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How to Make Life at Home Easier and Safer for Your Senior Loved One

There are many seniors who plan to live long lives at home independently, but as they get older the more challenging it could be just to perform simple tasks like turning on the lights in various rooms or even answering the front door. 910 more words

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Instantaneous Hot Water Systems Benefits

Nowadays, the traditional storage hot water systems are replaced by the instantaneous or continuous flow hot water systems or sometimes referred to as a tankless hot water heater. 60 more words

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Let The Nest Take Control Of Your Rising Energy Bills

With the new Carbon Tax having already taken effect on January 1, 2017 and Kathleen Wynne’s ever rising hydro rates (Ontario is now #1 ahead of Hawaii in North America), Durham residents are starting to feel the pinch. 546 more words

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A Smart What? The Tech Predictions for 2017 Series: Internet of Things

Welcome to 2017 and the next installment in our series on tech predictions for the year. You may have heard about the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. 945 more words


The Internet of Things 101

by Taniya Arya

Think about a world where every device in your workspace, home, and car is connected. A world where the coffee starts brewing the moment the morning alarm goes off, lights automatically turn on when you enter the living room, grocery comes at your doorstep when your stocks are running low, and the door automatically gets locked when a stranger approaches the gate. 518 more words

Cool Tech on Cold Days: CES '17

Here in DC, we’re bundled up against some seriously arctic temperatures. But this chill is nothing compared to the level of COOL on exhibit at the… 436 more words


Self-driving cars in 2021 -CES2017 insight

According to Intel and Ford, self-driving cars will be in the markets in 2021. This is about 5 years earlier than expected a year ago by some market researchers.The development of autonomous cars with no steering wheels, brakes or driver is  faster than expected. 450 more words