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Sugar and Spice, And Everything Nice

Oh, October! You have arrived.

I love this time a year. The weather is very fickle. Hot one day, cool the next. Here in So Cal we long for New England color but our trees will not turn until sometime in December.   422 more words

The Party's In The Kitchen

Most Unpleasant of Topics

We reached into the bowl and pulled out a real stinker of a word. If it offends any of our loyal followers (all two of you), please forgive us. 938 more words

The Written Word

Chemical of the Week 16 - Methanethiol

As  term continues it is becoming harder to keep up with the posting. However, being in the thick of the classroom definitely gives me new ideas about posts to write. 538 more words

Feng Shui Fun On The Run

Even true love appreciates NOT sharing the sounds and scents of bodily functions. Get a door that settles into its frame!
Little bits of learning really add up when you SUBSCRIBE. 55 more words

Feng Shui

The smell of rain can literally relieve stress and improve your mood by over 60%!


smell this..mineral

In the deepest dark there is a light. Mineral shines with hidden gems from the heart of the earth. Heavy, blanketing darkness of thick encrusted sediment is flecked with the sparkling crystals of metallic traces. 53 more words


What's That Exotic Scent You're Wearing?

Believe it or not, this used to be a pick up line! Can you imagine a gorgeous guy coming up to you and asking, “What’s that exotic scent you’re wearing?” Um…. 413 more words