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Just keep on going. 

You have to keep going. No matter how hard it gets. We all want to quit and take the easy way out but that way is not the worthy way to go. 66 more words

Work Hard And Smart, Not Just Hard

I have been working really hard recently.  Between my regular job, the gym and my side-business, I have been putting in 70-80 hour weeks.

Last week I was speaking to a potential client that retired after owning a pizzeria for over 30 years.   427 more words

Peremuan 7 HTML.

Ya udah pertemuan 7 aja. Keadaan sebelum UTS semakin memburuk. Menyedihkan gaboong. Yaudah langsung aja ya.  Jadi, kata internet HTML itu merupakan bahasa paling sederhana di internet. 455 more words

Kuliah Penkom

Working Hard vs. Working Smart

We all know that person, and maybe you are that person – someone that shows up to work an hour before everyone else, and makes sure they are the last one to leave each day. 480 more words

GRANNY SMITH: Rugi enggak main game lucu satu ini. Nenek hebat melawan penjahat!

Kebayang enggak sih oleh kamu ada seorang nenek yang mampu mengejar penjahat? Mungkin aja sih, tapi kecil kemungkinannya. Penjahat kan jelas-jelas punya stamina lebih kuat dari pada seorang nenek. 297 more words