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Smartie of the Month - Liana Macklin

Congratulations to Liana Macklin for winning the Smartie of the Month Award with Smart Teachers. Liana’s school nominated her for the award and commented: “Liana has been working at our school since January and is incredibly hard working.  76 more words


The atmosphere has gone to syrup here on the third school day with no air conditioning. A monstrous refrigeration unit, hidden from view, set back from the edge of the roof, painted incognito gray, started smoking and leaking and then died. 57 more words



Yellow plastic chairs and ratty floor pillows dot the room and give the students welcome. The bookcases made long ago by an amateur carpenter with too many wood screws claim the corner and make it secret, a nook, a corner for a stealthy kiss. 101 more words



It’s enormous. I curled into a windowsill of a busy bookstore yesterday to confront it: the enormous school year ahead. Taken together, the 180 hollow boxes, numbered and dated, made me gasp, gasp so loudly that the other patrons huffed at me to be quiet, as if I was a threat to their quiet and blatant magazine stealing. 128 more words

Smart Teacher


Five adults, teachers or half-teachers, lean into laptop screens and furrow. An enormous task presses them down and forward, as if the weight of the combined expectations of a hundred English teachers were a real thing, like sand, like water, like paper reams. 179 more words



The tiny shippings of craft paper drift across the table in the currents of the passinge students. They mill and circulate. The scissors are sheathed in tin planters along the back wall, colored pencils, banded in clutches of 20, are log-stacked in the front, and the paper is on the table, which has become the cutting station. 119 more words



The students are well-dressed on Thursday, all of them in ties or skirts or both, wedding clothes, cumbersome and novel. The boys’ shoes are all too tight; these are clothes for last summer’s family festivities, and every one of these guys is inches taller now.   129 more words

Smart Teacher