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The Pros and Cons of Budget Technology

Today, it seems like it’s impossible to get through the day without the help of technology. As we’ve become busier and more overloaded with information, the need for technological short cuts and tools has gone through the roof. 670 more words


Lighting terminologies a landscape lighting designer must know

Landscape lighting is more than just illuminated outdoors. It is the art and science combined to achieve effective results. A good landscape lighting designer must have a sound understanding of the fundamentals of design, a lighting plan and an objective in mind. 895 more words


Here’s Why Kent Urges You to Breathe Fresh Air with Hepa Technology

According to a report revealed by Centre for Community Medicine, AIIMS, nearly 2 million premature deaths occur in India due to indoor air pollution every year. 753 more words


Another Fun Widget

A little while ago, I wrote about the Widgets on the SMART Exchange. Here is one that can be downloaded and there is a video that demonstrates creative uses. 114 more words

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Widgets for your Notebook Files on the SMART Exchange

Have you checked out the Widgets on the SMART Exchange site?

Go to exchange.smarttech.com (Note:  A shortcut can be found in Notebook.)   Scroll down the column at the left on the search page.  135 more words

21st Century Learning

4 Important Things a Professional Call Center Consultant Can Do for You

These days, many businesses see the appeal of hiring third-party service providers like call centers. With their competent workers and comprehensive facilities, such firms can help enterprises optimize their business processes at a lower cost. 589 more words


Thinking of Buying a Panel PC? Things You Should Know

When it comes to the world of computers, one can easily get confused about the best product to buy. This is attributed to the fact that… 578 more words