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Smart Metering System: Energy-Saving Device

Smart meter is designed to estimate the energy consumption that’s applicable for all establishments including residential areas. These technologies integrate your energy management on a regular basis of consumption. 406 more words

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Will Americans pay attention to alternative media? Smart Meters, Privacy, Military | FLOW OF WISDOM

During this clip I go over some stories such as the SAMSUNG smart TV having the technology to spy on it’s customers, smart meters and more. 69 more words

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Old wiring, new smart meters

One of the reasons Alfreda Johnson thinks the smart meters in her neighborhood might be starting fires is the old wiring in many of the homes. 171 more words

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Stop Smartmeters NZ Updates: Meter replacement deadline of 1st April 2015 NOT true

April 1 “deadline” for electricity meter certification

It has been reported to http://www.stopsmartmeters.org.nz by many NZers that they have been told by representatives of their power company that there is a government deadline for electricity meter replacement by April 1 2015. 479 more words

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The Rise of the Technocrats and Can They Be Stopped


Many people question the wisdom of having a risky “smart grid” being imposed upon them and then ask, “Why?  Why would people in authority ignore the tremendous risks associated with this technology?”  To fully answer this question, it first helps to gain a better awareness of how the “smart grid” fits into the larger picture of a troublesome transformation that is occurring within our society.  2,529 more words

Smart Grid, Smart Meters, And RF Emissions

Court Affirms Decisions In DTE Meter Opt-Out Program

DETROIT (AP) – The Michigan appeals court has rejected challenges from people who don’t want a new digital meter from DTE Energy.

The court says state regulators did nothing illegal or unreasonable in approving an opt-out program. 97 more words


Former California Public Utilities Commission President Michael Peevey knew smart meters caused harm.....

In a 2010 email to PG&E, California Public Utilities Commission President Michael Peevey admits he knew smart meters caused harm and that he believed PG&E should do something about it, albeit “quietly”. 48 more words

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