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King Of Hell

I exist in this other worldly place.
I exist in this brewing urn of evil.
I exist in this place called HELL.

I smile as I look down at all the outs and abouts of this place. 125 more words



In a sunset is gray of senescence,
A code writ in blood and  biology
Of wear and tear, by straight line.

A smile is worn out, on our faces. 51 more words

A Poem A Day By A.J.Rao

aye aye captain

so what if I am drool worthy I am still a soldier….A Captain ….stop drooling ;)

if looks could kill :P

and if look couldn’t kill sure this smirk would :D


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Jeremy Hunt's smirk removal operation postponed

Dennis Skinner is disappointed tonight, as the routine operation to have Jeremy Hunt’s smirk removed has been postponed due to the Junior Doctor’s strike.

Hunt was due to check into the Royal Surrey hospital tomorrow at 10:00 to have the procedure carried out, but the subsequent strike has means it’s been moved to July. 179 more words