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The Electrical Rewiring Starts today!

It’s E-day – or electrical rewiring day.  Everything must go!

We now begin approximately 2 weeks of electrical rewiring work.

This involves:

A new consumer unit: 401 more words


Is electromagnetic hypersensitivity real? | The Feed, SBS

A growing number of people are suffering from health problems, and they lay the blame at mobile phones, smart meters and wifi; an allergy to electromagnetic fields. 9 more words

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Autumn's here but Flicksters are still using their heated pools!

Oooooooh, daylight saving, you cheeky little rascal, you!  The clocks have changed and we’ve officially bid farewell to the summer!  Shorter days has everyone asking, ‘Is it acceptable to go to bed at 19.30?!’  And yeah, sure, we’d rather it didn’t rain so much; but in energy circles it’s seen as a good thing… … 253 more words

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The people speak out: Fukushima Radiation, Big Pharma & Smart Meters HR2 | FLOW OF WISDOM

This is Hour two of April 12, 2015. Listeners call in from across the country to chime in on the topics. Listen to Flow of Wisdom Radio Live Sundays 3 – 5:00 PM EST on a radio station near you! 10 more words

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Tampering with Smart Meters on the Smart Grid

Catherine J. Frompovich
Activist Post

There have been a lot of theories about what could happen when Smart Meters (SMs) are tampered with and customers receive “false-reading, tampered-with” utility bills— 1,282 more words

Agenda 21

Consumer Organizations’ Grave Concerns on Smart Meters Ignored

by K.T. Weaver, SkyVision Solutions 


In June 2011, a resolution regarding smart meters was issued by the Transatlantic Consumer Dialogue (TACD).  The Transatlantic Consumer Dialogue (TACD) is a forum of US and EU… 982 more words

Smart Grid, Smart Meters, And RF Emissions

Fukushima Radiation is safe? Smart Meters & Big Pharma Exposed | FLOW OF WISDOM

Original air date April 12, 2015. This show covers media reports stating that the radiation from the Fukushima Nuclear plant is now on the shores of the Pacific hitting North America. 82 more words

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