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she smells of sunshine and homemade pie,

periwinkle gardens and wrinkled skin,

winter fires and strangers’ lullabies,

barbie bandaids and hidden tears,

whispered kisses and sacrificed years, 11 more words


In Response to the Proposed Hog Ordinance

This is what’s going on in our county right now.  I was trying to keep my mouth shut but I’m having a problem doing that.  First you will see the news story then you will see my response to a friend’s email concerning their views on the Ordinance. 739 more words


A Strange Feeling

I have had the eeriest feeling lately.   I keep thinking there is someone following me or standing in my backyard.  When I look there is no one there, of course. 78 more words


The Olfactory

I always thought the word “olfactory” was weird. It just seems to me like it’s a factory, for, well, ols. When you put it that way, it sounds weird, right? 1,095 more words

NOLA Faves

the smell of health

If you’ve ever been to a Chinese traditional medicine store, you know the distinct sight of organised cupboards and the distinct smell of herbs that they have. 247 more words

Why do feet stink?

Sweat!…and some bacteria. This is the answer.

We all have friends that clear out the room when they take their shoes off. You will say that they don’t have water at home. 129 more words


Why Your Nose Will Make or Break Thanksgiving

Ah, Thanksgiving. Undoubtedly, what many of us will be most thankful for is the food. Whatever it is we choose to indulge in, whether its take-out or a home-cooked meal, the holiday is a time to kick back, loosen our belts, and settle into the comfort of food with loved ones. 90 more words