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Intel Is Killing Its Google Glass-Like Project, Vaunt

If you were desperately looking forward to trying Intel’s non-dorky Vaunt smart glasses, then you’d better sit down for this: the project’s off.

While Google Glass inspired the term “glasshole” thanks to its awkward, invasive appearance, Vaunt—known internally at Intel as “Superlight”—was supposed to look like a plain old pair of spectacles, discreetly projecting images onto the user’s eyeball. 177 more words


Photo History of Eyeglasses

I thought it would be fun to look at the changes made to eyeglasses throughout the ages.

The first pair of what we would consider eyeglasses appeared in the late 1400s in Pisa, Italy. 328 more words


China eyes “black tech” to boost security

REUTERS | Published — Saturday 10 March 2018

LLVision design director Tianyi Liu is shown in the monitor of LLVision facial recognition smart glasses during a demonstration at the company’s office in Beijing. 842 more words


Narbis ran a Kickstarter campaign for a pair of neurofeedback glasses that used the tint of the lenses as a neurofeedback modality for focus. The Narbis has 1–2 channels and uses dry electrodes at 660 samples/second with a 24bit ADC. 81 more words

Vaunt: Smart glasses for the masses?

Ever since Google Glass, smart glasses have been in the limelight of the tech media. Not for what they can do, but for how they make their wearers look like. 339 more words


Augmented Reality

AR is the (very near) future & KOPIN is so well positioned already – supplying displays to most AR players such as Google, Vuzix, …) Their SOLOS sports glasses brings features athletes are looking for Bring it on!


Road Cycling