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The 9 biggest misconceptions everyone has about cologne and perfume

(Source: www.businessinsider.sg)

Fragrance is incredibly misunderstood.

Even the name confuses people. Many think cologne is for men and perfume is for women, but those terms merely refer to the concentration of scent oils in the fragrance, which is itself the basic, gender-neutral term. 245 more words


There's more to attraction than what meets the eye

Voice and scent play an underappreciated role in understanding attractiveness.

— By KED Coan

Attractiveness isn’t just a matter of good looks, but also the right voice and scent, highlights a mini review in… 433 more words


Nose Anatomy [Show Notes]

Episode 94 – Nose Anatomy

Your nose is responsible for breathing and smelling.  These things work better when you’re nose isn’t stopped up.

The part of your nose that you can see and touch is cartilage covered in skin.   309 more words


Creating a stink (Toilet etiquette part two).

You’ve decided on your cubicle and entered with the minimum of fuss. Now what?

The advent of mobile phones has been a game changer in the world of on pot entertainment but some people are still old school and prefer traditional reading material. 618 more words


This is my first post that is in the form of a story. Wow – milestones, hey? But there’s a first time for everything!
So, let’s get right to it – have you ever had a time when you catch a whiff of something and, “Hey! 911 more words


Incense & Peppermints

Welcome back to our blog!

Today we are going to focus on: Incense!

The word “incense” comes from the Latin “incendere”, meaning “to burn”. Its use dates as far back as the Bronze Age; incense burners were found in the Indus Valley Civilization in South Asia, between 3300 – 1300 BC. 301 more words

Our Ingredients

Deodorant or Antiperspirant

I usually put on antiperspirant fairly soon after my shower. I shower every day. Or at least on every day that I plan on leaving my home. 201 more words