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App-vancements: The Library's App Gets an Upgrade

As slaves to our phones, we all know there’s an app for pretty much everything. From the standard ones almost everyone has, like Facebook, Instagram, Shazam, Pandora, and Simpsons Trivia (what, just me?), to the weird ones that likely more people have than you’d think, like CuddleBids (helps you find people near you who are interested in a friendly snuggle), Carrr Matey (reminds you, in a pirate voice, where you parked your carrr), Fake an Excuse (plays sounds like a doorbell ringing or a baby crying during your phone calls to give you a reason to end a conversation with a pesky caller), iNap@Work (plays work-y sounds, like keyboard tapping and stapler clicking, to cover for you while you ignore your TPS reports and nap at your desk), and iFrenchKiss (allows you to practice your smooching and, as a bonus, contract phoneborne diseases), there’s something for nearly all interests, occasions, and services. 381 more words

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Technological Observations

I’ve been thinking lately about the effects of technology in my daily life and the lives of those closest to me.  How we as human beings now communicate and the devices on which we have become so dependent.  2,348 more words

Huawei Ascend Mate 7 Price in Nigeria

Huawei Ascend Mate 7 comes with a larger display and longer battery life than the Huawei P8 and Huawei Mate 8.

With high performance and efficiency… 266 more words

Huawei P8 Price in Nigeria

With a design classic built for the future, Huawei P8 brings you the future now. The Huawei P8 redefines the smartphone by effortlessly delivering top of the line performance at unparalleled speeds. 238 more words

Sony Xperia Z5 Premium Dual Price in Nigeria

The smart phone of tomorrow is here today with the world’s first dual SIM 4K smart phone from Sony Inc. Sony xperia Z5 Premium Dual comes after the release of  262 more words

Sony Xperia Z5 Price in Nigeria

With a revolutionary camera and innovative design, meet the smart phone that light up the night and leaves you with no fear when rain happens with its waterproof and dust tight design. 245 more words

Five Budget Smartphones For Tight Wallets

The phones that you see on commercials everyday are not the only quality devices on the market. Not to mention many of the companies you actually see on TV(Samsung, LG,etc.) offer cheaper options to their flagship devices. 1,304 more words