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Superman: Dawnbreaker by Matt de la Peña (DC Icons #4)

Superman will always hold a special place in my heart because of Smallville, so I was SO ready to love this book because I love nothing more than Clark’s story in high school. 483 more words

Book Review


Picking up where “Exile” left off, “Phoenix” has both Clark and Lex rise from the ashes, as both men return home while also dealing with the reasons they left in the first place. 322 more words



Director Greg Beeman + writers Alfred Gough & Miles Millar = (usually) a great episode.

While season two opener “Vortex” was not terrific, season three opener “Exile” definitely is. 397 more words



While not as wild as season one’s finale, season two’s “Exodus” makes up for crazy with sadness, regret, and more Chloe getting mad at Clark for not telling her he and Lana were dating now. 410 more words


1247 Smallville

You can minimalize me, until I don’t exist.
You can freeze me into absolute zero.
Erase my positive attributes; I won’t resist.
All my accomplishments make me a hero. 236 more words


Season two’s penultimate episode packs quite a wallop of important stuff, so let’s break it down.

Dr. Walden was in a perpetual coma last we saw him (after the cave shot him full of knowledge), but he’s back with a vengeance. 265 more words


Go Crows! The Internet's Only Smallville Podcast - Season 1, Episodes 11-13

I was trying so hard to meet these episodes halfway I think I sprained something. They were still bad. 164 more words