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Why do dogs sniff each other’s bums?

This is a question I asked myself every time my pooch sniffed a fellow canines butt.

I used to assume it was to check whether they had crossed paths before and to greet one and other, but it turns out that it’s slightly more complex than that. 115 more words


Why Wagyu Beef Smell So Good?

For about $150 per pound, dedicated carnivores and food connoisseurs alike can get their forks on a luxury: Wagyu beef. Its trademark marbled flesh and soft texture have launched the meat into caviar-like status. 608 more words


That Smell

I don’t make a habit of leaving my beloved Spain during a placement. Some misplaced sense of pride tends to keep me tied to this marbled rock whilst most of the American auxiliares catch every cheap flight to… 982 more words


Floor Licker - Conversations with Stella

I am Stella, Queen of the Olde English Bulldogges. My manners are fastidious. That’s what Lady Human says. I don’t know what fastidious means, but it sounds great! 239 more words

Mystery Poop

It’s like mystery date, there’s poop on the ground and you have to question everyone to find out who dumped the load on my comforter. 231 more words

The Smell of Fresh Rain by Barney Shaw

Petrichor: that would be the alternative title for this book about the often-neglected human sense of smell. In avoiding that lovely but obscure word, Barney Shaw is making a specific point: we don’t have an everyday vocabulary for talking about smells; there are specialist terms and concepts, but try to depict an ordinary scent in words and you may struggle. 772 more words

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Autumn Glow

Autumn Glow

wafts of cinnamon,
the tang of oranges and cloves,
bonfires ablaze,
oak and hickory, crackling
snug are we, faces aglow

redolent season
breezes smoky, spice-infused… 28 more words