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Wellinghoff Urges Creation of Distribution ISOs

Published March 17, 2015 in Smart Grid Today. By Karen Haywood Queen
IOUs would own grid, maintain it but not run it


In retail markets, grid ownership and operation should be separated to allow competitive energy sales, Jon Wellinghoff, former chairman of FERC, told us recently in an exclusive interview. 874 more words

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The Fix: Critical Insights on US Grid Cybersecurity

Published as a series January through May 2015 and then as a special report for sale by Smart Grid Today.

By Karen Haywood Queen

Security risks, including and maybe especially cybersecurity vulnerabilities, abound inside utilities in the US. 463 more words

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Australia Suffers Net Metering, PV Challenges

By Karen Haywood Queen Smart Grid Today January 12, 2015


Energy pricing creates ‘death spiral’ as AC grows

The energy pricing structure in Australia is creating a world of energy “haves” and “have-nots” where homes with large air conditioning systems and/or solar panels are subsidized by those with neither, leaders of two industry groups told us recently. 887 more words

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An energy ’death spiral’ could result in electricity prices skyrocketing as more consumers go ‘off-grid’

AN ENERGY “death spiral” could result in electricity prices skyrocketing further as some customers tear up large bills in favour of using their own solar and battery power. 261 more words

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Which meter do you trust?

Back in the good old days, before smart meters, before the privatisation of the Victorian Electrical system, there was the state government owned State Electricity Commission of Victoria.  452 more words

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Italy confirms AEM as primary supplier of smart gas meters

In Europe, AEM, a Romanian manufacturer of energy meters, has been selected as the primary supplier for smart gas meters in the Italian market.

AEM, which has already supplied Italy’s primary gas distributor 2i Rete Gas with more than 50,000 smart gas meters, has secured two further tender agreements with the company to provide an additional 100,000 units. 261 more words


The Future of Transportation:  Using Less of It

It seems that one could add the suffix “genic” to any noun form, to create an adjective meaning that a certain thing is made or caused by a particular source.   109 more words

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