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The day I refused to be a "hun"

The day i got called “hun” and I refused to let it go.

I’ve been told I was in a bad day. I’ve been told I was on my periods, that I was really too sensitive. 1,601 more words


Smalltalk Jobs - 7/26/15


PUM, Gemstone and SearchPath definitions

In our Gemstone projects we have used the same strategy: the data is located in a tree structure – started from a root. We have no large structure (e.g. 113 more words


PUM, Gemstone: Raspberry Pis as REST testing clients

The Python code generator proved to be very useful.

We generated the REST client code for our production system in Python. Then we programmed a simple user simulator tool in Python (login, do several actions and then after some time: logout and repeat …). 113 more words


PUM, Gemstone, Python - enumerations

Today I added the generation of all defined enumeration values to the Python code generator, which improves the readablity of the client REST code.