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Intriguing Read (Bootstrapping Reflective Systems: The Case of Pharo)

Hiya Fellas :D

So, while I was browsing through various developments in Pharo, I came across a very eye-catching paper on Bootstrapping Reflective Systems: The case of Pharo… 92 more words


Small Talk Is Out

I can’t have any more small talk,
any more how was your weekend? or
where did you go for lunch? and
are you having a nice afternoon? 237 more words


searchQuick Apprise: THREE #GoogleSummerOfCode #FOSSASIA

The intended “searchQuick” (sQuick) is an application to enable a user to search a set of books or texts, like an encyclopedia, or some other topical book collection offline built in the open source platform Pharo 4.0. 301 more words


Smalltalk Jobs - 6/21/15


Smalltalk Jobs - 6/20/15

A move to a new address in real life has delayed my contributions to this blog for a couple of weeks, but I am in the process of catching-up with the postings in areas of the world that I have responsibility for. 410 more words


In Progress

Some Smalltalk-related things I’ve been involved with lately:

  1. Phriak – a Pharo Smalltalk driver for the Riak distributed NoSQL database. (The project is also mirrored at SmalltalkHub at…
  2. 134 more words

The Computer Programmer's Guide to Smalltalk (version 0.8)

//engaging smalltalk.exe//

Hi- //print variable: $name//
//error 404 – $name not found//
//smalltalk failed ABORT ABORT//
//…rebooting. Press any key to continue//
How’s it going? 272 more words