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Murderess Obsession

……..is the name of my new short story being released on 3/3/2015!


She paused to allow her eyes to adjust and smiled with pleasure at her good fortune. 152 more words


The Drowning Man

Every time he goes under he loses control. He’s becomes a desperate animal gasping for life. He involuntarily surfaces to greedily snatch at whatever remnant of life is left him. 578 more words


Rock Harder for FREE during Book Week

“….the pit resembled a bubbling cauldron as heads bobbed vigorously, bodies pushed from side to side, and beer dregs were chucked into the hot, damp, chasm between flying hair and the ceiling….” 314 more words


Review: Desert Wind by Sophia DeLuna

Desert Wind by Sophia DeLuna

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was a delightfully different kind of story. Beyond this, I plead ignorance. I haven’t heard of the deities mentioned in the story. 124 more words


Review: Fire and Ice by Sophia DeLuna

Fire and Ice by Sophia DeLuna

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Oh, how I wish this were a book rather than a very short story. 26 more words


February 2015 After-Action Review

In between bouts of shoveling unseasonably-heavy amounts of snow and resisting the urge to punch the face of Winter Itself, I managed to do some self-published-writer-ish things last month. 338 more words


Kittie Tussle "Taboo: Thug of the House"

“I’m really excited about this book! I would be very happy to do a sequel. It’s practically begging for it! Following the adventures of Devin and Katie after certain…events…take place could be a very interesting thing.”-Kittie. 88 more words