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The Amiibo Retro Three Pack

I remember the olden days of Amiibo collecting, when they hadn’t yet proved themselves in the market. Those who loved these little things had to cope with the fear that more obscure Nintendo characters wouldn’t get their time in the spotlight. 31 more words

Super Smash Bros Patch Reveals Opening For 3 Characters And 4 Stage Slots

The 1.1.1 Smash update has 3 empty character slots and 4 (2 Ω, 2 norm) stage slots, an increase of one each. Neat. pic.twitter.com/TughfS7fbq

— Shiny Quagsire (@ShinyQuagsire) …

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Smash Bros Update 1.1.1 Released - Most Useless Rebalancing Yet

Kids clamoring for Shovel Knight all around the world had to eat their own words, as no matter how much they guaranteed that Shovel Knight was going to become available in this update without any sort of official source, … 617 more words


Wayforward Asking Fans To Vote For Shantae In The Smash Ballot

Wayforward has started asking fans if they would vote for Shantae to get her included in Super Smash Bros on the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. 308 more words


Mii amiibos Available To Import For As Low As $14

Now that Europe and Japan have the Mii’s available to purchase in they’re respective countries, now’s the perfect time to buy some of the Mii amiibos if your in North America. 60 more words

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Game controllers have too many $#@% buttons.

In a post LOTR-blog haze, I have been searching for topics to opine about that are interesting to me. This has led to many dead ends, at it wasn’t until while back at game night that the topic hit me in a real-world situation. 572 more words