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A BBC Producer, Guido And Me

The antics of Britain’s news media in the last few weeks have been, to say the least, discomfiting and laughable in equal measure. From the production of anti-Corbyn smears to their fulsome and unquestioning support for the government’s vague position on the Skripal poisoning case, the media has shown itself incapable of critical analysis and devoid of professional curiosity. 400 more words


The Narcissistic Conspiracy: Scapegoating, Smear Campaigns And Black Sheep - How Narcissistic Groups Bully Their Targets

When we speak about narcissism, we often focus on the individual. He or she is narcissistic. He or she is a victim of a narcissist. Yet what about those victims who are bullied and targeted by groups filled with narcissistic individuals or in a group where the narcissistic pack leader has toxic enablers? 190 more words

Narcissistic Abuse

Smears, Lies, Social Media And Brandon Lewis

Social media may have its problems but there’s one thing about it that cannot be denied: it has effectively democratized the production and dissemination of information. 1,752 more words

Tory Press

The End of a Relationship with a Narcissist: Who's to Blame (Hint: It's Not the Partner)

So let’s explore the idea of whether narcissists and their partners are “equally” to blame for the demise of the relationship.

This is an idea that narcissists like to feed to their partners throughout the relationship after things start going downhill– and often to others outside of the relationship as well.  1,607 more words

Abusive Smear Campaigns

I once worked for a nonprofit organization that had an abusive cycle. This organization has a long history of replacing their volunteers and workers about every 3 years. 1,530 more words

For How Much Longer Do We Tolerate Bullying And Corruption?

First, a confession, I adapted the title of this blog article from an album by post-punk band, the Pop Group. But it’s a serious question and it’s one that only a few people seem to ask, while even fewer seem to want to do anything about it beyond putting an ‘x’ against a candidate’s name in a distant general election. 1,168 more words

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