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Does Your Cellphone Matter? Part 2

So back in 2014 I wrote this post ask the question Does your cellphone matter? I want to revisit this idea. Lately I have been considering switching from an iPhone 6 to an Android Smart Phone. 382 more words


How do I remember that wine I liked last week so I can find it in the liquor store?

It is one of the most frequent conversations I hear while in wine and liquor stores…people talking (sometimes even just to themselves!) about a wine they just had, but they can’t remember the name, or even where it was from! 331 more words

4 Things To Know: Letterman Signs Off, Cuba Relations & More

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Here are the four stories you need to know about for Thursday, May 21. They include a powerful signoff from late night’s longest running host, and some shocking new statistics about smart phone use while driving. 315 more words


Millennials, Groups and Soul mates.

Last night I found out that I belong to the group of people called “The millennials” before they were known as”generation Y”, you know it must take a really funny group of people to come up with these names and definitions, it is like the whole smart phone thing, it is simply a small computer with the ability to dial a phone number, and it gets labeled as a “smart phone” it’s like the catholic church, if you are a priest that happen to behave the right way, you get to the title of “saint”. 315 more words


Humans Have Shorter Attention Span Than Goldfish, Thanks To Smartphones

We at The Dystopian Eagle aren’t quite sure how to categorizes this one, but it is certainly dystopian enough to fit our editorial criteria. A study sponsored by Microsoft shows that the average human attention span has fallen lower than that of the average goldfish. 83 more words


The Philosophy of the Un-Social

I maintain a private personal diary-blog in addition to this “public” blog, and today that private blog is now officially 3-years-old. Man, it seems like just yesterday that I started that thing. 369 more words


Facebook has over 1.39 billion monthly active users, 890 million daily users

Despite claims Facebook’s decline is imminent, the world’s most popular social network has revealed it now has 1.39 billion active monthly users – a 13 per cent increase over last year – and 1.19 billion mobile users – a 26 per cent increase over last year – in its fourth-quarter 2014 earnings report released on Wednesday. 271 more words

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