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My Smartphone Might Be Smarter Than Me

Apparently there’s a movement afoot to try to convince Apple to dumb down its iPhones, or at least make them less addictive, but how they would do that baffles me. 620 more words


Leagoo T5 4G Phablet 5.5 inch FHD Smartphone

Different smartphones devices with great characteristics can get quite pricy and not in the desired price range for many. There are affordable mobile devices, and we have reviewed one of them, the Leagoo T5 4G Phablet 5.5 inch FHD Smartphone. 418 more words


LETV X650 Phablet International Version 5.5-inch Smartphone

Larger sized mobile device with a little and thin frame are becoming popular and are wanted by many. There are various on the market, but not all are affordable or of great quality. 428 more words


More About The Huawei Honor 7X

Well, it’s not a phone for VR. No gyroscope. That’s a sad thing.

And there’s no NFC. So even if there was a gyroscope, there’d still be no Google Daydream VR possible. 81 more words


Another Monday, Another Government Shutdown...

By: Gerald Royster

Another Monday, Another government shutdown has come…

Once again we see that the two party system is not working in this country. This current historical shutdown is brought to you by a government that is controlled by one party through the Presidency, House of Reps, and Senate, which in itself looking at it at face value seems almost daunting to say the least. 1,115 more words

WSJ: Google wanted to find out why so many phones were jammed. The answer involved flowers and sunsets.

“Google researchers in Silicon Valley were trying to figure out why so many smartphones were freezing up half a world away. One in three smartphone users in India run out of space on their phones daily.” – Wall Street Journal 


Allegiance to the Dumbphone

Recently the Detroit News ran a column titled, “Life’s good with a ‘dumb’ phone”, with the writer extolling the virtues of holding onto a phone with only phone calls and texting as functions.  569 more words