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We Have a "Totally Vulnerable" Electric Grid Infrastructure

by K.T. Weaver, SkyVision Solutions 

Cybersecurity.  Critical, critical issue.  Totally unfunded.  Totally vulnerable grid infrastructure.  Somebody’s going to bring it down.  And then it will get funded… 619 more words

Smart Grid, Smart Meters, And RF Emissions

Could the TPPA make the smart meter situation in NZ worse?

This article is from the stopsmartmeters NZ website:

“The smart meter situation at present in NZ is not good.

Companies in the electricity industry are putting in smart meters as fast as they can.  98 more words


The politics of the kilowatts: smart & prepaid citizenship in the STUPIGS*

[These are the first paragraphs of a project I just submitted for appraisal…wish me good luck]

– How states and utilities co-regulate citizens’ behaviour in Ghana, Spain & Tanzania… 394 more words

My Own Research Process

The Space Blanket Brigade Has Spoken

While some concerns about city council actions are based on genuine concerns about privacy, I feel confident saying that “the city council is trying to murder us all with their radioactive surveillance death rays” is not among them. 594 more words

City Hall

'Smart meters' called a major threat to health, national security

‘Smart meters’ called a major threat to health, national security

| 12 March 2015 | Utilities around the country are installing millions of “smart meters,” devices which use wireless technology to send information back to the companies about power usage by their customers. 78 more words


PG&E Suggested “Prozac” for Those Injured by Smart Meters– SCE Schemed Higher Fees to Force Smart Meters on the Poor

Written by stopsmartmeters.org

New e-mails brought to light between Pacific Gas and Elec­tric (PG&E), South­ern Cal­i­for­nia Edi­son (SCE), and the Cal­i­for­nia Pub­lic Util­i­ties Com­mis­sion (CPUC) reveal the extent of cor­rup­tion and back­room deal­ing that have char­ac­ter­ized the state’s smart meter pro­gram. 2,593 more words