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Squeak - Monticello - How to use Branches

Monticello refers to Monticello packages by their name. So it is a good
idea to have a package name that is globally unique. This can be achieved
by using branches. 462 more words

The AntiSocial Cashier

I use to be an antisocial person until I became a cashier. You could call me shy, quiet, disturbed (just kidding), and yes, I had all of those traits to some degree. 246 more words

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Gemstone/S - Application Example

We had a request for a “smaller” demo sometimes around December: the topic was to enable users to select attribute and values to initiate queries against a data set and visualize them in GoogleMaps. 786 more words


Little sentences in Japanese #14

Japanese smalltalk: Cook this Japanese food

Speaking about your tastes and japanese food.
日本の食べ物 すきですか? (Do you like japanese food?) 44 more words

Language Learning

Smalltalk Jobs - 1/31/17


Squeak - Switching Windows with Mouse Wheel

Works with

  • Squeak 4.6
  • Squeak 5.0.

Does not work with

  • Squeak 5.1.


ActiveWorld eventHandler
    on: #keyStroke
    send: #value:
    to: [:evt|
        evt controlKeyPressed ifTrue: [
            evt keyCharacter = Character arrowUp ifTrue: [
                SystemWindow sendTopWindowToBack. 113 more words

Squeak 4.6 – Installation on 32bit FreeBSD 10.3 (i386)

On 32bit

  • FreeBSD 10.3
  • FreeBSD 11.0

the binary squeak package DOES NOT work out of the box.

See for yourself:


pkg install squeak

to install the binary package and its dependencies. 178 more words