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Is there a future for news?

It’s estimated that around two billion people have smart phones around the world.

These devices have been used for years, for anything and everything including text messaging, phone calls, games, social media, organisation, and even… 357 more words


I like cooties on my face

I used to do it!! Most people that drive still do it! And maybe after reading this you will think twice next time you pull up to the pump. 431 more words


THIS Is What Your Kids Are Doing On Their Phone All Day

My son is on his phone ALL THE TIME. Every night I have to tell him to put it away at the dinner table. Last night he was looking at his phone and giggling like crazy so I asked “What are you laughing at?” He admitted that he told his friend he sent him “a picture you have to see!” but really sent him a spinning gif. 106 more words


How People Use #Smartphones to Access #Information

This report is based on a research study conducted with Nielsen and commissioned by Knight Foundation to explore how people use mobile platforms for news.



Digital Marketing – Niche for development of Small Business firms

Gone are the days when people had to investigate different resources for a problem. Today when everybody is engrossed with smart phones and tabs, finding answer to most of the questions has become a piece of cake. 533 more words

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