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Product review: Sans Sucre sugar-free mousse and brownies

Baking is not usually my thing, I find it a bit too scientific a process as compared to cooking which allows for more freedom to depart from recipes and become artistic. 492 more words


क्या मेरे जीवन का बस इतना सा ही वक़्त बचा है? मेरे सपने? मेरी दुनिया?

एक साधारण सा सवाल : आपकी उम्र कितनी है?
20 से 24, 25 से 29, 30 से 34, 35 से 39, 40 से 44, 45 से 50 या फिर उससे ज्यादा ?

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Coupons and Price Matching

Gone are the days where coupons had to be cut out and stuffed in your wallet. (Although it’s still an option) Shop smarter with tips from today’s post. 264 more words


Save Money with Your Student Status

Feeling the heat of costly textbooks, tuition, and all the other expenses that add to that hefty college price tag? Take advantage of these nearby and local student discounts at stores and eateries like Sweet Alley, American Eagle, and the SB Apple store to help cut down your student spending. 429 more words

The best produce to buy during Spring

1. Strawberries

You can get the most insane prices on strawberries during the Spring. Down here in Arizona at regular price strawberries can be 3.99 per pound during the rest of the year, but during the spring you can get strawberries as low as .77 a pound when they are on sale. 248 more words

Saving Money

Spring Anti Haul

Why keep doing Anti-Haul? I am trying not to spend unnecessary money on makeup and shop much smarter. There are so many products being released every week that it is hard to know what to get and how to spend your money in the wisest way. 1,471 more words

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On food waste

The subject of food waste is one that is really important for me to write about. I am absolutely shocked to see how much food each of us waste throughout the week, even if we sometimes don’t even realize it. 521 more words