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iPhone X in the Philippines: Globe vs Smart part 2

Smart has finally released iPhone X under the Smart Infinity branding. How does this stack up to Globe’s Platinum plan? Here are the numbers:

Both Globe and Smart offers the choice of paying for the device outright or opting for monthly amortization. 214 more words


iPhone X in the Philippines: Globe vs Smart

How much will it cost to own an iPhone X in the Philippines?

The two cellular carriers in the country have announced their respective pre-orders… 629 more words


iPhone X available for pre-order in the Philippines

The two telecommunication giants in the Philippines, Globe Telecom and Smart Communications, just announced the launch date of Apple’s 2017 flagship smartphone, iPhone X, here in the Philippines. 330 more words


Smart to 'enhance' default mobile data rate to P2/MB

Smart has announced it will be changing its current default data rate from P15 per 15 minutes to P2 per MB consumed. This data rate enhancement will take effect this coming November 15. 279 more words


7 Reasons why you should level up to LTE right now

LTE or Long-Term Evolution is currently the most-advanced commercially available mobile technology being used by mobile users all over the world. Usually indicated by an ‘LTE’ or ‘4G’ mark beside a smartphone’s signal bars, LTE delivers mobile internet that’s more than twice faster than the data speed of its predecessor – 3G. 638 more words

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Get the iPhone 6 for only P999/month under Smart Postpaid

WHILE APPLE ENTHUSIASTS are all excited about the upcoming release of the newest iPhone gadgets: iPhone 8, iPhone 8s, and iPhone X, there are a lot of us who would rather have the lower version of iPhones for quite obvious reason — cheaper price. 121 more words