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"Fujisawa" or PANASONIC's take on a green town

Japan is investing in a greener future, and electronics giant Panasonic is leading the way with its ‘smart town’, called Fujisawa.

The environmentally-friendly town was launched at the tail end of last year and, since then, the houses have been occupied with residents who are all keen to do their bit for the environment. 69 more words


does your home require special function rooms?

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) and its members have reported that they are increasingly being asked to include “special rooms” in new home designs: outdoor living areas, mudrooms, home offices, and au pair or in-law suites. 495 more words

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GeniCan automatically makes shopping lists based on what’s thrown away

Your garbage can is about to get much, much smarter.

When it comes to the connected home, there’s smart appliances, smart lighting, smart TVs and smart hubs. 349 more words

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Will Echo be a Game Changer for Homes?

Your home is about to get a whole lot smarter.

A new family member named “Alexa” may be arriving in  your home this year. She’s smart, informative and always there when you need her.

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What's A Water Filter Worth, Walter?

Technology Review:

The Cove Smart Water Filter
Water: It’s complicated! You may be very mistrustful of the content of your local water supply and therefore buy bottled; you may instead choose to have a water filter installed; or, if you’re like me you just drink from the tap. 759 more words


This Arduino-compatible board makes it easy to automate your home

This versatile, AVR-based board allows users to easily program their own home automation systems.

Though the number of smart home devices continue to rise, a number of consumers still remain a bit hesitant in shelling out the big bucks to automate their homes. 469 more words


The Top Five Trends in Smart Home Innovation

As smart home technology becomes more mainstream, we put together the top five trends to watch for smart homes in real estate.

  1. Smart homes will be the new normal.
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