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Oh no! My two favourite words (well, my only words) came in use today. I’m in a bit of trouble. I raided the Big M’s bedside drawer and stole her bottle of newly-opened, Christmas-present perfume and poured it all over the carpet. 102 more words

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Bad Hair-Day? Hohoho...

My hair smells funny.. not i a good way, it’s smells bad but not disgusting, just weird in a bad way… I’ve done everything in my power to make it smell better, I’ve put in leave in products, like split-end menders, mousse, leave in serums and heat protection (all perfumed).. 77 more words



while at the birthday party, i headed to the back yard to eat dinner. i¬†wanted to quiet my quickly moving mind. inspired by my friend… 576 more words


Quick Tips: Car Deodorising Hack

Don’t you just hate it when your car interior starts to smell? Those dangling little trees only cover the smell for a few days, but don’t do anything to attack the smell at it’s source. 50 more words

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