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Does Aromatherapy work for people without their sense of smell? - Δουλευει η Αρωματοθεραπεια για ατομα που εχουν χασει την αισθηση της οσφρησης;

Many people believe that Aromatherapy, because of its name and its connection to smell, benefits only those people who can smell. Of course, this is a normal misunderstanding, but it is only that; A misunderstanding! 172 more words


Perfume Portrait #72 - Rebecca Foster

Rebecca Foster 50ml EDT

Head – Rosemary, eucalyptus

Heart – Cinnamon

Body – Frankincense

Description – A tonic for the living, this herbal yet spicy number contains everything you need to exist, breathe, and stay grounded in your quest for affirmative creative endeavour. 23 more words


10 weird weed products to celebrate 4/20 with

(Source: thenextweb.com)

Back in the sepia-tinged olden days, all stoners needed to have a good time was a bit of paper and some marijuana. Now? 738 more words


Perfume Portrait #71 - Sonny J. Barker

Sonny J. Barker 50ml EDT

Head – Petitgrain, lime, niaouli

Heart – Juniper berry, black pepper

Body – Ylang Ylang, Cedarwood

Description – an affirmative fragrance that simultaneously reveals a certain vulnerability yet turns it into positive creative action. 50 more words


Wine Terminology

As summer is around the corner we wanted to share wine terminology with you. Even if you are surrounded by wine gurus you can at least feel comfortable knowing what terms mean, and maybe add a few in yourself. 155 more words

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Perfume Portrait #70 - Dave Akehurst

Dave Akehurst 50ml EDT                                               

Head – Basil, peppermint

Heart – Cypress, ginger

Body – Cedarwood

Description – A fresh, earthy composition that chooses fragrances for the balancing and cleansing of the throat, and as such metaphorically symbolising communication and sharing.   39 more words


Fear (an acrostic poem) Arise part 3

Flipping her safety off, Sarah prowled at the edge of the clearing

Evening was about to transition into night, leaving her people vulnerable… 28 more words

Acrostic Poem