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S/mileage Live Tour 2014 Aki ~ FULL CHARGE ~ FINAL in O-EAST

S/mileage Live Tour 2014 Aki ~ FULL CHARGE ~ FINAL in O-EAST (スマイレージライブツアー2014秋 ~FULL CHARGE~ FINAL in O-EAST) DVD and Blu-Ray release date March 18th 2015. 104 more words

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2014 Rewind #3

This is the third 2014 rewind this month is S/mileage Mystery Night! (ミステリーナイト!). S/mileage 16th single Mystery Night! / Eighteen Emotion (ミステリーナイト!/ エイティーン エモーション), it was released on 60 more words

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Blog Birthday Post (Aren't Idols Great?)

Seven years ago today Morningtime the blog was created (on the old site here). Coincidentally I’ve been thinking recently about why I like the idols. 646 more words


Thea's Casted "Lilium~Shoujo Junketsu Kageki~" Cover

My dear friend Thea (and also leader of DJP) is organizing a caster cover of the Lilium musical!~

I’m quite excited about it since I really love Lilium. 87 more words

ANGERME - Taikibansei/Otome no Gyakushuu

Track Listing

  1. Taikibansei
  2. Otome no Gyakushuu
  3. Taikibansei (Instrumental)
  4. Otome no Gyakushuu (Instrumental)

1. Taikibansei

Wow how sudden was that announcement of S/mileage not only gaining three new members into its ranks but to altogether change the group’s name to ANGERME (well pronounced an-juru-meh).  367 more words


My 2014 Hello Project Rankings

Last year was a dynamic year for Hello Project. We may have lost Morning Musume’s and Hello Project’s leader, Michishige Sayumi, but we got a lot of new members in ANGERME, Morning Musume and recently revived Country Girls. 339 more words

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