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A small success. 

Lately I would say the only thing I’ve made progress with is my physical appearance. Lost some weight mainly from not eating much. Results are pretty good. 169 more words


A Fist Bump

It’s a small, simple thing, but I just had to share.  Dr. Awesome gave me a fist bump today!

We were talking before lecture (I’m his TA), and he saw my “coffee cup” and stated that I clearly had my coffee as fuel.   31 more words

Being Kind.

The thought of being kind to myself is a bit foreign to me. I always try to cheer on my loved ones and help them see the positive in various shitty situations, but I’ve always been terribly hard on myself. 435 more words

Celebrating Small Victories

Monkey has been in therapy for almost 2 weeks now – and we are already starting to see improvement. We get daily reports from her Instructor Therapists and there are more and more successes every day! 299 more words

subversive shit I did last week (2/26)

Yeah, so I feel like crap today and like half a dozen of my Facebook friends have shared that Facebook post with a laundry list… 744 more words


February - Turkey and Ricotta Meatballs

Spaghetti and meatballs, it’s a meal I consider one of the ultimate winter comfort foods. It is certainly a classic. Remember that scene from Lady and the Tramp… 583 more words


Networking is Awkward

Originally Posted 5/15/16

 Why is networking so weird?

I mean it’s like the first day of middle school, plus flirting in bars, plus any sort of public speaking; BUT WORSE.
310 more words