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Something to smell today

Something to smell today.. my goal is to teach people why scents are so helpful.  Smells are tools to improve your life, spaces and if used correctly, you can impact behaviour.   9 more words


What makes a memory?

I made this photograph of a simple wooden door in a red brick wall. But the reason I made it is locked in my past and to one of my earliest memories. 250 more words


Smell My Knee Crease - A Poem

Would you like to smell my knee crease?

Only if it’s clean!

I hope you washed it after that bike ride,

Or that would be obscene! 61 more words


To my beloved...

There are days your longing doesn’t bothers me. Life becomes too monotonous for it; it passes as rapidly as the cold wind in sporadic summer afternoons. 109 more words



summer rain
the cracked earth

*a wonderful word for the smell of rain, from the Greek words for stone and blood of the gods


Are You Cleaning Bath Toys Often Enough?

Weekly. That’s how often I clean our bath toys. They build up grime and mildew if we don’t. Look closely at your toys and evaluate. Try not to puke. 102 more words

Something to smell today...

Something to smell today.. the smell of heat.  Walking the dog this morning, the sun not even really in the sky, I could smell the heat in the air.   20 more words