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These powerful smart glasses could help the blind “see"

Daniel Kish has been blind since the age of one, but navigates the world with the help of echolocation. He makes small clicks of sounds, which when reflected from surfaces around him let him create images of the world in the brain—not dissimilar to a bat’s sonar.  295 more words

Extending Scenario: Big Data Influences and Wearable Technology

Surrounded by the living environment of gradual overload of data, we are used to collecting and analyzing data every day. Basically, the application of big data and the following outcome that it brings about, the over exposure of our personal privacy, is always a fundamental concern. 992 more words

Big Data

CW @ WIRED2015

Last Friday CW was lucky enough to get access to Day 2 of WIRED2015 conference. Unsurprisingly it was bizarre, wacky and downright bonkers at times but utterly compelling. 477 more words


Holy Augmented Reality, Batman! Jeff Bezos Wants to Sell Magic Glasses.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office this week published an Amazon patent for an odd-sounding pair of augmented reality smart glasses.

The patent explains how the smart glasses might be wired or wirelessly connected to a device such as a tablet and display video or images from that device in front of the wearer’s eyes. 310 more words


Looking forward

There are at least two types of smart glasses: what one might call bike or run mode (left) and ski mode (right). From the previous blog posts one could watch a video of a grandmaster, a live camera feed of oneself, or, most interesting, both.

HoloLens for Enterprise Coming 'Within the Next Year,' Microsoft Says

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said today that the company’s hotly anticipated mixed reality glasses HoloLens are on a “five-year journey.”

Okay. So what does that mean? 135 more words


Making a spectacle of one's self

one way is to fall into a lens grinding machine


In search of smart glasses that allow TWO videos to be played simultaneously