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Don't get addicted to EMIs

It’s a three-letter word that can wreak havoc on your finances: EMI, or equated monthly instalments is a dangerous fad, second only to the 3″x2″ piece of plastic in your wallet. 362 more words


Cheap tippers?

are they cheap in everything? Probably…

Although I have friends who are sometimes overly generous when it comes to tipping, I’ve noticed the ones who ever leave enough are cheap about other things..emotions, their time, their commitments and are often hoarders and procrastinators… What do you think?

Smart Spending

Summer Fitness Savings

It’s almost summer time, and that means that it’s also the time when people start getting fit.  Whether you’re trying to keep up your beach body, just get back into the swing of staying healthy; classes, active wear, and equipment can get add up quickly.  241 more words

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The Uniform...

There was an story recently about a woman executive who decided wearing a “uniform” every day

(http://www.adweek.com/news/advertising-branding/how-one-art-director-became-overnight-sensation-wearing-same-outfit-every-day-164011) was a lot easier all around.  Of course I then realized I’ve essentially done the same thing myself for years… and the truth is, had I don’t it sooner, wow, the stress and money I could have saved! 29 more words

Smart Spending

Ebay Tips and Tricks

I started on Ebay as a buyer… and sometimes I made mistakes or got something that didn’t seem up to par but just figured, this is Ebay, and let the Buyer beware… And then I started selling and boy did I find out that is so not true… Ebay  tips the scales for the buyer ALL The time and the morale of the story is if you don’t like something, and complain to the seller, they often have no choice but to provide a credit, refund or return… even if they say NO returns… 245 more words

Smart Spending

Five Ways to Save on Vacation

We all know that feeling of being totally broke after spending big on a summer vacation. Most people splurge while on summer vacations but you don’t have to spend big to enjoy the fun of an all-out summer escape. 282 more words

Smart Spending

8 Reasons why Bargain Hunting is Great

If you don’t already love it, I’m about to tell you why bargain hunting for clothes is the best. If you do already love it, get ready to smile and nod in agreement. 735 more words