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His Devilish Smile

Misha and Aaron will be free. Once they stop denying their feelings for each other. Aaron has decided enough is enough and with that, he plans to make sure she knows full well that he intends to be the one to give her what she needs. 32 more words

Covers We've Made

Robin Williams 1951 - 2014

A young man goes to see his doctor. He is overcome by a terrible sadness and doesn’t think anything will make him feel better. The doctor says “Why not do something happy, like going to see Grimaldi the clown?”. 40 more words


When the Spirit Moves

Below is a story I wrote a long time ago – more than thirty years ago! – and I was reminded of it by some trains of thought that have been accelerating and barely keeping on the rails the past few weeks. 2,558 more words


Two Peas in A Pod, A Regency Romance


Two Peas in a Pod has now passed the exclusivity to Amazon test and is available in wider release, electronically (digitally) for other readers now. 317 more words


A Small Post on Reviews...

It seems there are three camps, that I’ve discovered so far, for gaining reviews. There’s also this quasi-group off to the side that we’re all sort of a part of. 1,012 more words

The Clay Remembers

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Anna Robinson, a young archaeologist, fleeing her abusive husband, is seeking safety in Tucson, where a job awaits. 59 more words


Best 6 months of my life...

Six months ago, I did something extremely scary: I published my first book.

I remember filling out the information area on Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing website, typing in the synopsis, title, price, and all the pertinent info, obsessing over every detail, beads of sweat dripping down my face. 441 more words