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Planet Earth

I heard a man on a podcast explaining that he wanted to find alien life forms because if “all there is is what’s on earth, well that’s so depressing”. 45 more words


Showering in the treehouse

When you showered in the treehouse you could hear the water falling 35 metres to the floor of the rainforest, and hitting leaves the leaves all the way down.  45 more words


Small Master Bathroom Makeover

My master bathroom was keeping me up at night.

It was horrific. Stop me if I’m being dramatic but I truly believe any hard-working person should come home to mini-spa at the end of the long day. 427 more words

Trixie: snowflake


Name: Trixie

Gender: F

Age: D-o-b October 2017

Size: small (5kg, 35cm)

Others: dewormed, vaccinated

Story, Personality, Others:
Trixie was found on the street. She is a bit nervous at the first encounter but she gains confidence. 10 more words


Growing up in the small town...

If there’s one thing that reminds me how backwards the Highlands are when it comes to the LGBT community it’s a trip to London. I was down earlier in the month catching up with friends and seeing a few shows and I am always surprised at how open everyone is. 581 more words


Small Love Talks (1)

” Love, why don’t you


I miss out on

important days and times

of ours..”

Pondering over,

the question

not because the answer isn’t known… 60 more words

Palpable Pennings