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Smash and Scrap!

I’m having a bit of a meh week.  An X-ray on my shoulder showing a bit of trouble and I am having an MRI, then taking my little girl to the vet today and finding she has a growth in her tummy.   390 more words

SMASH Journal- small cutesy

These are pics from one of my Smash journals. I talk about frequently. This style is cutesy but it is smaller than the standard books. I haven’t finished it yet. 45 more words

Background Information

My scrapbook

NOTE: (long post and picture heavy)!

I would definitely say I’m a creative person; I’m not the best drawer but I love doing little doodles and hand lettering work, I also love doing little arts and crafts projects and the project I’m currently doing is my scrapbook. 810 more words


Memories to be Shared

Quotes that I printed off of Facebook…meaningful song lyrics…predictions for the future from fortune cookies…These are a few of the types of things I have adhered to the pages of my “smash book”. 960 more words

Completed Smash Book!

Hi! If you’ve visited my blog before you’ll know I have been adding to my Smash Book for a while now…

Well, I have finally filled it! 201 more words

Sleeping at the airport tonight + doing some watercoloring

Staying at the airport for the night isn’t so bad. We won’t be getting our rental car until tomorrow morning so I think the airport is pretty safe for us to rest. 125 more words

JAMS Adventures

Smash Book / Travel Journal

I was watching some travel videos on YouTube and one of the recommended videos caught my eye – it was someone’s Smash Book. I thought that it was an amazing concept and I wanted to share it with you in case you didn’t know! 258 more words