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who are the news robots ?

In 2016,17 especially since 2010 ,

I’m not sure if the coming robots are the real danger or the humans of 2016 are the new robots? 240 more words


Phones: Curse or Blessing?

by Ryley Scott

Personally I think phones are taking over the world. Phones are a big part of today’s life which is a good thing but it is also a bad thing. 439 more words

Practical (Technological) Magic

As our smart phones get smarter, and each new generation comes of age more accustomed to technology use, we begin to find ourselves increasingly connected for longer periods of time. 107 more words

Digital Heroin for Children

Research claims that children spend upto 5 hours a day glued to their smart phones, people’s attention spans are shrinking as a consequence of over exposure to technology and those aged under 18-years-of-age should use technology for no more than 2 hours a day. 424 more words



Android is free open source mobile operating system developed by Google.Inc based on the  Linux kernel based operating system. Android is the highly used operating system for the touch screen mobile devices such as Smartphones, phablets and tablets .The one thing that makes the android different from others is its touch gestures and actions  which are very close to the real world scenarios like pinch to zoom, tap to select, swipe to scroll and many more. 40 more words


Top 3 Mobile Phones

There’s no end to the slew of competitors out there when it comes to the smart phone market. And, when the holiday season rolls around.

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Smart Phones

When Phubbing is as Serious as Having Donald Trump as the President-elect, What Should We Do Now?

2 weeks ago, many of you who are social media experts may found the Instagram page of social media queen, Kendall Jenner, was gone. When everyone was so confused why her Instagram page was shown as an error page, Jenner explained why on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. 751 more words