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運送業界のUber目指す--CBcloud、運送会社と軽貨物ドライバーのマッチングサービス [ #cbajp ]

CBcloudは、運送会社とドライバーとのマッチングをスマートフォンから行えるサービス「軽 town クラウド運行管理」を2016年1月15日から開始すると発表した。サービス開始に先駆け、全国のフリードライバーを募集中だ。登録および利用料は無料。登録はウェブサイトから行える。2016年内に5000名の登録、運送会社1000社の導入を目指す。



室内の温度や湿度が分かるクラウド対応学習リモコン、ラトックから [ #cbajp ]



Smart Phone

室内の温度や湿度が分かるクラウド対応学習リモコン、ラトックから [ #cbajp ]



Smart Phone

Uber drivers needed, earn $600 bonus

Being and UBER  driver is fun

The fun thing about being an Uber driver using your own car (must be 2008 or newer model) is that you get to chat with all kinds of people. 91 more words


How to explain an iPhone using only the 1,000 most common English words

If you’ve ever tried to talk about tech or science with a five-year-old, 85-year-old, or speaker of another language, you’re familiar with this problem: It’s really hard to explain everyday one-word concepts like “wifi,” “GPS,” “Bluetooth,” “atoms,” “orbit,” and “energy.” This kind of conversation can become an endless semiotic exercise, in which words only have meanings insofar as their meanings have meanings. 319 more words

Little Guy

The garden at Randy and Junko’s house is apparently a magnet for stray cats. They have adopted four strays already, and more appear all the time. 513 more words


Gratitude365 Review

Hello lovelies,

A few days ago I found this great app that could be really helpful with the theme we have been running with over the last few days. 243 more words