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North Korea: Smart bombs could stop nuclear warfare

By Ameen Izzadeen

A world without nuclear weapons is a possibility and that day is not far from us. Thanks to North Korea and its provocative behaviour, such optimism is not the wild imagination of a fiction writer. 1,154 more words

Political Analysis

Enhanced Paveway II and JDAMs the weapon of choice for RCAF during Iraq war, according to statistics

Defence Watch has received details from the RCAF on the breakdown of the types of bombs used during the Iraq/Syria air campaign. As readers know, from their first flight in the Iraq war on October 30, 2014, to February 15, 2016 when the Iraq/Syria air mission ended, CF-18 Hornets conducted 1378 sorties resulting in 251 airstrikes (246 in Iraq and 5 in Syria), dropping in total 606 munitions. 87 more words

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