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Smartphone Experiment - Week 1

A week into my smartphone experiment and it is once again time to report about how it is going. Enough days have now passed for me to realise that it really is hard for me to follow my new regime entirely. 273 more words

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Xiaomi Mi A1

Today I am going to review the new Mi A1 from Xiaomi.

Let’s start!


First, we will look at its design. Mi A1 has an ultra-thin 7.3mm full metal body with smooth rounded edges. 750 more words


A laser beam could charge any gadget like smartphone, tablet etc. Here is some information about this.

Engineers at the University of Washington have for the first time developed a method to safely charge a smartphone wirelessly using a laser. Invisible beam from a laser emitter can deliver charge to a smartphone sitting across a room and can potentially charge a smartphone as quickly as a standard USB cable. 498 more words

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Nature Apps - Introduction

Smartphones and nature – Two things that seem to be complete opposites, but are becoming more and more intertwined as the benefits of technology in conservation become more realized. 537 more words

Samsung Galaxy S9 - Here’s what to expect!

It is quite possible to learn machine learning subjects in less than 6 month’s time and this article would guide you through the resources available to get there. 27 more words

#9 Android-App-Liste zur Medienproduktion mit Smartphones

English preface to this post: Post #9 was supposed to be the 2nd part of the article about native camera apps but something came up so I’m squeezing another one in before delivering the sequel to #8. 429 more words


Sony Xperia XZ1 review: A decent phone at an affordable price

Sony has fallen behind the pack in recent years in the smartphone market. The brand tried to reposition itself with a revamp of its Xperia line in 2016, and while those phones were lauded for their design and fast performance, many reviewers criticized the phones for, most notably, their sub-standard cameras – especially when taking photos in low-light. 528 more words

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