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XMLParser Performance Tips

Here are some tips for improving the performance of the Pharo XMLParser library.

Use SAX instead of DOM

SAX parsing is generally faster and more memory efficient than DOM parsing. 247 more words


Querying US Government Data Sets With Pharo and XMLParser

data.medicare.gov is a US government website that distributes public healthcare data sets, including a collection of data sets called Hospital Compare for comparing American hospitals. These data sets are available in multiple formats, such as… 361 more words


Publishing Configurations to Pharo Meta Repositories

Each Pharo version has a dedicated meta repository for publishing Metacello Configurations so that they can be one-click installed through the Pharo catalog.

While Configurations can be manually copied to a meta repo using the Monticello browser, this script (for a workspace) automates the process, copying the most recent Configuration to one or more Pharo meta repos: 229 more words


Gemstone/S 3.4.0 Speed comparision - SortedCollection against IdentitySet

In one of my application I used a SortedCollection and this container might carry in the beginning a large number of items. I’m now interested, if one could get a faster solution with IdentitySet together with Index support. 213 more words


Optimism vs. Pessimism vs. Realism

If you follow Evelyne Holingue, you are aware that she’s participating in the April A-to-Z thing. A-To-Z calls for a blog post every day in April except Sundays, except April 1st which was a Sunday, and was Easter but still required a post because calendars and math had paper and A-to-Z had rock and…well, you know how that goes. 860 more words


Smalltalk Jobs - 4/8/18