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Don't get fooled by your carrier

Having control over your data seems like it should be simple process, but because of the amount of options available it can be tricky to know which service to use. 599 more words


Junk food for your psyche

If you are committed to living a healthy life, don’t overlook your cell phone habits. Beyond the direct effects on your health, which I have written about previously, there are also the effects on your psyche. 526 more words


Tales from the Orchard

The year was 2005.

I had never worked retail before. All I knew was theatre life and waiting tables. I mean, I loved to shop but I didn’t know how that translated to working in a retail store. 686 more words


Smart Phones: I hate to have a phone smarter than me

“I refuse to have a phone that is smarter than me” bellowed a cranky Tom.  However after considerable research, Tom found an early smart phone that was not smarter than him.  6 more words

News And Politics

WIT: Leveling the playing field for women in tech is vital for emerging industries


Leveling the playing field is just the first step. This article personifies what I’ve trying to get through to the leaders of our tech companies. 791 more words


Quick Tip - quickly toggle between two apps

I have recently discovered that a feature I have used for a long time is a relatively unknown to many Android users. It’s a small thing but helps users to navigate between windows more quickly. 38 more words