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Clear view of pros and cons of robotics.

There are a lot of advantages and equally there are a lot of disadvantages in the robotics. First let’s have a look at the merits/advantages/pros of robotics. 1,330 more words


Smarty Framework: file_exists api usage

$smarty.server.DOCUMENT_ROOT gives the root directory path.

{assign var=”deviceFileFullPath” value=”file://{$smarty.server.DOCUMENT_ROOT}/js/{$deviceName}.js”}

{if $deviceFileFullPath|file_exists}



Chamma chamma छम्मा छम्मा बाजे रे मेरी lyrics and video

https://youtu.be/jKhj1Ra3K3U https://youtu.be/jKhj1Ra3K3U

छम छम…
छम छम…
हाय पैजनिया
देखा देखि दिल मेरा जुड़ गया रे
लेके परदेसी दिल उड गया रे
आँखों से Connection जुड़ गया रे 472 more words