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Short Intro To Object-Oriented Programming

Let’s recall what high-level languages are: these are languages that are symbolic, so not the ones and zeros underneath it all. They are that which provides handles for the human mind to… 740 more words

Why is Object-Oriented Programming the standard paradigm for most software?

At the present time, object-oriented programming is the only known programming paradigm that makes writing massive software applications reasonably manageable, maintainable, and scalable. The two other major paradigms, procedural and functional, have been largely unproven in this respect and are not generally trusted for this scale of software engineering. 453 more words

Smalltalk Jobs -11/11/18

  • Whitehouse Station, NJ – Smalltalk through Cognizant
    • Required Skills:
      • Infor Retail SmallSuppr Enblmt
      • SmallSQL Database
      • Smalltalk
      • Small Worlds
    • Wanted Skills:
      • .Net Unit
    • Additional listings: Cognizant, Cognizant…
  • 584 more words

Guarded Musings

More often than not, we absorb the words and signals of others to subconsciously construct a castle in our minds. A meaningless structure that stands to shelter oneself from the rampage of the world. 298 more words


Notebook To The Rescue!

From a lot of people I got the question if I had the Scribblenauts review in English. So here it is! Dutchies you can click your way to… 868 more words


Smalltalk with Aimee!

Hello to all the wonderful Gaming community! My name is Aimee or as you might know me on Instagram as @littleaimeekinsĀ šŸ’œĀ The wonderful and brilliant Annie asked me to write a short piece on my gaming experiences so here it is. 616 more words



Last Saturday I went to my first gaming event! It was pretty cool, I felt like I could really be my big inner nerd!

And that also had something to do with the amazing people I met there. 239 more words