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Take Time to Compliment Someone

Today, after a nightmare morning and afternoon, I finally managed to drag some clothes on and paint a bit more of my garden fence. I can’t begin to describe what a struggle it was to get myself up there and, I’ll be honest, I look a mess today so was self-conscious on top of everything else… 181 more words

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The Quest Within, Pt 1: Confidence

For as long as I’ve been living, when it came to life (but mostly women) everybody has always said to me that you got to have confidence. 1,350 more words


Table for One

Eating meals alone at restaurants.

Having spent four weeks of vacation traveling alone, I have solidified the notion that I don’t mind eating alone. I actually enjoy it, in moderation. 1,329 more words

C. Lau reblogged this on thinkingaheadbehindandsideways and commented:

Can totally, completely, absolutely relate to this. Laugh-out-loud funny too.

Prideful Reflection

I may or may not have just made up the word ‘prideful’, but I’m too worn out even for Google.

The good thing about the exhaustion is that, while primarily it’s the usual ‘poorly mind = tired brain and body’, some of that exhaustion is down to things that I’m feeling a teeny bit proud of. 277 more words

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NSV, Progress, Fear, and a Rant

So I have a few things I would like to talk about.  First, I have a non scale victory(ies) to report. Normally, I have an absolutely cringe worthy  moment after I shower or bath when I wrap the towel around me. 632 more words


Well, I checked the weight today and was under what I thought I might be. However, it is still a gain. Sigh.

I’m not surprised and I’m definitely not feeling frustrated by it. 519 more words

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20-Somethings — Give Yourselves Some Credit Because You’re Doing Just Fine

1. A job is a job.

It doesn’t matter if you’re working on Wall Street or taking orders at McDonalds. Don’t let anyone make you feel shitty about earning your own money. 713 more words