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How can smart homes influence the property value?

There are so many reasons you will find how smart homes influence your property value. Basically, the benefits smart homes offer beg for high property value but in actual it is absolutely affordable as it gives a number of benefits and a great comfort to the homeowners. 7 more words

Smart Homes

An Adoption Issue: Smart Homes & Behaviour Change

The idea of the Internet of Things emerged in the late 90s: the first smart fridge was launched in June 2000, with many more devices developed since, and yet in March 2017 smart home devices have failed to reach mainstream consumer adoption. 611 more words

Amazon Echo tips and tricks: Getting a grip on Alexa

This is the coolest gadget for the home right now and Alexa is like Siri on steroids. Anyone who ones an Echo can tell you how much fun it can be and how surprisingly helpful it is to have around. 1,366 more words


5 Ways To Tech Out Your House

Everyone knows there’s been some cool tech in 2016, 2017. So, just how connected can our homes get.

First off, let’s start off with the lights. 769 more words

Whirlpool Rolls Out Wi-Fi Connected Refrigerator

BENTON HARBOR — OK, so it’s not a spy microwave. But Whirlpool Corp. has announced the introduction of a French door refrigerator from Jenn-Air featuring WiFi connectivity. 595 more words


Smart Homes in 2017

Recently we’ve been hearing a lot of things around the Internet of Things (IoT), smart things, and stuff like that. One of the most important ecosystems in the IoT realm is “Smart home”, which is a technology architecture for automatizing everything at our homes. 331 more words


موزع الكاميرات الأمنية في الرياض

فيهذهالمقالة سوف نبين لكم كيف يمكنكم الاستفادة من المعدات التقنية في المنازل الذكية مثلكاميراالمراقبة،نظامالإنذار الأمني ، نظام التحكم بالمنازل الذكية وخلافه . معأحدثالتقنياتالمتوفرةتحتتصرفكم بإمكانكم الآن عبر نظام الإنذار الأمني أو نظام حماية المنزل الحصول على عدة مزايا كما هو موضح أدناه :

Smart Homes