler Mods My Lego House

I never really played with Legos growing up (they were considered to be far too expensive, and also, we had a fairly stereotypical education-first perspective where fun and learning were not considered compatible) 262 more words


The Me Challenge: An Update

So far the Me Challenge is going well.

It’s hard but it’s going good.

I have successfully stood up for myself by not going to a restaurant when I didn’t want to instead of letting myself get talked into it. 121 more words

The Me Challenge

... And we've got poop

Yes, we finally have poop. I know it’s not the sort of thing you typically talk about, but in the world of motherhood, poop is a pretty important topic. 41 more words