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Cover Reveal: Scars Of Shadow (1)

The preorder page is a go! My new dark fantasy serial, Scars Of Shadow, is about to launch. 145 more words



By Wayne T. Dowdy

Prisoners do not have a choice about which prison authorities place them in, nor can they control who moves in a cell or dormitory where they live.  1,706 more words

Writing Life From Inside Prisons

Get a copy of "Twenty-Four Hours of Freedom" for a Review!

I am giving away 100 free copies of “Twenty-Four Hours of Freedom” in exchange for an honest review about the story on Goodreads and at eBook retailers.  95 more words


Step Three: Decide on a Price

EBooks are a relatively new phenomenon and pricing can be notoriously difficult. Browsing the shelves of Amazon or Smashwords reveals alarming variability, from bestselling self-published authors listing at 99c/99p to eye watering figures of £9.99 and upwards. 1,033 more words


Smashwords Adds New Distribution Channel

Regular readers of this blog will know that one of the reasons I chose to distribute Bedsit Three via Smashwords is the access it gives to… 208 more words


Upcoming Release

In preparation for the sequel to Final Collection due out mid-March, new pricing is set at Smashwords. Price adjustments will take effect at itunes and Barnes&Noble shortly but please enjoy samples and purchase the full copy before the release of Phoenix Falls. 84 more words

Author Posts

New Publication: He Molested Kids

I’ve just published He Molested Kids, a short play available on Smashwords and Amazon.

In this fifteen-minute play, four college students meet to plan a party, and end up sidetracked by an argument about the savior of the world. 72 more words