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Visa wants to let you pay for stuff with your sunglasses

Your humble sunglasses are about to get yet another upgrade.

Visa unveiled a prototype for payment-enabled sunglasses this week, which look almost exactly like regular sunglasses, but are enabled with a small NFC chip that lets you pay by tapping the glasses on a contactless terminal. 253 more words

Glasses That Measure Brain Activity

It’s happening.

Wearable tech is no doubt beginning to heavily infiltrate the eyewear world – and we’re not just talking VR goggles. Italian eyewear company Safilo is currently testing sunglasses that actually measure your focus level, then help you to improve it. 173 more words

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No need for bifocals if these liquid lens smart glasses prove to be a success

We may not need to get reading glasses or switch to bifocals as we age if these liquid lens smart glasses prove to be successful. 481 more words

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Augmented Reality - it's just around the corner

Vuzix knows that people don’t want to be embarrassed when they put something on their face. So the company is working hard to ship a pair of augmented reality smartglasses this year that will be thin enough to wear comfortably.

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Glasses that automatically focus on what you see

Move over, bifocals and reading glasses.

A team based at the University of Utah has just unveiled “Smart Glasses,” which have liquid-based lenses. They automatically adjust focus upon whatever their wearer is looking at. 190 more words

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