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Ah yes, tha proverbial stop to smell the roses moments. They are now.


Just A Moment

Nothing is more memorable than a smell. It’s crazy. Every so often, I don’t even know what it is really, this smell will get in my nose and I’ll immediately be taken back to this time growing up when my grandma was visiting. 481 more words



His odour is unique,
but not in a bad way,
smelling him makes me pique,
in it I will lounge all day.
– Written by Anntidote –


he reeked of decaying cologne
caught me sniffing
the number of days it’s been
since he last showered

i hand him my towel:
a bleached baby pink… 205 more words


Diet May be the Key to Attracting the Opposite Sex

ST. LOUIS (KMOX)– Men trying to pass the smell test with the ladies should listen up. Does your love life stink? Maybe you do too, just not the right aroma. 77 more words


Does Your Dog Pee Every Time You Come Home?

In February of this year, my brother and I adopted Ella, a gorgeous 1 year old pitbull mix with a slew of emotional and behavioral stress problems caused by a year of probable abuse.   1,146 more words