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PUM - Adding C# as a supported language ...

Another language added to PUM – though in an early state, but the first program has been coded on an Android device via C# and Xamarin and it got its result … 314 more words


PUM - Adding Java to the supported languages

This weekend was a Java weekend. Never really worked before with that language, but a customer wanted a Java interface for our product, so I had to implement a Java-8 generator to PUM. 186 more words


Smalltalk Jobs - 3/26/17


Stack Overflow Developer Survey Results

This is a good read. ┬áI’m happy to see Smalltalk mentioned a few times!


Gemstone/S - A Dead Item in a SortedCollection - What the hell is going on ...

In our main product – in progress of development – we had a situation, where items in a SortedCollection could not be removed. From time to time we had these instances and I was not very happy about them. 412 more words


Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate the Positive

Since having my beautiful baby boy I have been blessed with a happiness more powerful than anything I have ever been experienced. I have also been more exhausted than I ever thought I could handle, I’ve had more aches and pains than I thought I had body parts, and had more Earth shattering realisations than I knew I needed. 531 more words


Bring Back the Magic

Actually, it doesn’t seem to have left. Even Cincom is asking us to create a “magic” build┬áimage. After all these years, why is this still the case? 205 more words