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What If Smart Homes Were Designed For Seniors, Instead?

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So when Kevin Gaunt envisions the future of the smart home, he doesn’t think of it in terms of millennials, or their “picturesque Airbnb-style houses inhabited by attractive people who effortlessly interact with technology, dealing with all our chores and reading our deepest wishes before we are even aware of them.” Instead, he asks what the smart homes and conversational interfaces of the future can do for the elderly.

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Gaur Smart Homes Residential Venture

Gaur Smart Homes http://goo.gl/X1rmiw is a unique Residential Venture of Gaur Group. It is situated at the great place of Greater Noida West.

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Smart Homes Sell for More

According to recent polls, 71% of buyers are willing to pay more for homes that are turnkey ready with home automation solutions installed. 61% of Millennials would prefer a smart home. 58 more words

How Vulnerable Your Home Devices Can Be. Alarming!!!!

Awesome technology is easy to come by, the hard part is finding the new technology. These cool gadgets and inventions will leave you flabbergasted Enjoy this …

The IoT threat to privacy

As the Internet of Things becomes more widespread, consumers must demand better security and privacy protections that don’t leave them vulnerable to corporate surveillance and data breaches. 888 more words


Privacy and Disclosure of Baby Cams

Baby cams, or nanny cams, are often used in homes to help parents keep track of their children while they’re in another part of the home, away from the house or even keep an eye on pets while at work. 144 more words


Tech trends that will impact your home

Imagine walking through the bathroom door at 7am and the shower starts itself at optimal water heat and pressure. The thermostat adjusts when you enter the room. 1,339 more words