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Ryu From 'Street Fighter' Could Very Well Be Entering The 'Super Smash Bros.' Fray

Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. series has featured a lot of characters from many different kinds of games, but very few from actual fighting games. That’s partly because Nintendo doesn’t really make fighting games (aside from… 226 more words


First Impressions for Mewtwo in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS & Wii U

It’s been six months since Mewtwo was announced as a downloadable character for Smash 4, but it’s felt more like a lifetime. With the vague arrival date of “Spring 2015″ and not a single image beyond a basic character model, information was scarce, and it left Mewtwo fans such as myself starving. 1,401 more words


The Age of "Press A to Win"

Cheat codes have always been a thing in gaming. Certain personalities are more prone to cheating than others but for as many cheaters there are in any game, there is usually more of a “straight edge” playerbase. 510 more words

The Escape

There's a Rumour...: Roy and Ryu in Smash Bros?

So almost as soon as the Smash Bros DLC arrived, somebody datamined the game and supposedly found a few music files included that were a little odd to say the least. 289 more words

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Mewtwo is out!!

As you all may know, Mewtwo was announced as a DLC a little while back and it was very exciting. The Smash universe was waiting to see what he would be like. 180 more words

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Good Games Podcast: Episode 46 - Multiplayer

This week, Frank and Alex welcome back Jack and Vilhemina from Geek Mythology Crafts! They talk about new Final Fantasy fighting games, upcoming movie adaptations, Nintendo asking the Internet for suggestions, all the big news on the upcoming Guitar Hero game, and so much more! 135 more words


The Mewtwo 10-Man Smash Glitch Is Causing Problems Online In Super Smash Bros

It looks as though Mewtwo is causing some problems for Super Smash Bros players who wish to play online on Wii U. The problem arises when you clear the 10-Man Smash with all… 73 more words