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Mophie Juice Pack for Pixel XL Review

Battery cases are something that you may not think you need for your phone but once you do get one, you’ll start thinking to yourself, “how did I live without this?” 829 more words


Don't Swipe Away The Apps In iPhones/Smartphones!

Force killing the apps is one habit that we all have, be it a geek or a noob. It’s really easy for us to just swipe away the apps thinking that it would boost our phone’s speed. 287 more words

Leagoo M8 5.7'' Best Budget Phablet

Every time the new flagman smartphone comes out, the whole world is excited. But not everybody needs an expensive iPhone or Samsung Galaxy. For example, when choosing a smartphone for their kids or teenagers, parents often go for cheaper options. 316 more words


Samsung Note 8 – Release Date

Apparently, Samsung is gradually regaining reputation for its Note line-up. Recently, the company launched the refurbished version of Note 7. Now, it’s already a turn of the number 8. 161 more words


Razer Gaming Phone Soon!!!

Razer is reportedly interested in making gaming phones. This company is already known for making gaming accessories for the PC. Gamers all over the world would be very happy to have this kind of phone. 10 more words


The elusive good deed

Just like love, the more you seek it, the harder to find. But when you are not looking, it finds you.

Or is it because people are less likely to extend a hand these days? 168 more words