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Photo blogging challenge-monochrome

This is a photo of me in one of my favorite hats in front of  a statue I love that’s hidden in a parking lot beside a funeral home.   28 more words


Introduction of some type?

Blogging 101, My first assignment.  The thought that is running nonstop in my brain right now is “Do I really, truly want to be doing this at this time?”  Well, here goes ???? 357 more words

Trivia Train a' pullin' In

Link to today’s strip.

Well, it’s another Sunday time-waster starring Owen.  I recognize that’s a really redundant statement, but like that fetid chullo, there it is. 553 more words

Son Of Stuck Funky


And I enjoyed the darkness
You delivered me into
The cold, damp unknown
I felt united with
The chance to trip over obscure objects
And giggle into the lonely night… 55 more words

The Silent treatment.

Silence left a mark always. Silence makes its point clear. Silence smirks at our loneliness and makes its presence felt. Silence is uncomfortable, silence is unwanted. 247 more words

Friday, Feb. 20

Today’s strip was not available for preview, but I’m sure it will involve the following, in some order:

– panel of EMU reps setting up a college-oriented gag… 44 more words

Son Of Stuck Funky


Being as it is the Day for Love,  I've decided to do a BATTLE OF THE QUOTES

2 opposing quotes from the famous or the ancient, hopefully the first might make you smile and the other make your smirk :) 53 more words

Inspiring New Journeys