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Top 4 AR Smart Glasses 2016

The Top 4

The top smart glasses/headsets were selected based on separate categories from, widest field of view, highest resolution, best design, and most powerful hardware. 344 more words

VMware AirWatch announces support for smart glasses

Turns out Dreamforce isn’t the only enterprise conference going on this week. VMware is also holding its at AirWatch Connect conference in Atlanta, and today it announced support for enterprise smart glasses on the AirWatch enterprise mobility management platform. 348 more words


One ring to rule them all…or at least buy coffee.

There is a new wearable technology, and I am not completely negative on it. Don’t get me wrong: NFC payment rings (that you wear on your finger) are NOT going to be the Next Big Thing, and will not be more popular than smartphones or tablets. 437 more words

China's Smart Glasses

News and Travel Editor

China is famous for inventions. Gunpowder, paper, printing and the marine compass are often regarded as the four great inventions of Ancient China… 232 more words


Face computers slowly find their place in business

Remember Google Glass? How could you not? Born with great fanfare just four short years ago, the device quickly became the object of derision. People who wore them were “Glassholes.” There were hyper-privacy concerns related to wearing a head-mounted camera, and even the  1,304 more words


Future Eyeglasses: Can Take Pictures & Measure Blood Sugar

It looks like we will totally forget about eyeglasses frames because of the techy eyeglass frames innovations we’re finding out.

Recently, tech giants like Google, Samsung and Sony presented to the public their VR (virtual reality) headsets Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR, and Sony PlayStation VR respectively. 651 more words

Eyeglass Technology

Google Glass is still around -- and it may be coming to more hospital rooms

The next time you spot a Google Glass in the wild, it might not be on the face of a fervid techie. It might be on your doctor. 446 more words