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Toddlers and the Olympics

We have stayed up past bedtime way too many times this past week-thanks to The Olympics! (Hey, only once every couple of years, right?)

My kids are mesmerized by the synchronized diving, infatuated with the gymnastics and have thoroughly enjoyed cheering on all the teams. 278 more words


I'm busy learning coding (Javascript)



What a great way to make girls swoon.


WV: Dyer Straights

My boyfriend’s family is from West Virginia. Every year they have a reunion and it’s a “come as you are” sort of event where if you walk away hungry, it ain’t no one’s fault but yours! 2,058 more words

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KG MacGregor - Trial by Fury

When a coed is viciously assaulted on the campus of Harwood University, performance studies professor Celia Perone learns a brutal truth- star athletes can get away with whatever they want. 826 more words

Femme 4 Femme

Study Finds That Positive Tweets Have More Impact Than Negative Ones

Doesn’t it seem like every time we hop on social media, we end up riding a tidal wave of negativity? You always seem to find people arguing politics, complaining about sandwiches, and railing against every perceived slight the world has lobbed at them. 387 more words


What About Bob Part II

I thought about that article and Bob all morning. There were so many elements that bothered me. The one thing that stood out immediately was the words on the sign. 1,399 more words

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What About Bob

Transparency is a word that gets thrown around in the Government like a baby blanket casually placed in a bassinette. It’s supposed to make the American public feel all warm and fuzzy. 1,031 more words

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