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How to make a Smart Campus - Smart Campus Programme in IIT Delhi

Abstract: This is a technical report on how a plan can be made for developing a smart campus by taking inputs from multiple stake-holders, and then prioritizing the suggestions. 104 more words

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The Internet of Things and its Future Potential

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the system of physical articles or “things” installed with hardware, programming, sensors, and system availability, which empowers these items to gather and trade information. 1,300 more words


Foodpanda Vs Zomato – Who Will Win this Rat Race?

On paper, Zomato is miles ahead of others in the food space. Period! However, the new online food delivery company, Foodpanda has acquired some ultra huge funding and is on a rapacious and marketing binge. 562 more words

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Top 3 Technology Trends in Enterprise Software

Enterprise software is another terms for EAS – Enterprise Application Software. Essentially, it is computer software designed to serve a specific purpose diligently and effectively. It is directly aimed at empowering individuals in order to forge dynamic, optimized and smarter solutions for the betterment of the organization as a whole. 524 more words

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Microsoft Surface Book - Can it be an Invincible Challenger?

Microsoft’s Surface Book is a magnum opus in every sense. No wonder Microsoft is one of the most widely recognized brand symbols across the face of the earth. 593 more words

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Activity Card of the Month – October 2015

Card #17 – ABBABB Patterning

Children find reading easier if they understand patterns. Learn how you can make them on your SMART Board. I love the activity on this card of the month because I can make it in about one minute and I can create it for special occasions by giving it a spring, Christmas, Hanukah, Hallowe’en etc. 12 more words

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The How, What & Why of IoT [Internet of Things]

Invaluable Premise:

If there’s one thing that is driving the world forward at godspeed, that is the Internet of Things, a colloquial term for everything digital in this world. 547 more words

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