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Smalltalk Jobs - 7/9/19


Sensor, process and transparently persist your IoT data with an end-to-end object-oriented system

Let’s suppose a typical IoT / Edge Computing developer/deployment stack:

  1. One (maybe low-level) language with its own syntax and IDE to read/write data from sensors or anything GPIO-related.
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Wie erkennen Autisten Autisten?

Wir Autisten sind natürlich keine Psychologen (wenngleich es eine Menge autistischer Psychologinnen gibt …) und können uns nie sicher sein. Wir können nicht ausschließen, dass für das gezeigte… 931 more words


All About "Small Talk"

Hi, my name is Tyra, and I am terrible at making small talk.

I am so bad at making small talk so that saying “How are you doing today?” to a cashier at a grocery store is still a big challenge to me after living in Canada for more than 7 years. 613 more words

Diary Of An Immigrant

Beginners guide to GPIO in VASmalltalk

As I commented in an earlier post, one of the great features VASmalltalk has in the context of IoT, is a wrapper of the C library… 794 more words

Getting started with VASmalltalk, Raspberry Pi and other devices

In the previous post, I described why I personally believe that Smalltalk is a good fit for IoT. When we talk about IoT, there are millions of topics we can touch: single board computers, sensors, security, protocols, edge computing, GPIOs, AI, and so on… But one device in particular that… 1,674 more words

Smalltalk Jobs - 6/2/19