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Placement of garbage bin stinks

Walking home, I saw again the big garbage bin behind the riverfront stage in Festival Plaza, and it’s right by the end of the wheelchair ramp. 100 more words


Our European Colonizers Stank


Filipinos are known to love bathing. We do it as frequently as possible, normally twice a day. Some people I know even go as far as bathing thrice daily during the summer! 466 more words


Listen to your poop

Everyone’s favorite topic: POOP!

We should all be pooping at least once a day. However, some of us poop more than that (lucky!) If you’re pooping 2 or 3 times a day then you could have a faster metabolism, be eating more food than the rest of us or just have a lot of good bacteria (probiotics) in your system. 384 more words


So, How do you use essential oils?

Essential oils can enhance so many areas of your daily life. They’re often used for immune support, relaxation and calming, stress relief, emotional balance, green cleaning, and even muscle tension and occasional pain. 451 more words

"Out and About"

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One day in Hong-Kong
She wore a sexy thong
We were playing Mahjong
We were singing a song
But something went wrong… 33 more words


Three To Bring Smiles (2015)

1. Puns.
2. Another smile.
3. Strawberries.
Life is swell-
In both recipe and smell.


Smelling Divine!

I don’t think too often about God’s ability to smell. Do you?

But he must…

Otherwise  why do we have references to being a ‘soothing aroma’ to him? 228 more words