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Tales from the Island on Smashwords!

Pirate’s Story – Tales from the Island is now on Smashwords for free! Apparently Amazon doesn’t sell free books, so I put both books on Smashwords for anyone who wants to use that instead of Kindle. 145 more words


6 Formatting Tips for Smashwords, Kindle, and CreateSpace

Ugh. Formatting. There is not a single Anglo-Saxon epithet vile enough to do it justice. I hate formatting. I loathe it down to the very toenails of my soul. 986 more words

Cathleen Townsend

The Man Who Found God (Ebook) by Martin Marriott

The winner of Scriggler.com’s 2015 Crime Short Story Competition brings you this humorous tale of one man’s lack of self-belief.

Tim Collingwood hasn’t got many friends, no girlfriend and not much motivation in life. 174 more words

RAP has The Shattered Mirror, A Regency Romance

The Shattered Mirror

For your enjoyment, one of the Regency Romances I published. It is available for sale and now at a reduced price of $3.99… 205 more words


Is $2.99 too much?

Feet or Fins has been online for months now and it hasn’t sold that many copies :( True that I’m not marketing it as much as I can, but looking at my Smashwords stats page I can see that it is being viewed quite a few times. 91 more words

Feet Or Fins

Alfie knows too much. He has Secret Knowledge that his nemesis Big Phil and his army of Mind-Repressors are determined to extract from him. But Alfieā€™s desperate to escape from The Factory and make a break for freedom with his long-time friend Gustov. 132 more words

Trolling Down to Old Mah Wee, another Fantasy

Trolling Down to Old Mah Wee

Not only do I write Regency and Romance, but I also have delved into Fantasy.

The Trolling series, (the first three are in print) is the story of a man, Humphrey. 353 more words