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An Ambiguity in Photos - A Series on the Battlefield (A Picture as Text)

If you don’t know already, I’m a big Super Smash Bros. Competitive fan. Very into the games and love watching the live broadcasts of tournaments. In fact, I myself host a Smash Bros. 98 more words


EVO 2013 Controversy - An Unknown Opinion

An article by Jenna Pitcher on Polygon Nintendo wanted to shut down Super Smash Bros. Melee Evo event, not just stream springs up the issue of the view of Esports and support by the game’s developers. 315 more words


My hopes for the September 13th Nintendo Direct

Today is the first full scale, generalized Nintendo Direct since April 2017. Naturally, many people are ecstatic that we are about to recieve 45 minutes of game info. 695 more words

An Ambiguity in Photos - A Fellow Smash Player (Crop box and glow!)

ere’s a little project of mine. I’m still experimenting with Photoshop, so bare with the weirdness of these posts. :3

This photo is of my good friend, Zeyvon “Supaboi” Sandiford, a fellow OCS student and Smash Bros. 156 more words


An Unknown Smash Player

Beginning the blog of competitive Smash 4 player of Toronto, Martin “UnknownMartin” Padilla. I’m currently a high school student who’s into the video game, Super Smash Bros. 221 more words


Nudgy Controls Part III: How the Last Guardian Turned Gameplay into Story

-by Nathan Randall, Featured Author.


In the first two parts of Nudgy Controls, I defined an important way that a game’s controls can preserve narrative consistency in a game: through “nudges.” A nudge is an instance of player input X, which usually yields output Y, instead yielding output Z, where Y would potentially undermine narrative consistency and Z maintains narrative consistency. 6,799 more words

Icons: Combat Arena and the Social Establishment of Character Archetypes

The desire to create competitive games in the vein of Smash Bros. often comes with the intent to court the existing player base for Smash Bros. 956 more words

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