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Smashing Gnomes

Gnomes anyone?
They seem to be everywhere
especially in Germany,
while I am in Denmark,
smashing, into little tiny pieces
my unpleasant side, showing
the nasty in me… 53 more words


On Buying a Car

Do you have a car? Of course you do. Is it a new car? New cars are amazing. They have more tech in them than my house, and my house is like a technology superstore. 837 more words

Life Experience

How to deploy a smashing dashboard to AWS Elastic Beanstalk with Docker

So, in the previous post we created a fancy dashboard using the smashing framework. Let’s see how we can deploy our dashboard to AWS Elastic Beanstalk using Docker. 781 more words

How To

How to build a smashing dashboard

An information dashboard is a way to visualize and share information within a team about things that are important. You can setup a big monitor showing live updates about build statuses, open jira issues, a sprint burndown graph, the health of your applications on production, and so on. 762 more words

How To

Loopy Tired

I have reached the point of tiredness where everything is hilarious. I’m awesome. My self esteem is so high when I’m this tired, it’s great. Hope keeps telling me to go to sleep but I’m not going to because I’m FABULOUS. 30 more words

Websites for Kids

image: pexels.com

After all my research on websites for businesses and portfolios, I didn’t think about kids as an audience. I thought about what designs are trending for children, and how do designers know what to add? 268 more words