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Ego Brain

This has been a week of self discovery for me.

For me, the act of self reflection seems to come and go in phases: for weeks I will carry on with my daily routine without any disruption to my identity until I am suddenly doused with a realization that melts my identity into a howling puddle (Oh what a world! 632 more words

Apropos Nothing

A Simple Tip For Better Flirting

Flirting is a form of art. It can be a great skill to master. Especially because the competition is slim. Most men nowadays have no idea how to flirt. 514 more words


Smalltalk Jobs - 8/12/18


5 Tips To Appear More Attractive You Can Use TODAY

First things first: I am NOT going to talk about how you should get a haircut and be in decent shape to appear more attractive. That´s a no-brainer. 997 more words


Smalltalk Jobs - 7/22/18


How To Make A Girl Like You

Whenever I watch guys “flirting” with a girl they like I cringe. It´s just horrible to watch how they are practically begging to fail. As a real superhero you should know how to appear attractive to a person you are interested in. 844 more words


Smalltalk Jobs - 7/8/18