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You excite me so
much that I nearly cum from
the mere thought of you.


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CNN-Martin Shkreli's Smirk Irks Congress

Okay, this guy isn’t exactly what I hope my kids end up like.  He seems to be quite reprehensible.  But I have to admit that I get some amount of happiness watching this video.  11 more words

Free Markets

With A Smirk Hedge $ Bought Drug Patent For Hiv Raised Price 5000%

Article in the Guardian. 32 year old pleaded the 5th. Bought 62 year old patent on a pharma. Hopes to be a billionaire soon. Your thoughts? 45 more words

A Moving Experience

Boy, they sure shoehorned a Starbucks Jones reference into today’s strip! If Tombat likes the character so much why doesn’t he give up on FW and start a new comic? 20 more words

Son Of Stuck Funky