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The story: Jade–a black girl from the poor northeast side of Portland–is a scholarship student at the expensive, nearly all-white St. Francis school. She’s smart, and talented…and black. 109 more words

Fiction Here & Now

BALCONY ON THE MOON, by Ibtisam Barakat

The story: Ibtisam shares her story of growing up in Palestine in the 1970s-80s, when dreams were real but just about everything else was in short supply. 48 more words

Smart Girls


Howdy-do! Wow. What a disaster. So me and friend waited up the road for her boyfriend to arrive so we could all walk into the beef together, proudly. 12 more words


Valentines, Inspirational Speeches and Pizza.

Howdy-do! I am back for a cheeky daily update. I discovered the stats section on here- yeah I am new, whatever, and its super cool, I have people from the USA, India and Germany visit me. 9 more words



I have stumbled across this incredible speech after watching Jimmy Fallon’s hashtags (yes hours later on Valentines I am still watching YouTube videos alone). This speech really moved me and it makes you think so hard about appreciating what you have. 36 more words


I Like Smart Girls

I cannot tell you how many times my sex appeal has been determined

By my intelligence

Yet, once I talk,

I am ignored.

My intelligence is not yours to fetishsize. 345 more words


A Bad Taste in My Ears

You know that GEICO ad where one raccoon insists another should try something awful he just tasted?

Well, I don’t want to be the only one with a bad taste in my ears, so let me share a video a friend (well, she was before she sent me this; thanks a lot, Vicky!) just sent me of Brian Wilson’s rap song, “Smart Girls”: 80 more words