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Apple wants to get inside your house before it's built

”In a darkened master bedroom, David Kaiserman stood in shirtsleeves next to a turned-down king bed. ‘Good morning, Siri,’ he said to the iPad in his hand, and the lights went on while the blackout shades retracted. 267 more words


Is the Internet of Things the Future of Care?

By Sinéad Nolan

Last week The Guardian ran an article on how the care we need may come from the Internet of Things. The article was interesting and while I didn’t necessarily agree on all points, it was food for thought. 443 more words

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UK: Drink Tea, for the Love of God!

Mark Rittman of Hove, East Sussex, spent 11 hours trying to make his morning cuppa with a Wi-Fi tea kettle, live-tweeting his ordeal because of course he would. 187 more words


The Smart Home Features That Are Really Taking Off

Remote-controlled window shades, voice-activated TVs, and door bells with high-quality video were once limited to sci-fi novels, Hollywood movies, and TV shows like “The Jetsons.” But the future has arrived, and more tech-savvy homeowners are installing smart home technology. 476 more words

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Connected Appliances: Your New Partner in the Home

A design discussion
Sponsored and Hosted by GE Appliances

From reordering detergent to preheating the oven by voice, connected appliances can serve as an extra hand in the home. 184 more words

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