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12/02 Fri

I was still able to eat a salad while I was eating out for lunch with my supervisor.

Later at night, I got into panic mode due to health issues. 74 more words


Day 1 Always sucks (002)

Day 1 is done. Apologies go to my amazing partner, as I know I was a moody giant shit. You support me in more ways than I can express. 99 more words


Small Victories

We have these neighbours who are constantly doing their house up. They drill so often that I swear they can’t have any walls left!

Their loud DIY often woke Thing 3 up back when she used to have a daytime nap (oh the fond memories) and have generally caused me more frigging headaches than I would’ve had if they’d done the decent thing and decided to set up house somewhere else, like the moon perhaps. 129 more words


2016: A Reflection

2016 has been quite the year.

Births, deaths, political turmoil, honestly at times I wondered whether the entire year was a joke. Even on a personal level this year has been tough. 477 more words


ROIT1D 3 of 3

Early in the year, I made a commitment to run three half-marathons and fundraise for Riding on Insulin. I wrote about it here127 more words


Scene Stealer | Find What You're Looking For by Flint Eastwood


Yes, I am back with a scene stealer blog post. There are some TV shows that have the absolute best background music so I decided to highlight a few of my favorites. 225 more words


Small Victories

Today, I’m celebrating a small (some may say tiny) victory.

I am trying to cut back on spending.  Today, I was all the way to the purchasing screen in Vudu to buy Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving compilation for $9.99 because I felt like we should have it for Thanksgiving and it isn’t free on Roku.   73 more words

Cutting Spending