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Small Victories are Sometimes the Biggest.

Yesterday I finally finished hanging up all of my clothes in our new house (it only took me three weeks).

I also folded up all of the tarps I was using to paint the living room and kitchen (with the help of my fiance–those things are too big to be folded by just one person). 315 more words

A Life's Design

I thought I almost failed

So two weeks ago, I had a super crazy week (yay midterms). I had two exams and a quiz over two days all while trying to make the school newspaper. 364 more words

The Transience of Life: Lessons in Letting Go

We had a work experience student at the bookshop a little while ago. She seemed a nice, switched-on kid with the brightness of eye and bushiness of tail only visible in the young and uninitiated. 1,093 more words

The nice things I get to see when I'm delivering food


You know, I didn’t know what Yorkville really was. I grew up in a small town about an hour away from Toronto. It’s not like I have never been here before. 724 more words

Small Victories

Tipping my Uber Eats driver

Should you tip you Uber Eats Driver? I say, “why Not? ”

I’m totally biased. Of course I want tips…

Okay, let me be objective about it. 805 more words

Small Victories

Gamification and Goals

Yesterday I talked about goal boards and how being able to break down your goals into smaller, easily achievable tasks is important; today I’m going to explain why that’s the case. 568 more words

Goal Boards

So it's another morning...

And I am grateful to be alive. I have to make that very clear. I suffer from chronic depression, but I am fortunate. Very fortunate. I have been sad, miserable, pissed off at the world, hopeless, and felt like a failure. 420 more words