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Make Smalltalk Great Again!

We are fighting for a revitalized future where a once-great language can be great once again.

#MakeSmalltalkGreatAgain at Twitter.

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Who was the last person you kissed?
Was it meaningful?

When was the last meaningful kiss that you had? Was it meaningful because of the person, the setting, the timing? 682 more words

Little sentences in Hungarian #4

How to speak about food and drinks: conjugate to eat (enni) and to drink (inni) in present tense! 115 more words

Language Learning

Smalltalk Jobs - 10/2/16


PUM - Starting with a new stone

PUM based development means API-based development. You – as the developer – define a model and an API to change the persistent data on your Gemstone/S server. 411 more words


PUM 08.06.02 - 02.07.00

Time again to summarize the changes to PUM since I made an overview in January:

  • Work has been spent on the part of starting/creating a new project.
  • 88 more words

PUM, Gemstone/S, ExtJS and Electron

After having a pretty hard month with several elections here in Germany I now had time to broaden our technology base and platforms for our tools. 158 more words