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Smalltalk Jobs - 2/22/15


Where Is Smalltalk Weak?

by Richard Eng

As great as Smalltalk is, it is not without its weaknesses. Time to address the key issues…

Hiring and Staffing

Smalltalk does not yet have a large user base compared to, say, Java or JavaScript. 979 more words

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Smalltalk's Proven Productivity

by Richard Eng

You often hear about Smalltalk’s productivity advantage over other languages such as Java, JavaScript, and Python. Depending on who you talk to, this advantage ranges from 1.5X to 2-5X. 300 more words

Programming Languages

No Time For Small Talk

Stop making time for people who only drain your energy and you will be so much happier for it <3 Surround yourself with people who bring good energy into your life, not those who take yours!

Be Inspired

The Smalltalk Evolution

by Richard Eng

A common criticism about Smalltalk in the modern age is that the language is not adapting to the latest language research, which is pursuing things like multi-core concurrency and type system safety. 430 more words

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Smalltalk Jobs - 2/6/15

  • Minneapolis, MN – Smalltalk Developers through ASCII Group
    • Required Skills:
      • A Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or equivalent
      • Must have 3 + years experience with Smalltalk programming and debugging/troubleshooting with Cincom Object Studio or equivalent…
  • 148 more words

Be Genuine

I love when people are genuine and themselves. But how do you notice when people are genuine?

Eye contact is important. But not only eye contact but also the way people look at you. 193 more words