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I sold my house to live in a van — 9 years later I'm facing an uncomfortable truth

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I didn’t purposely set out to live a minimalistic lifestyle.

I didn’t reach some kind of breaking point or encounter any life-changing event that I wasn’t fully in control of. 926 more words

Money Matters

Unfortunately Traveller

We walked through long ways, my friend
We went through forests, desserts and shores.
We experienced variant cultures and lives.

We are running from ourselves and from the people we love. 35 more words

Once I was a baby, wide eyed and smiling.

With the sun in my throat,

I sang. Of sky and trees and parents and the first time I tried ice cream.

156 more words

Buck Fever

Sometimes you’ll just be driving down the highway, and you’ll see a billboard that cries out, “Climb Me!”.

Texas isn’t called the Big Buck State for nothing (actually, I have no idea if its called that). 14 more words