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and what exactly does 3am smell like?

i imagine a pungent blend of

stale liquor


 24-hour diner grease


breath mints


marker ink from a phone number hastily scrawled onto a cocktail napkin? 19 more words


Contents of the Night

Did a whiff just drift past the rock?
A faint life drenched in the grainy past ghosting around?
A swell of faded memory rolling over under the dark? 69 more words


Perfume Portrait #40 - Kathy Wilson

Kathy Wilson 50ml EDT

Head – Bergamot

Heart – Palmarosa

Body – Frankincense, Myrrh

Description – An awakening fragrance that uses its note to highlight the virtues of inspiration through mental clarity, inner strength and confidence. 71 more words


Perfume Portrait #39 - Elaine

Elaine 50ml EDT

Head – Bergamot

Heart – Cypress

Body – Dill Weed, Myrrh

Description – A symbol of symbiosis. This fragrance celebrates synchronicity by placing the heavy textures of dill weed and myrrh against the crispness of cypress and bergamot. 78 more words


Perfume Portrait #38 - Kseniya Obremska

Kseniya Obremska 50ml EDT

Head – Mandarin

Heart – Pine, Jasmine

Body – Frankincense

Description – Highlighting the inherent joy of creativity. Jasmine is the perfect agent to creative action and is supported by the positive tones of Mandarin and pine. 81 more words


The Wee Tea Company (purchase & review)

Good morning my lovelies. How are you all doing on this chilly and yet sunny morning?? I’m still full of the cold so I believe a new tea is in order. 393 more words

Life Style

Perfume Portrait #37 - Lucy Gardener

Lucy Gardener 50ml EDT

Head – Apple

Heart – Juniper Berry

Body –  Frankincense, Sandalwood

Description – Drawing cues from fiction and fables, this fragrance encourages escapism through creative endeavour. 83 more words