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Sayonara sucker.

Bill O’Reilly is OUT after two decades at the top of FOX News.

It’s about time some evil stopped triumphing around here for God’s sake. This won’t stop him from running his mouth elsewhere, but at least his most lucrative platform has been whisked away from him. 35 more words

Feminist Blog

MY LADY JANE, by Cynthia Hand et al

The story: King Edward is dying, and he names Lady Jane Grey as his successor, doing an end run around his sisters Mary and Elizabeth. Only problem for Jane–aside from the fact that she doesn’t actually WANT to be queen–is that she’s going to have to marry Gifford Dudley in order to do it. 98 more words

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Women's Magazine


The story: Jade–a black girl from the poor northeast side of Portland–is a scholarship student at the expensive, nearly all-white St. Francis school. She’s smart, and talented…and black. 109 more words

Fiction Here & Now

BALCONY ON THE MOON, by Ibtisam Barakat

The story: Ibtisam shares her story of growing up in Palestine in the 1970s-80s, when dreams were real but just about everything else was in short supply. 48 more words

Smart Girls

I Like Smart Girls

I cannot tell you how many times my sex appeal has been determined

By my intelligence

Yet, once I talk,

I am ignored.

My intelligence is not yours to fetishsize. 345 more words


A Bad Taste in My Ears

You know that GEICO ad where one raccoon insists another should try something awful he just tasted?

Well, I don’t want to be the only one with a bad taste in my ears, so let me share a video a friend (well, she was before she sent me this; thanks a lot, Vicky!) just sent me of Brian Wilson’s rap song, “Smart Girls”: 80 more words