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Be Beautifully, Radically Basic in Everlane

Before “basic” became the hot internet insult of the season, it was a word with a sort of positive glow. If you were getting… 439 more words


In The Bag...

I love the high street, but as you’ll see if you hit the shops anytime soon, A/W 16 is well and truly in full swing! I mean come on, its only mid-August and the weather has just finally started to get good!! 102 more words

Sales – tricks for smart shopping

Summer sales have begun. Although sales in practice don’t mean the same thing in every country, yet, the fact remains, it is possible to find a few pieces of clothes or a pair of shoes for a more reasonable price than usual. 14 more words

Top 5 Ingredients to Avoid

written by Carla Brien

Last month we had an excellent post about how to read a Nutrition Facts Label. When we get to the ingredients, however, it can be just as confusing. 757 more words


Tomatoes: The Store-bought Gamble

If you’re like me, you’re skeptical about any time someone says that homegrown or fresh is that much better than the convenience that a grocery store brings. 877 more words


Why my new way of eating means an all-or-nothing approach

I really tire of people telling me I can “cheat” on my low-salt, low-fat, low-sugar diet once in a while without any consequences. Doing that last year caused me to gain back 15 pounds I’d lost over the past three years. 201 more words


Eating less doesn't always mean doing more for yourself

Dieting is not primarily what this site is about. But in the course of eating less fat, salt and sugar, it seems you inevitably will eat less and lose weight. 249 more words