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New Blog

Because I started a new blog I will delete this one in a few days. But if you still want to follow me just look at my new Blog: 11 more words


Confused In A Twilight Zone

I often catch myself zoned out throughout certain moments of my life, and those moments are often filled with a living room cluttered with souls familiar to one another. 353 more words

Belleza, Peligrosa

Belleza, Peligrosa, 07/30/2016, Deon Mumple

I love the way her mind works, in a way quite different from me
Behind those perfect eyes, genius
I know she’s right, most of the time; it drives me a little crazy… 148 more words


You are two
and you laugh
for everything is funny
or can be, if you just tilt
your head a certain way
or wag a finger at it. 117 more words

Tiny tat revealed

Something unexpected happened to me.  While checking in at the admissions desk, a young lady recognized my tiny, for my eyes only, tattoo.  I was caught off guard and completely mortified.   183 more words

Introductions, Too

When I feel nervous or scared or happy or excited or upset or really any sort of way, I make jokes and smile. I’m not sure how funny I am, but comedy is essential for me. 379 more words


Something about Humour..

Hola my fellow readers!

There is something about the word HUMOUR,so fascinating and enchanting that every time I think of it,I manage to flash a smile.Things are not like all cookie for me but hey..if there is a problem I do plan out the worst that could happen and in that way again I smile and think there is something humourous about humour.haha!Whosoever invented the concept of cracking jokes or making healthy memes deserves my respect as it really is wonderful stress buster.Each day,all the chaos never fails to turn our lives upside down and mess with our hopes but still there is something about humour as we tend to take time out from all that and manage to mock of all our worries and chill about it,and that is a nice thing to do I believe.I am writing this post today as I was little off lately and its time to dedicate some respect and rant about the king of all emotions…HUMOUR!No,wait..the king of emotions is happiness,I guess?Right?Or,probably they both are just coupled together..well you get it hopefully now?Hush..! 381 more words