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When buying new books, was your addiction
Reading new books was pure joy

Smelling new books made your whole day

When did that change?

Reading books is a task now… 130 more words

Stinky armpits? Bacteria from a less smelly person can fix them

Sweet smelling


By Jessica Hamzelou

Got BO? Blame the bacteria living in your armpits. 681 more words


High Sensitiveness and Me

Imagine this:

One fine weekend you meet up with a friend for a day in the shopping mall for . You’d much rather stay at home and , but for social and friendship purpose, you decide to go along with the plan. 2,234 more words


You're doing it wrong - smelling

“I was trying to smell the smoke and a Cheeto fell out of my mouth.”


When my Nose goes for a date with Common Cold

It is the season of love and my nose has a huge crush on common cold. After every ice cream or cold drink date my nose falls head over heels in love with cold. 434 more words

did you.

did you die;
and i’m still
in denial?

did you die;
and all i’m seeing
is your ghost?

did you die;
or did i just
dream you?


What your perfume says about you? 6 common scents that people like to pick!

Citrus is loved by the leaders, roses are loved by extremely cautious people.¬†Here’s what other odors mean!

When you know what kind of perfume someone loves, then you can find out a lot more about them, says Alan R. 407 more words