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[Interview] Tero Aaltonen, Co-Founder and CEO of Augumenta


About the startup:

1. How would you describe your startup to someone you meet for the first time?

Augumenta develops interaction solutions for smart glasses. Our SDK enables hand gesture control and virtual keypads, turning glasses into a powerful tool for enterprises. 1,095 more words


Life Is but an (Augmented) Dream

Imagine you go to a party. On the way in, you put on a pair of “smart glasses”: a self-contained, cordless computer. Once the glasses are on, you experience the party, guests and environment as you would normally, while simultaneously experiencing an augmented reality. 925 more words

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Sony Glass

Actually, we are not allowed to say Sony Glass. Why? Well, the good old Google patented this magical word, and anything that goes with it. Our word of advice for you is to grab a pen, because here comes the full title: Sony Developer Edition SED-E1 SmartEyeglass AR Glasses. 178 more words

NASA Wants Smartglasses

While having a digital display for our lives seems really cool, certain professions would greatly benefit from such a device. NASA is looking for a way to give their astronauts smartglasses, which would allow them to have their hands free to work while receiving important information. 15 more words

Mark Masselli

The problems of navigating public transport for blind and partially-sighted people could soon become a thing of the past.

In an ever dynamic world driven by constant innovation, a smart glass for the blind that comprises of tiny cameras and software with simple visual images, descriptions and signs that are nearby in order to locate their way. 179 more words


Tiny mollusc on beach could hold key to augmented reality

A tiny mollusc found on British shores may hold the secret to developing an “augmented version” of reality – a discovery that could potentially revolutionise the fledgling world of wearable apps such as Google Glass. 590 more words

Augmented Reality