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A Marine, a Horse and Justice

A celebrity that I follow tweeted a year or so ago about calling our Congressmen about Horses. It wasn’t worded that way but when I read it, I thought to myself “Are we petitioning about horseback rides?” I didn’t know what she was referring to. 594 more words

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Bring you Pet Indoors

Now as you all know humans just do not communicate like we do (pause for a funny image of humans sniffing each others bums) and by the way I sniff you to identify you and normally the crotch cause I cannot reach anywhere else! 231 more words


A lil nutty about a Squirrel

I’m a little irritated at the NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife right now. I just checked my e-mail. I got one from Care2, which is a site where people can sign online petitions. 634 more words

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A Spectacle for a Skeptical

We all have special gifts. I’ve run from mine pretty much my entire life. It’s been with me ever since I can remember. Sometimes I just know things. 1,666 more words

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I'll Take Meeting Awkwardness for $100 Alex!

My phone rang at work one afternoon ages ago. I heard a very frustrated voice on the other end of the line. I knew that he was pretty much at his breaking point when I heard him sigh heavily after I asked him how I could help. 599 more words

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Streetwise and Fancy Free

I don’t drive in D.C., not on purpose anyway. I ended up there once completely by accident. I missed my exit because like an idiot, I used my turn signal. 639 more words

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Let's Celebrate Words and Pictures!

I received an email today that I did not understand. It was confusing but it reminded me of one of the best movies that I have seen in a long time. 484 more words

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