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How can two individuals have completely different views of the same situation and neither one of them is right or wrong? It’s all about individual perception. 73 more words


My Dog Did That Too!

Once you reach a certain age, or you have been married a certain amount of time, the inevitable question starts being asked: “when are you having kids?!?” For my husband and I, and others are out there, the answer is “never.” Not because we don’t like kids, both of us genuinely enjoy not only our nieces and nephews but also the children of our friends. 562 more words


Ridding myself of the Gevil influence...

1 app and service at a time on my way to a purely YouTube only Google account… For now Voice and YouTube will remain.


Smalltalk Prompt

Btw, aku hendak menyumbang postingan²ku sebagai prompt writing hehehe. Mungkin ada yang minat? Yang ini ga terbatas waktu dan bisa kapan aja diadopsi sih. Btw prompts dariku agak beda, karena bentuknya percakapan. 179 more words


Audio Remedy

If you’re interested in music please check out this awesome community. Become a member, contribute and follow us at http://facebook.com/groups/audioremedy


More Gemstone/S Talks at next ESUG ?

I have a wish, that there might be a Gemstone/S day at ESUG next year – with more content/presentations/Talks around that product. Perhaps user cases, how development is done and what has been achieved over the years ? 138 more words