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time for a nightcap

Nope, not that of alcoholic consumption, rather, the “wrapping up” of this page of silliness as determined by the so-called “smarty-pants” of sophistication in the realm of education (and you thought, oh, never mind). 6 more words

Brendan Connell--The Metanatural Adventures of Dr. Black (2014)

SOUNDTRACK: KODAGAIN-“King of Curls” (2014).

When I looked for a picture of this book cover, I was connected to Connell’s blog which has links to many songs by Kodagain. 2,624 more words

Funny (ha Ha)

Randall Munroe--What If? : Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions (2014)

SOUNDTRACK: SON LITTLE-“The River” (2014).

I don’t like the blues.  I find it dull and repetitive.  I also don’t really like singers who are described as “soulful.”  And yet here is Son Little with a soulful blues stomper that I really like a lot.  1,228 more words

Funny (ha Ha)

Randall Munroe--xkcd: volume 0 (2009)


Chastity Belt’s debut full length returns to the lineup of the first EP: Julia Shapiro (guitar, vocals), Lydia Lund (guitar), Annie Truscott (bass), and Gretchen Grimm (drums).  1,110 more words

Funny (ha Ha)

Fred: He's Not Your Ordinary Mailman.

We were presented with the book Fred Factor by Mark Sanborn (with a foreword by John C. Maxwell) and a vague, short set of directions. 533 more words

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