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ビーコンで屋内位置を測定するスマホ組み込みライブラリ [ #cloud ]



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Smart Zombies

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They walk with the light in thier hands

heads bent

eyes glazed

it must be there-

in their hand… 75 more words

Google's Pixel Can Handle Water Better Than Expected | ESIST

video via Harris Craycraft

One of the more important features to come out of smartphone development in the past few years has been waterproofing. The bane of toilet droppers and careless swimmers the world over, water-sensitive electronics have always gone awry, but potential owners of Google’s Pixel phone need not worry, as it survived a 30-minute test under water without issue. 318 more words

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住電情報、クラウド型ワークフローサービスでスマホ機能やAPI連携を強化 [ #cloud ]

住友電工情報システムは10月19日、クラウド型ワークフローサービス「楽々WorkflowII クラウドサービス」において、スマートフォン利用機能の強化や、API連携のオプション機能を追加したと発表した。楽々WorkflowII クラウドサービスは、電子承認、電子決済を実現するクラウドサービス。今回の機能強化・追加により、Android向けWebブラウザの「Chrome for Android」での利用に対応した。



Selfie sticks in Japan

Japanese love taking pictures and traveling, so the selfie stick fever was inevitable. Such is the massive use of selfie sticks in the touristic points of the country, that this lead to the prohibition of its use. 108 more words


LET'S GO: The Williamsburg App

When you want to explore the 18th century it helps to have a 21st century tool. The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation has introduced its newly updated… 160 more words


Get Your Refund for the Samsung Galaxy Note7

Samsung issued a voluntary recall on original and replacement Galaxy Note7 phones sold by wireless carriers and retailers in the United States….

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