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The "Angry" Resting Face

My wife: “Your natural face looks so intimidating!” she says, smiling.

Me: “Hmm?”

My wife: “That’s probably why that couple decided to walk around you instead of cutting across in front of you like they were about to do.” 280 more words


How to draw a null border.

I fixed another defect in Pharo today.  It’s getting to be a fun pasttime as I learn the language.  The debugger in Pharo is really great, and allows me to find the error in the base code and fix it all in one swoop. 313 more words


Where'd the Line go?

Years ago, when I first attempted the Laser Game Tutorial, I was using Squeak Smalltalk and had access to the classes used by Squeak to render stuff onto the screen.   302 more words


Over-Eager Rectangles

I’ve been spending some time lately learning about Pharo Smalltalk, most recently by implementing the infamous Laser Game tutorial.  The tutorial was written in 2007 for Squeak Smalltalk, but it mostly still works.   283 more words


No Small Talk; Music. 

Show me your favourite songs. Show me WHY. Show me that one descant that blows your mind. Show me that one chord that sends you reeling to a place where everything makes sense. 81 more words

Smalltalk Jobs - 8/14/16