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Liquides, a perfume bar in Paris

Thanks to our school EIML Paris, we had the opportunity to discover a secret place in the heart of the Marais, only known by the expert…. 8 more words


Tonight At 10: Could It Be Love At First Sniff?

Could it be love at first sniff?

Did you know there’s a dating service using the power of smell? We test out the science and see if a person’s odor could be a better way to find love. 8 more words

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Smell of new coffee
Clouds over the microwave
Hardly move at all

Add Up To $80,000 To The Value Of Your House By Just Doing This

If you’re trying to sell your house and want to increase the value, don’t redo the bathrooms or get that colony of raccoons removed.  Just do this: 109 more words


That For Sale House Smell

A new study found that if your house smells like THIS, people will think it’s worth WAY more??!!

A new study found that a citrus smell can make your house seem like it’s worth an extra $80,000! 53 more words


Tasty Tasty

Once again we are entering that disagreeable stage of the year when the days get shorter and colder; the trees discard their superfluous, energy-sapping leaves and we spend vast amounts of energy trying to keep warm.  710 more words


Away from watchful eyes and worried glances,
my head rested awkwardly near your neck
as I gently breathed in the smell of home—
a fragrance so light and natural, it… 73 more words