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Your radiant personality gives you the transformation you desire,

Where there is perfect love, your dreams soar higher,

With the consciousness through shattered days,

In Him you would love and rise above delays, 151 more words

Guide to stop smiling

Nothing beats a smile…

Normally I’d say I agree, but I can also be a little picky sometimes. This is how I actually feel about it: Nothing beats a smile – as long as it’s a warm, genuine, non-forced one. 428 more words


366 reasons to smile ~ +231.

+213. All the time! But I don’t want to waste my money either – is a lose lose situation lol!



Canto 21 Paradise: smile and beauty

Here Dante and Beatrice ascend to the seventh “sphere”–those of Saturn the contemplatives.

“Upon my Lady’s countenance once more/ I’d fixed my eyes, and with my eyes, my soul; / and every other thought was swept aside./ She was not smiling, but , ‘If I should smile,’ she began, ‘you’d become like Semele/ reduced to ashes by the power of Jove, Because my beauty, as you doubtless see, / kindles the more the higher we scale the flight that scales the palace of eternity.” 653 more words


Choosing to smile again

It has been a hard week. A sad week. Bob said to me yesterday that the only good thing that has happened this week is my EU passport arriving on Monday. 735 more words

Xan & Bob

The Joy-Driven Life

We are created to be relational beings, joyfully living integrated lives within community. The problem is, it’s my observation that few of us actually do it. 441 more words


What Do You LOVE About Yourself?

It’s easy to put yourself down. I find I do it a lot to make people feel better about themselves, it’s complicated.

I feel like the more I expose my flaws and make them know I’m not perfect, the more comfortable they will feel, but it’s became a bad habit. 333 more words