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Cookbook review: Small Victories

Becoming a confident cook means mastering one delicious thing at a time, taking pleasure in each small victory. That’s the gift Julia Thurman shares here, and it’s one she has learned from her rich life in food. 996 more words


Achievement. Abandonment.

I haven’t written anything on this blog in quite a while.  I have been in counseling, for grief, my hoarding, and some other things, and instead of pouring my soul on paper for the world to see, I have been pouring my soul into my counselor’s ears. 1,091 more words

And the Sky is Still Blue.

And the sky is still blue.

An odd declaration, I am sure, but the fact remains that the sky is blue. When leaving Antioch gets you questioning everything you once knew to be true, finding these little facts are a treasure. 546 more words

Learning How To Walk

My one year old daughter has just learned to take her first few steps! As with any new task your child masters, it bring with it much excitement and many pictures/videos as mommy and daddy are super proud parents! 748 more words

Learning To Live In This World

The Bus That Waited

Yesterday I wrote about my experience as a recently disabled person catching the bus for the first time since moving to Toowoomba. I remember thinking as I wrote it that I had probably exhausted the last of my good karma that morning. 820 more words


I Didn't Join a Cult...Again!

Another year, another campus, another blog post from a library. I’d rather not make this a habit, but I must admit that I enjoy the idea of it. 1,216 more words