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Clouds clash together,

Dark, grave

As jagged swords

Of lightning fence

The din of applause

Gives respite, pause

Thundering between

Thrust and parry 54 more words

A step beyond "Good Morning!"

She sensed him from a distant corner. His tiny steps made sounds louder than ever. She lost her senses when his perfume’s smell reached her lungs before oxygen. 174 more words

Short Story

Senses and Scents


Your senses trigger memories so that every stimuli you receive is not perceived as new and leaves you perpetually confused. You see something with four wheels and moving fast past, your memory helps inform you that it’s a car. 483 more words

Aphantasia and sensory personality

So the recent labeling of the inability to visualize is picking up steam, the BBC has run an article (Here) as well as IFLscience.com ( 3,258 more words


North Fort Worth Residents Complain Of Foul Odor

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FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) — Sherrie and Ken O’Brien call the strong odor they smelled ‘a rude awakening.’

The O’Briens live north of Golden Triangle Bouldevard in north Fort Worth. 277 more words


The mouse

During the holidays we visited my mother. It is a small village in the middle of the forest. The house was built in 1906. The stable is built from stones, in the cellar there is a spring. 364 more words