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It snowed today. Snow after tax day isn’t unheard of here, but is rare enough that folks will grumble about its audacity. Dandelions and daffodils droop under white blankets as humans complain that they can’t take the weight of one more flake. 438 more words

Ten Small Talk Tips

Small talk is often defined as ‘polite conversation about things that are not very important’. So why is small talk so important in the business world? 529 more words

Business English

Smalltalk Jobs - 4/17/16


Smalltalk Jobs - 4/10/16


About stereotypes

This post is inspired by a coffee and discussion about stereotypes.

Let’s face it, we all have stereotypes. And while they do help us to categorize people and to make judgements which allows us to have certain opinion about the person in the first seconds of meeting it doesn’t mean we are correct. 461 more words

Don't call us, we won't either

“Hello Mr. Van Haver, how are you today?”. As the opening line of a telephone call from a bloke I’ve never been in touch with before. 173 more words

This Is How I See It


I am notoriously bad at small talk, I hate that business in England requires even as you don’t look people in the eye or wait for an answer small talk is required. 434 more words