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Re-Pete Teenage Years

Oh boy, everything in today’s strip not only unsurprisingly goes back to comics but even features what appears to be a 18 year old Pete getting the chance to haul Darin in to the clutches of the evil Hollywood. 84 more words

Son Of Stuck Funky

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Face Font: Mistress Mister

This was inspired by Japanese animation characters. I used the Skia (font name) and used photoshop to create it. This person is called Mistress Mister because you can’t tell if this person is a man or a woman.


He's My Everything

There are times when I look at him and I feel as though my heart may literally explode because of the love I feel for him. 119 more words


Send band boxes, guns, and money

Today, DSH John suddenly appears, which is always unsettling. We can be grateful, however, that he has nothing to say, although he does smirk in the final panel. 212 more words

Son Of Stuck Funky