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I picked up Yes Please by Amy Poehler while in the airport back in February. I thought a light, funny read would boast well with my 14 hour non-stop flight to South Korea. 236 more words


boys don't like smart girls (and other things to un-tell my high school self)

When I was in high school and tied as smartest kid in my homeschool co-op class, my mom warned me that I should probably tone it down, probably tread carefully, because you know, “guys don’t really like it when girls show that they’re smarter than them.” 1,613 more words

Life And Things I Love

Rainy Days, Shipwrecks, and Birthdays

Hey sisters,

It’s raining in Montana today. Well, in Helena at least. It’s a big state. Rainy days have this way of washing away all the extra gunk for me… and I hadn’t fully realized how much I was carrying until today’s rain helped clear some of it out. 192 more words


Leslie Knope 2016: Yes We Can't Not Knope

I think the least politically charged thing I can say right now is that I won’t be voting for Donald Trump. It’s amazing: a distaste for The Donald has actually managed to unite both the political right and the political left in America. 358 more words


Things I Am Into #1

Not everything needs a lot of commentary; Things I Am Into is a place to dump media that inspires me today.

The Women Take Over, by Dahlia Lithwick… 37 more words


100 Things We Fangirl Over

The team at Fanspeak Files is proud to celebrate our 100th post with a list of 100 fandoms we subscribe to (basically anything we’d wear on a shirt), and by thanking you all for visiting our site and geeking out with us day after day. 324 more words