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Healthy movie snacks? Bring your own, here are some options

If you’re a regular movie goer like I am, chances are you have bought snacks at the theater to munch while you watch. My wife and I were big popcorn eaters before… 217 more words

Eating Out

Smart Shopping Skills and Practices

Being someone who tries to live within my means, and am trying to purchases needed items at the best possible price

I am not sure where this list originally came from, I have a copy of it in paper form and decided I would share it.   353 more words


What I Wore to FoodLand

I have basically worn a uniform my entire working life. Sometimes I don’t even know why I bother to buy clothes but I love good design and beautiful fabrics so I cannot resist. 84 more words


The Fashionable Student: Guide to Smart Shopping - Huffington Post 3/2/15

We often indulge in the idea that clothes shopping is the ultimate therapy, and back in the good old days when shopping was simply a case of picking out something nice and heading to the bank of mom and dad for a quick cash withdraw – this would probably be true. 712 more words


The Amount of Chicken Contaminated with Salmonella is Shocking! Here's How to Protect Your Family

According to NPR, new testing protocols by the USDA led to the discovery that nearly 25% of chicken parts and about half of all ground chicken bought in stores is contaminated with salmonella.  451 more words




Long time, no see!!! Hahaha I’m sorry for the lack of posts this past week but it has just been too cold. Every time we scheduled to blog it was about 5 degrees outside w/ wind. 228 more words

How To Shop Smarter Part 1: Buying What You Need

What does it mean to shop smarter? To some, it could be making fewer impulse purchases or buying more basics. To me, shopping smarter means being more discerning in my purchases. 364 more words