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Sands of Time

She had to go there, didn’t she? The inexorable March of Time is Cindy Summer’s own cancer, her PTSD. Her classmates back in Westview may grumble–a… 152 more words

Son Of Stuck Funky

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30 in 30 Challenge - No. 3: Smirk!

6″ x 6″
Oil on Ampersand Gessoboard

This one was a lot of fun. My gorgeous friend Kara gave me permission to scour her facebook selfies and paint one. 11 more words

Man In A Photobooth With A Large Rubber Doll

The only thing I can say about this is “Why?”. Why do these exist? Why take it into a photobooth? Why do I find this so amusing?


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D33: Dean 2

A much more accurate portrait of Dean. Technically, I need more work on mouths and nostrils. I think it is at least somewhat connected with the fact that I start with eyes and general nose structure, working down the face.

7. Weekend Watercolor