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I still suck at small-talk, but I found a way how to enjoy meeting new people

I had a great “lunch” last Monday. It’s “lunch” in parenthesis because Monday is my fasting day, so I only had (decaf) bulletproof coffee. And it was great because I met like-minded person excited about improving life in any way available. 705 more words

#Weekly Experiments

Smalltalk collections for Python coders

One of the great things about Python is the way you can easily juggle items around in collections — lists, dictionaries, sets — and the shortcuts you get when you combine them. 243 more words


I am so bad at small talk 

I don’t understand it but for some reason I have no capability when it comes to small talk. I just can’t do it. People often come up to me and ask me how i am and how’s things and I can reply to them about myself but when it comes to me asking about them I just don’t and it’s kind of frustrating. 130 more words


I yearn for those late night, deep conversations.

The ones where you are so tired, honesty just slips off your tongue.

Do not bore me with babble about the weather, 79 more words

Like Taking Candy from a Baby

“Ya been keepin’ out of trouble?” my Uncle Joe asked.

“You know it! I’m the early bird gettin’ the worm and all that.”

“Don’t forget that you’re working hard to play hard, right? 354 more words


Smalltalk Jobs - 7/29/17


Ubuntu 64-bit and Cincom Smalltalk 32-bit

You’ll need to issue these commands:

sudo apt-get install libc6:i386
sudo apt-get install libx11-6:i386
sudo apt-get install zlib1g:i386