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Female Empowerment: The Books to Read

It’s never too late to become the person you admire; whether you are 15, 33, or 72. Who do you admire though? Why?

I really, really admire Buffy Summers. 2,841 more words

Badass Women

What's up with your freckles?

Freckles. You either love them or hate them. As a girl with freckles I did have my share of delight as well as of insecurities regarding my forever changing freckles. 443 more words

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Your beautiful imperfect face

Every time I take a look through my pictures, with or without makeup, I still get surprised of how real the difference between my half and right side of the face is. 500 more words

Smart Girls

7 Reasons Why I Love Parks and Recreation! (Or, Here goldfish, please stay and read this!)

I read a really depressing article recently entitled “Why People Don’t Read Your Blog” which basically advised to write as if¬†your audience consists of goldfish¬†with Attention Deficit Disorder. 1,535 more words

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Survival guide after a Break Up - What smart girls do

I know. Breaking up is the last thing we wish to experience. And I don’t know what’s worse: the break up or the feeling of despair that comes with it. 654 more words

Smart Girls

Being a Girl is Hard When You Want to be Smart and Cool

So, here’s the thing.

It’s been far too long since I’ve endeavored to consistently write. A few weeks ago I was at home visiting my family in NOVA, and a friend of mine said “When are you going to start writing again? 1,089 more words

Lazy girl / Clean house

You know, I am a very lazy kind of girl, so lazy that I feel emotional pain just at the thought of cleaning AGAIN the same space I already cleaned just the day before. 322 more words

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