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Apathy & Ardour

But I don’t want small talk.
Text me, and without saying hello,
Tell me why you got so angry at your sister this morning.

Yell and sigh and be fucking exasperated. 161 more words


British Sophistication - Small Talk

Small talk is an essential weapon to be accepted in the UK’s society. Many friendships have been built by a simple small conversation that led to close-knit relationship. 262 more words


Smalltalk detectives

Back in the days it was very important for humans (of course also for animals, but that is not my point) to figure out who is your friend and who is not – fast. 71 more words


Smalltalk User Meeting in Hamburg (September)

A date for the next Hamburg Smalltalk user meeting is about to be selected:

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PUM 8.6.1 - 02.06.22

New version out with small points:


-> accessMethod created in service class to have direct access to the root of the persistency tree of the data – to unify the programming style among several projects… 52 more words


Either an insincere attempt at sincerity, or something quite pathetic.

Hi friend! I never know how to put small talk into a message where I’m about to ask for someone’s contact details. Mostly because not talking to a friend in a while implies that you don’t see them as a friend/interesting/feeling; while asking for someone else’s contact details makes that someone else seem more appreciated than the friend, but also makes the friend not seem like anyone worth talking to apart from as a means to talk to other people. 85 more words