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The Nokia Mobile Purchasing Craze via Online Mobile Shopping Store

Most of the dealers are deadlocked on smart phones to escape more effectively to the police. In their pockets, we therefore find that basic phones without applications.  343 more words

Smart Phones

Witness The Difference of Mobile Phone Price in Dubai

Bingo for Apple in the UAE continued his breakthrough season. The iPhone has become the mobile phone suitable for the preferred Internet, chosen by more than half of Smartphone buyers.  316 more words

Smart Phones

Catering the Discern Cell Phone Prices in UAE

Wish to often treat up with diverse Samsung and Apple cell phones prices in UAE? Samsung was founded in a small town called Tegu in Korea 70 years ago.  286 more words

Smart Phones

Making the Website Responsive.


Having a responsive website means that you are a able to open the webpage on a smart phone, laptop or tv and still have the right dimensions so that it all fits on the page. 97 more words


Physical proximity vs. mental connect

Came across this image somewhere. Guess, from some video which has gone viral on social media. In fact the caption for this image was “How this video changed my perception..” 460 more words


Stealing Time

I think there are quasi-temporal parasites living inside every clock and timekeeping device. It’s the only explanation.

Everyone has the experience of how terrible it is to check the time. 493 more words

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