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Life: A Series of Small Victories

As many of you know I am on the injured list at present. Unfortunately, I have two things going on at the same time. A broken femur is keeping me wheelchair bound, probably through September and I am having problems with my one eye that works, so my eyesight is at best, variable. 333 more words

Wine And Retail Business

New American Opera song!

chorus.fm is premiering American Opera’s newest single off Small Victories, out June 30th! Check out “Sidewalks” here!

Preorder album here

Shane Haley

Small Victories

Sleep is painless.
It leaves no emotion and no feeling, and sometimes not even a memory of the things imagined. It’s easy and it’s simple and it’s free. 175 more words


Something > Nothing

It’s 10:35 p.m. as I write this, and my husband and I just returned from a dog walk through our neighborhood. With the day’s temperature reaching a high of 96 degrees, it wasn’t until well after sunset that the Texas heat receded enough to be tolerable. 684 more words


Small Victories

Tonight, I threw something away.

It was a phone charging cord.

Now, that doesn’t sound like much.  It wasn’t much.  Just a phone charging cord.  It was blue. 502 more words

Being Bold

Sometimes I laugh at myself for talking about bold beginnings.  Or bold anything, for that matter.  Truth is, I rarely feel “bold” these days. There was a day when I convinced myself I was bold, and pretty much acted like I was.   474 more words

American Opera posts single "Monsters Among Men"

It has taken about two years for American Opera to complete his debut full-length “Small Victories“. John Bee, the man behind the moniker, has now released a new single, “ 62 more words