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Click, and smell the coffee

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MELBOURNE is famously a city of coffee snobs, boasting indie cafes that have sent Starbucks packing. Now, coffee lovers here can get a taste of Melbourne’s finest with a click of the mouse – e-commerce site… 558 more words

Money Matters


Is this what we call bittersweet?

Relief from the scorching summer heat
Unease for the crops and weed

Rejoicing the season of romance
Or welcoming the slur of global warming…

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186 - Bottom Burps

Poem number 186
Bottom Burps
Farting in contentment
Smelly gases out my bum
All the food I ate last night
Exploding from my tum… 22 more words


Mindful Musings #113

It permeates the air;

The smell of wet concrete

Of soaked grass

Of damp earth.

The scent of renewal

And purity

Hangs in the air… 10 more words


Hyper Light Drifter's Retro Collector's Edition Is So Hot

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Most digital download only games don’t get a fancy collector’s edition release. Hyper Light Drifter is not most download only games, and its collectors edition, up for… 228 more words



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Who amongst the girls doesn’t love the THE BODY SHOP branches? Trying the sweet-smelling, aromatic diversity of grooming products for hours and for free and then leaving surrounded by an exploding fragrance cloud, having spent lots of money on new favourites that you will then use like once a year because they’re too good to be consumed immediately. 113 more words


Sploofy Review

Even as somebody who really enjoys smoking, I’m willing to readily admit that it doesn’t always produce the most pleasant smell. I, as well as those around me, could probably benefit from a reduction in the amount of smoke I emit, and luckily I’ve found a solution. 354 more words