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Top 10 Internet Routers with Wide Signal Range

The absence of internet connectivity at your home or workplace is like making a meal without the ingredients, which is an outright impossibility. The current times mandate that our homes and offices should be connected to the web in order for us to achieve simple things in life, such as sending an important message to a recipient of our concern. 1,965 more words


5 Must-Bring Gadgets for More Convenient Camping

Warm rays of sunlight spills in to your sleeping face. It coaxes your eyes open, waking you up naturally without an alarm clock. You sit up in your warm sleeping bag in a cozy tent in the middle of a thick pine forest, reach out to grab your iPhone to check the time and… It’s dead. 451 more words


FPV Drone Racing Tips You Need To Know

If you like flying a drone, you’ll love doing it with an FPV Goggles on. Believe us, this is not an exaggeration. The FPV is also used by the pro UAV cinematographers for taking stunning shots. 736 more words


So… You are really sick and you can’t get into work!

You probably know what it is like when you are too sick to go to your classroom but you have to get a lesson plan into your supply teacher.  125 more words

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What are the Key Features to Look for in Help Desk Software?

What is help desk software? The quick answer is that it helps companies address customer concerns faster and more efficiently by managing tickets of calls and categorising them depending on purpose and function. 421 more words


The Collaboration Factor Episode 4: Nureva and the Creative Collaboration Approach, an Interview with Nancy Knowlton

On this fourth episode, host Corey Moss is joined by Nancy Knowlton, President and CEO at Nureva.

Imagine where creative collaboration could take you… 452 more words

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The SMART Learning Suite Online

SMART has responded to teachers’ requests to get Notebook online, and so this week I have been experimenting with suite.smarttech.com.  This site allows you to create quizzes and Lab activities and/or upload Notebook files from your computer, and share them all with students on internet-enabled devices such as iPads or Chromebooks. 355 more words

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