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The Small Victories

Phew. Had kickboxing today seriously kicked my own ass but I love it. It’s my main source of exercise (aside from chasing kids) and it’s a great way to maintain self-care. 139 more words


A Better Update From Yesterday

Even though it was a bad day for anxiety, I did some real-world health-and-wellness stuff yesterday that I think deserves note, especially because not long ago I would have spent an anxious, otherwise aimless day in a complete useless tizzy. 176 more words


Diabetes Awareness Month, Day 27

I am pleased to report that this year we nailed Thanksgiving. It started with turkey. For so many years we kept over-cooking it. This year, with the help of a good meat thermometer, a LOT of butter, and more accurate info on when to pull the bird out of the oven, we ended up with a perfectly moist turkey cooked to perfection – dark meat and white meat. 446 more words

T1D Management

Diabetes Awareness Month, Day 26

Today is Thanksgiving. Everyone is writing about what they are thankful for. I thought about it, but frankly I had already talked a lot about it. 426 more words


When Silly is Significant

Sometimes what seems silly in life is actually significant. I rode an elevator fifteen floors by myself a month back. It wasn’t one of those newer high tech ones that flash up the floors. 637 more words

A Successful Evening

The Viewing Party, Friday night, was an absolute blast! It was a full house and a festive atmosphere that was preserved by all the lovely people who engaged with the art and comfortably mingled with one another, good food, and a bartender who kept the drinks flowing smoothly. 286 more words


One with the Earth

I find it much easier to stand while meditating.

I have been taking a course that is designed to allow a deeper understanding of yourself through increased awareness of the chakras and the emotional charges inside them. 508 more words

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