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The little things

Today I went to morrisons. “Normal” situation that wouldn’t phase most people! I’ve had it as a goal, as something I wanted to push myself to achieve for ages, but secretly, because in ashamed that I’ve been wanting to go for 2 years and never managed it. 331 more words


Yoga with Traumatized Teenage Girls

For a moment the staff walked out of the room, which is not supposed to happen. Instantly one of the girls, we’ll call her Kayla for HIPAA reasons, begins to threaten the other girl, who we’ll call Candice. 539 more words


May 8: Frustrated Student

Tonight was the last class of a Technology class I’ve been taking after school. I’ve learned a lot and it’s definitely pushed me to try things I wouldn’t otherwise have tried, but that have been effective. 921 more words

Sunshine on My Shoulders and Other Small Victories (and Some Small Acts of Anarchy)

I was enjoying a nice lunch break at work one day last week, and was pleased to notice while enjoying the warmth of the sun that my socks not only matched each other and my shoes matched each other, but my socks matched my shoes. 1,252 more words

Stories Overview

As we begin to solicit stories from partners in the Church on Mission campaign, here is an overview of the types of stories we wish to capture. 135 more words

Big Wins

May 2: Great Things at School

Everyday is a rollercoaster as a teacher. Today, I’m focusing on the great.

  1. We started reading Romeo and Juliet today with my 9th graders. I had some kids who were totally scared of the language, but by the end of the first day, they wanted to read bigger parts.
  2. 249 more words

April 23: I don’t know

Annika saw me setting up to write. She asked me, “what’s gonna be the title today?” And I responded, “I don’t know.” She looked at me for a beat, then looked down at my phone as I typed the title, then laughed. 221 more words