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Clothing Haul!

So the other day I noticed that I had gotten some new clothes. Most of it is tank tops and stuff that I could use for rehearsal because before I noticed I was running low on stuff like that and that my only pair of leggings are right on the borderline of breaking. 437 more words


Small Spaces? Consider Bespoke Fitted Wardrobes for Some Extra Space

With the ever increasing cost of building land, new properties tend to be smaller, rooms tend to be smaller, and in many cases storage space almost non-existent. 111 more words

Candy and Flowers

And it’s not even Valentine’s Day.  Three paintings from the weekend.  The models for the two candies are from Felix Gonzalles-Torres’ artworks, in which viewers are invited to take away candies from large piles.

Funding For Start Up Business

Apply Funding to Start a Small Business by talking with a national bank or a neighborhood credit union. Bring a duplicate of your strategy for success and whatever other important documentation, for example, research demonstrating the reasonability of a burial service home business in your area. 232 more words


How Get a Start Up Business Loan

Try not to give up in the event that you are a lady with a new company encountering trouble acquiring financing. A few unpredictable advance projects target new organizations that are possessed by ladies. 183 more words


Simple Love

My friend, you are not here by mistake. You were created with a purpose and equipped with gifts and talents to pursue it. You are loved by the God who created you and wrapped within His amazing embrace. 302 more words

Just A Minute

Little things...

Starting small…

Decluttering and working towards a Minimalism lifestyle is not a small task. You are completely changing your life, allowing you to have the space to concentrate on the important things in life and no longer stressing about the impossible mess you can’t necessarily see but feel. 382 more words