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Smartphone Thefts Drop as Kill Switch Law Goes Into Effect in California

A new law goes into effect on Wednesday that requires smartphones sold in California to have a “kill switch” to prevent theft.

But it’s already having an impact, with the inclusion of such protections on newer devices leading to a drop in smartphone theft. 303 more words


Police warn against tracking stolen smartphones, here's what you should do instead

WATCH ABOVE: All Jeremy Cook wanted was to find his lost cell phone. But when the 18-year-old London, Ont. teen tracked it down, it ended with him losing his life. 659 more words


Apple's Kill Switch Cures Epidemic Of Smartphone Thefts Plaguing San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) — Over the last few years, there has been an epidemic of cellphone robberies in San Francisco. Thieves violently attacked people for their smartphones – often in broad daylight. 251 more words


3 Fast ways to Make sure your smart phones, tablets and e-readers survive to 2015

The festive period is a fatal time for smartphones and tablets – gadget insurer Protect Your Bubble sees a 300% spike in claims on New Year’s Day. 228 more words


FCC Releases Massive Study On Mobile Phone Theft, Asks Wireless Companies To Start Making Changes

Smartphones are amazingly convenient: tiny little hand-sized computers that make it easy to organize our lives on the go. They’re also amazingly good targets for theft: tiny, portable, expensive, and full of personal information. 448 more words

Qualcomm Says Its Chips Can Power a More Secure Smartphone Kill Switch

Qualcomm says using its Snapdragon processors can help in the effort to ensure that cellphones can be rendered useless when stolen.

While there has been a big push for so-called “kill switches,” the chipmaker says that adding a hardware component to a kill switch has big advantages over a software-only approach. 166 more words


Apkudo Announces Device Testing for Kill Switch Compliance

Industry first to ensure the feature is properly implemented on devices to comply with new legislation

September 2, 2014 – Baltimore, MD – Apkudo, the device experience assurance company, today announced the launch of ‘Confirmed Kill’ testing to verify and validate smartphone kill switch implementations. 255 more words

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