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Bowl of Cherries 001

Bowl of Cherries 001
©2016 Dave Casey
5×7″ – oil on linen panel
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There is nothing quite like a long-lasting flu to knock you right out of a 30-in-30 challenge.  130 more words


At The Galleries: Nada Jovic

Congratulations to our very own Nada on her upcoming exhibition!!  We’ve loved watching Nada’s work progress in our Open Studio sessions and can’t wait to see her show!

The Art Room

Working Small

For me working small can be more of a challenge than working larger.. The space in which I have to work with smaller canvases can feel restricted and cluster phobic. 50 more words


Monday - Idea Generating


So I had a bit of a panic attack last week.  I thought “what if I run out of ideas of things to paint!?!” Which is a real concern when one decides to paint 100 little paintings.   255 more words


Day 20 in the 30-in-30 Challenge

This is a progress photo of a portrait that I started today.  I’ve it pretty much roughed in and started on the eyes.  Those eyes gave me fits.  58 more words


Day 19 in the 30-in-30 Challenge

Sunset Over The Foothills
©2016 Dave Casey
8×10″ – oil on linen panel
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Yes, I’ve decided to take a break from the figurative works.  48 more words


Day 13 in the 30-in-30 Challenge

Wrong, wrong wrong!  It started off decently, but then quickly fell apart and became nothing more than a candidate for the wiping cloth.  By the time you read this this painting will no longer exist.  42 more words