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Bizarre as Hell

I was trying to get to sleep earlier when I decided to browse through my daily horoscope/ tarot card reports. One was titled “Moving On” and spoke about how things are becoming very clear, helping me to see that it is time to finally say goodbye to someone in my life. 511 more words

caught a smirk

where that come from

and how it was the telling

and image

as its own rule

as its own finding

and keeping

as the song… 53 more words



Look at that smirk

Look at that style

The way he stand

The way he smile

He pointed at you

Yelling at you

Telling how incapable you are… 35 more words

Blogger Indonesia

Figured I’d try my hand at some expression sets both for ask-answers and as some practice. This is set #1, I aim to try some more, but those’ll have to wait ‘til after I’m back from my trip (I’ll be out of state from Dec 7-14 visiting family!). 47 more words

Mind Games

Watch me turn your mind into my home


The Hair-ried Author

Oh no, Les is back in today’s strip. And along with ol’ smirk n’ shirk we get three would-be nominees for This Week In Milford’s pantheon of hair… 138 more words

Son Of Stuck Funky

Essay can you see?

Today’s strip finds yet another person who has waited in line to not purchase Les’ book. Slightly more reasonable than waiting in line to actually purchase Les’ book, I suppose. 87 more words

Son Of Stuck Funky